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Bosch Lawn Mower ARM 37 (1400 Watt, 37cm Cutting Width, 5 Height Settings, 10m Power Cable, 40L Grassbox) $129 Shipped @ Amazon


Cutting and collecting in one operating mode thanks to the Bosch Powerdrive motor.
Easily adjust grass cutting height: Simply set grass length between 20 and 70 millimeter in 5 stages with the adjustable lever.
Comfortable work: Healthy working posture for every body size due to ergonomically designed ErgoFlex handles.
Easytostore: Collapse the handles and stack the grass box ontop of the mower to help save space.
Mowing close to the edge: cut close to the edge without the need to use a lawn edger thanks to the ARM 37 grass combs.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • +6

    Got one of these on a previous deal. Very happy with it.

    • One of my wheels keep falling off πŸ₯΄

      • +1

        But of locktite on the threads or add a spring washer. πŸ‘

        • Thanks this is beyond my capabilities unfortunately

          • +1

            @alwaysis: Drive to Bunnings, go to the aisle selling adhesives. Look for Loctite. Pay and go home. Remove fastener holding on the wheel, put a drop or 2 onto the thread after cleaning it. Install fastener. Done.

            • @lomie: Oh thanks 😊

              • @alwaysis: Just curious, but did you learn how to unscrew the wheel that you no doubt keep tightening between my comment and lomie's?

                Haha, good luck…

                • @db87: I am seriously hopeless at this stuff. I outsourced the assembly of this to my neighbour and I was responsible for putting the wheels on which appeared to be a matter of just banging them on?! Worked ok for one but not the other lol :)

                  • @alwaysis: If they have a nut and washer holding them on, locktite will be your best bet but if they're a push on type with a split pin retaining them then there isn't much else you can do than ensure the split pin can't fall out.

                    I understand jot everyone is hands on, at least you tried! Some people don't even try that. I was just more amused at the upvote given my suggestion was identical. Haha

    • I have Buffalo lawn, my experience was the opposite of this, sure it is cheap but for me it wasn't strong enough. So I had to return it.
      If you have a small lawn and it's not too tough it'll probably be fine. But anything bigger than a small townhouse front yard I'd say save your self some trouble get something stronger.

  • 37cm cutting width. What size is a regular mower?

    • +1

      Like 45 plus?

  • what's the maintenance like for this kind of mower?

    • +3

      None - change blades when blunt.

      • +3

        Or sharpen with grinder. πŸ‘

    • +4

      Empty Catcher when Full

      • +1

        And plug the power in.

        • Wash thoroughly after each use…. nah don’t do that.

          • @Rimzi: Funnily enough, they are (should be) well sealed.

            I have an ancient Bosch electric mower that was left in my garage when I bought my house. Whenever I've cut mildly moist lawns and get it stuck in the roof of the blade housing and all over the wheels, I just unplug it, hose the whole thing down making sure not to target the motor directly, set my blower on to it for the bulky water then allow it to air dry.

            Now I know I have no financial investment in it but I still wouldn't hesitate to do it if I'd paid for one myself. A petrol mower on the other hand requires a bit more of a delicate approach.

  • +2

    Any mower priced similar for a cordless version instead? Having a long electrical cable following me around is a big no no.

    • Bought a battery Ozito for similar price on clearance. The battery cost makes up a fair amount of the cost so rare at similar price.

    • +5

      The electrical cable is easily manageable. One hand on the handle, other hand on the cord 'whipping' the cord like crazy to get it out of the way. Anyway, I only do short cutting lengths of a few metres at a time, starting closest to the power point. This way, there is minimal chance of running over the cord.

      • +3

        The key for me seems to be to turn away from the power lead and it’s never in the way.

  • +21

    I got one last time, very surprised at how good it goes.

    I have a relatively small lawn, takes about 20 minutes mowing for front and back. Once you learn how to move the power cable its no hassle at all.

    Although if it starts sprinkling while mowing you may be in for a shock.

  • +1

    thanks op, got one. was waiting for price drop on this one.

  • +1

    Thanks Op got one!

  • +3

    A 10m power cable? What is this, a mower made for ants?

    • I use mine with an additional 10m lead. But yes you wouldn't use this on a big lawn. Mine is 100sq m.

    • +4

      10m is actually a lot and too much IMO. I prefer models with a <30cm cord so when plugging in an extension cord the 'join' is at the handle where I can make sure it doesn't come unplugged or quickly plug it back in. Having the join 10 metres away where it can unplug more easily is a pain. Most corded whipper snippers/blowers etc have <30cm cords too which is much better.

      • +2

        I usually tie a knot at the 'join' whether it is a short cord at the handle or extending with another cord.

        • +1
        • Yep I have used that before and it works but I find it isn't necessary with the join at the handle as I hold the cable while mowing in order to flick it past when making turns anyway. The knot can also get caught around trees/shrubs etc if its on the ground 10m behind vs near the handle. SInce most people would need to use an extension cable anyway, I prefer the <30cm cord on the device.

  • +1

    I got one last year prime day. Similar price. It works well. I have about 100sq m if lawn. The 1400 Watts is plenty of power. When comparing to a battery model, I think e.g. the battery ozito from Bunnings is about 400 Watts.
    Big catcher. Light to carry.

  • Waitlist now. :/

  • Now at 215$

    • Deal ended at 10am

  • +1

    Got one thanks.

  • +2

    Bosch electric lawnmowers are pretty good. I still got one from 2012, works well.

    Paid $250 from Bunnings this one is half the price

    Don't ever get the battery ones they don't last and not enough power

    • then you have not used Ego mower, its a beast battery mower

      • Batteries deteriorate over time. There is no way you can still use one after 8 years without replacing battery

        Therefore the cost efficiency in the long run is not worth using battery operated lawnmower

  • How would this compare to the Ozito one at Bunnings?

    • Ozito one at Bunnings?

      I am still using mine Ozito from Bunnings, Nov 2014

  • $215 for me

  • $215 for me

  • bought this one last time, and found that it doesn't go low enough for my liking. If you want to cut you grass short, then this one probably not for you.

  • Back to $129 for Prime members as of 5.08pm AEDT

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