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[Box Damaged] Sony 65" KD-65X9000H Full Array LED 4K Android TV $1755.68 Delivered @ Sony via eBay


Great price.
Great reviews.
I can't afford this right now so could people please buy all of these so I won't give in…

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  • Beat me on the post. Got one for myself. Great price!

    • I hope you remembered the Shopback 5% and $10 bonus. That nearly tipped me over the edge. $1658 (after those discounts) is amazing. Would be surprised if it gets as low as that again before next year.

      • lol i panicked when I saw it and just bought it straight on. I'm kicking myself right now. but cant complain with the $1755

  • +9 votes

    Also bought (with shopback). Reading through old whirlpool comments and it seems Sony will often list stuff as "box damaged" on ebay in order to not undercut other retailers. Many people report no damage at all on the box. Interested to see if that is the case or not when mine arrives

    • I’ve bought box damaged direct from Sony and the box was actually damaged - dented in the corners and ripped - could’ve been water on the box that caused the damaged but it was dry by the time it was delivered so we weren’t sure.

      It was a hifi system and found the manuals missing as with some of the cables, but the system was in good condition with the remote

  • Bugger, one of the box damaged 55" sold for $1373.18! Out of stock now. Would have snapped that up.

  • Bought one.

    Used a voucher eBay had for me, paid $1655.75.

    Also did the 5% cashback using shopback! :D

    • Same!

      Not sure if the cashback works on top of that unique eBay voucher though. Huge plus if it does.

      Super excited!

  • This is cheaper than my corporate discount! Good price for a cracker of a TV of that size. I own the very same one.

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    Sony really enjoy to damage boxes every year. I guess they like beatboxing. I'm out

  • I purchased from Sony online before. Worst mistake I’ve made. The online reviews are very true unfortunately. Terrible support. The worst I’ve experienced sadly. I’ve been a Sony user for many years too.

    My TV turned up faulty. Been trying to get my refund for 6+months and it’s still unresolved. Had to take them to the ombudsman.

    Would recommend avoiding.

    • I had a similar experience, basically they tried to defraud me and steal the money when the faulty item was returned they closed the ticket, said they would issue the refund, and then stole the money. I had to fight with them for a long time to finally get my money. Absolute bullshit and Im glad you took them to the ombudsman they need to be regulated as they are thieves.

      • Hi mate. Sorry to hear that. My case is still ongoing 9 months later. I cant believe it. Sony finally refunded my money eventually but now my money is stuck with paypal somewhere. NSW fair trading have told me i now have to raise a complaint with the financial authorities. Its a complete joke. No one cares. What a shambles. I would be arrested if i went into a sony store and took a TV. These guys get nothing. Thankfully my samsung TV has been flawless. Imagine if my family were depending on this money.

  • Thanks OP. Got one!

  • Shame - out of stock - would have been a great buy.

  • Ozbargained and out of stock.

  • Missed out because I spent too much time thinking about it!

  • looks to be out of stock now

  • I can't afford this right now so could people please buy all of these so I won't give in

    Ohhhh very wise

    • There were 5 left and I said to myself "If there is one left after I have a shower then I will buy it." Luckily/Unfortunately they were sold out by that time.

  • Thanks to everyone who bought. Bought myself a pair of Sony WF1000XM3B as a consolation. Because I had to do the Shopback deal. I had to.

  • 85" for $3821.18 down from $4995…. + 5% shopback = $3600ish….

    Damn my finger is itchy… I've been saving for 2 years for a 75" or above to make a man cave/media room…

    Has it ever been lower?

  • Lucky it wasn't the 75" as I would have bought one after spending too much on Prime today

  • Missed it. That will teach me for putting my phone down.

  • Damn, this was easily deal of the day

  • I think they'll keep having "damaged" boxes

  • :( Out of stock…. how did I miss this.

  • Hoping to get the 55" for around $1k. I just want a next-gen gaming compatible TV.

    Pretty much go to eBay or other stores & have 4 searches:

    1. "LG OLED", would go up to $1500~ for a BX, maybe 1700 for a CX
    2. "X9000h", great all around TV with local dimming
    3. "Q70t" solid, about as good as the Sony, better blacks when the Sony doesn't have Local dimming.
    4. "Nano86", my least favourite of the options as it's IPS, not VA, but still has the HDMI 2.1 feature I'm after.
    • No q80t? I was excited to see 49 inch q80t but unsure it will make it to Aus

      • The q80t is naturally more expensive than the 70. If both are at the same price, obviously I'd grab the upgrade.

        I pretty much was just listing my minimums, I don't want to spend more than $1000 & those are the minimum that I'm considering it they reach that point. The exception being the OLED which I'm willing to pay more for, but only about $500 more.

    • Just wait until end of November

  • anyone know thast the main difference between the X85G and the X9000H series?

  • Anyone have their TV shipped yet? Had a previous bad experience with Sony where they didn't sent the TV at all, hoping history doesn't repeat itself.

  • For anyone that missed out, JB new sale on this model:

  • All I have is order confirmed from ebay, bringing back memories of last year when I was shafted hard by the Sony eBay store, took ages to get a refund on a TV they never posted. Fingers crossed.

  • +1 vote

    my tv showed up today. brand new, no "box damage" at all. a huge step up from my 8 year old Panasonic plasma. looking forward to pairing it with a PS5 in a few weeks time

  • Mine is in transit now with updates from DHL.
    Super excited for the 85". Excellent deal with stacked eBay so total around $3600.
    Thanks to OP for the post.
    They all went quick.

  • Got my tracking from DHL via sms due for delivery monday :)

  • I’ve gotta say - Sony logistics kick ass. Ordered the 9500G one night, dispatched from Sydney the following day, delivered in Melbourne the day after with GPS tracking from DHL. Definitely impressed and satisfied with my purchase.

  • Received my X90H today.

    Shipped on the 14th, received on the 19th in NQLD.

  • Have played around with it last night and this morning. Fantastic TV for the price!

    It actually turned up with no box damage at all, in brand new condition. Sticker on the back says the TV was built last month.

    Very happy!!!

  • There was some restock yesterday, managed to grab one.
    Estimated Delivery tomorrow.

  • Only problem is they lifted the box damaged price to $2065.50, higher than the new ones, $1,995.