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[Prime] Rimposky 110 in 1 Screwdriver Kit $18.99 (Was $28.99) Delivered @ Tbp Amazon AU


Great price for a screwdriver kit that reviews really well (4.5 stars) and is Amazon's Choice for precision screwdriver kits.

UPDATE: Sold out, yellow case available for $20.88 here (thanks rojohe):
Although some users are reporting they are getting a notification to purchase immediately after purchasing, so perhaps worth joining the wait list.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • +1

    Have it and love it. Definitely worth the money

  • -1

    But is it jerryrigeverything approved??!!

    • +2

      "Scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7"

      • Glass is glass and glass breaks

    • Will take things apart like little legos.

    • -1

      Will it blend? That is the question… :D

  • I have one, definitely recommend it

  • Anyone got any reccomendations for some higher quality pry tools/spudgers?

    I don't imagine these are great, and I definitely want some decent ones.

    • No, they're all junk. Buy heaps of cheap ones and throw them out when they're dead.

      • Sincerely appreciate the honesty. Seems to be the conclusion I'm landing on, I'll be pissed when I buy a $40 pry set and shred them in a month.

    • +1

      Get this one made out of nylon

      For really tough openings, get a steel one. Bear in mind that if you need to use a lot of force, you might be doing it wrong.

  • got one of these and they are good quality

  • I think 100 units are put on sale. currently 73 left.

  • Cheers purchased. Been looking for a cheaper decent kit like this

  • Brilliant. Been looking for a good screwdriver kit for a while now and this checks all the boxes. Purchased!

  • iFixit is way better tools but triple the price, worth it in my opinion..

    • This kit is worth it in your opinion? or the iFixit?

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        • +1

          Damnit Putin…. beat me to it!

      • +1


      • +1

        Well, you can buy this kit 5 times over at this price if ANY single piece goes wonky, compared to ifixit. Get this.

        • Buy it once and forget about it, sometimes the low quality tools makes job ten times harder, then you gotta buy it again and wait for delivery, not worth the hassle to be honest.

  • Already 55% claimed, not gonna last long.

  • Bought one too, Thanks

  • Bought one for about $14 on AliExpress a while ago. Decent enough set but the Philips heads are really small.

  • +2

    Looking forward to the end of prime days, so my CC can get a break…

  • +9

    Didn't need it… bought it.

  • +2

    Caving into FOMO….

  • Already gone

  • I think I copped the last one. heheh

  • +2

    Yellow one is still available for $22.30


    • Price dropped to $19.88. Don't need it, but still bought.

  • +2

    waitlisted and got notified to purchase within about 15 seconds

  • thanks bought one

  • +2

    Went on waiting list and was able to buy one almost immediately.

  • Oh thank God its out of stock. My wife was about to murder me.

  • +1

    Says "In stock".
    Just bought one for $18.99, a $10 promo was auto applied.

  • I have this exact kit. It's been really helpful and I also put together a PC using it.

  • in stock but full price

  • Dang it missed

  • +1

    Yellow case available at $20.88,only 28% claimed.

    • Brought the blue version, but what's the difference between these two?

      • Where did you bring the blue version to?

      • Well if we asked the blue screwdriver set they'd say: "I'M BLUE DABADEEDABADIE DABADEEDABADIE"

  • +1

    If you don’t mind a long wait, these are also available on AliExpress for same amount or just a bit cheaper delivered…and they come in black too:

    • true good find for the future. most of us dont need to do immediate repairs probably.

    • Be careful to buy one with the thin barrel..they gay ones lose the bit internally

  • Price drop on yellow to $18.99

    • I managed to grab it at that price, but it seems its gone up to full price now.

  • This deal is back on for $17.99 for those that missed out