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Matthew Reilly - The Two Lost Mountains $20 +/- Delivery @ Amazon AU or Free C&C @ Kmart / Big W


Also available at Kmart and Big W.

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Amazon AU N/A $3.90 with Prime or $39 Spend
Kmart Free $10 - $16 with $45 (Vic) or $65 Spend
Big W Free $3.90 N/A

Released yesterday, might take awhile to ship from Amazon. $2 cheaper than the last deal posted

Also, a free prequel of the new book is available to download: Jack West Jr and the Chinese Splashdown. It's about 25 pages and well worth a read. Thanks to haydent

RRP is $39.95

ISBN-10 : 1760559083
ISBN-13 : 978-1760559083
Product Dimensions : 16.6 x 4.3 x 24.2 cm

Don't forget discounted gift cards.

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  • $12.99 on Google play for those who like ebooks.

  • love me some matthew reilly

  • Read 2 of his books and honestly cant get past how often he says "but then", "All of a sudden", "and then". Drove me insane.

    • These aren't an ancient scholar's articles, they're fun, easy-reading adventure books.

    • "But then all of a sudden, he purchased this book, and then he loved Matthew Reilly."

    • As a massive fan of his I do agree with this statement. I do feel he is getting 'more lazy' with his writing. What books did you read of his? I'm curious. His earlier books seem to be better written, with less 'cheap tricks' - Like Ice Station.

      • Seven Ancient wonders and its sequel? cant remember the name

        Also I should note im a sucker for a cliche, I love when its kind of predictable and the Hero gets the girl and everyones happy etc. It just jarred me for some reason when I was reading something I feel like I could write when I was in high school (obviously an exaggeration)- having no experience at all as a writer haha.

        If I could get over that id agree id probably enjoy the fun happy adventure

  • +4 votes

    Released yesterday, might take awhile to ship from Amazon.

    YMMV, but I had pre-ordered this from Amazon based on the last deal @ $22 and it was delivered about 1pm yesterday. Thanks to the pre-order price guarantee, I was only charged $20.

    Well played Amazon. Well played.

  • i hope someone turns the series in a tv show/movie

  • Love his novels however the previous jack west novel just felt like his speed was taking a toll on the setup which I loved in the older novels. Already half way through this new one and it's quite similar. Still a fan none the less.

  • The speed of his novels gave me fatigue, they were just non stop action.