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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE $749.20 4G/ $869.20 5G 128GB/ $909.20 5G 256GB (with $50 Subscription Voucher) @ Samsung Education Store


EPP Prices with $50 Subscription Voucher
* 4G 128 GB Edition $749.20 => 25% off
* 5G 128 GB Edition $869.20 => 24.35% off
* 5G 256 GB Edition $909.20 => 27.28% off

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    iphone effect

  • +2

    Great price

  • Which model is snapdragon?

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  • This or the note 20 ?

    • +5

      Obviously this, if you need note, go for the ultra.

  • Can I get free buds with this or has that finished

    • +2

      Education store so no free buds

      • Ah okay thank you for the info 🙂

  • Finally bit the bullet and got the 256gb. Replacing iPhone 8.

  • +2

    I think You can get it cheaper through jbhifi (telstra thing)

    • +2

      JB is an awesome deal but the hassle and (apparently) credit rating mark??

      • They would check your credit due to the Telstra contract.

  • I never ended up getting that $50 voucher for whatever reason.

    • Email [email protected] and tell them you never got a code and they'll send you one. Obviously use the email you sign up with.

  • I'm guessing Samsung aren't going to care that I bought the 5G 256GB for $999 a week ago from their store and do a price match to this newer better price. I knew I should have been patient.

    • You got the buds mate ? Offer was till 8th oct

      • Nah I didn't. I assumed I didn't get the buds because I bought through the EPP store using my .edu email

    • Well, last month they were offering 5% off for orders above 1000 bucks, so adding the silicon case and the newsletter voucher on top would have given you the phone and the case for $928.88. That's what I did.

    • +1

      return for refund and then buy again.

  • R those live buds free with this ?

    • nope

    • +1


      Edit: jinx!

      • Why jinx?

        • Silly thing my kids say when you say the same thing at the same time.

  • Are those live buds free with this ?

  • +1

    No Ultra prices?

  • Can you trade in on those prices ?

  • oh, same prices in the EPP store!

    • +1

      Not for me looks $100 dearer on each model there

  • Interesting. Similar price to my preorder except I got a silicone case included

  • +1

    A bit unrelated (but still related), can you get Officeworks to price beat JB (they have the 128gb 5G for $999 with buds), so will be $949…will OW throw in the buds or just do the phone for that price?

    • Their website doesn't mention buds along with it

      • This one?

        But I just noticed it ends today so no chance to price beat now.

  • Is there any other way of acquiring an edu.au email to avail of this kinds of promotion asides from enrolling in a school/uni?

    • Would also be interested in this. Do you get an email address if you enrol in a free uni enabling course or similar?

      • If you're interested you can use my email? Start an OzBargain conversation with me

  • I have tried to get the $50 subscription voucher with 3 different email addresses, including the .edu.au one but never ended up receiving one, so went with the JB hifi deal.

    • What Juice08 said: just email them!

      • Got my code finallly today, only after I emailed them on the 07/10!!!

        Wonder if the price for this phone is still active. Can't be bothered now.

  • Epic. Thanks for this spot. I'd only ordered from JBHifi an hour earlier - now ordered through education and will cancel JB in the morning!

    Would rather have more RAM and storage than the rather average buds.

    • What is the JB deal that you speak about, please?

      • Jb deal was the 128gb 5g edition with the live bud earphones for $999.

  • is the FE a snapdragon or exynos phone? don't want anything to do with exynos.

    • +2

      5G is snapdragon and 4G is exynos

  • +1

    Cheaper at Jbhifi. Sign up on the 99 deal and cancel.

    • How does the JB one work? dont they charge you a termination fee?

      • +1

        Yes just the early termination cancellation fee and pro rata your monthly mobile fee. Terminate on the same day as the best case scenario.

        • Sweet thanks, gonna go get one today!

          • @Nyooom: how'd you go? surely they'll get onto this and stop it?

            • @CheapskateQueen: Got one, was super easy. Only issue was they only had 2 left, so I didnt get the colour I wanted. Wasn't fussed though cause its an awesome deal for $594. You get a receipt for $999 so you can swap it for a pixel 5 if you want. Just make sure you cancel the Telstra service same day over the web chat support rather than over the phone

              • @Nyooom: I think fe is better than pixel.

                • @Modesty: Yeah definetly, Im coming from an older pixel, so Im not the biggest fan of One UI, but the FE is way more powerful

  • Is there any way to have 2 clock widgets 12 hours and 24 hours?

  • With that $50 voucher, if I already used one on my account, how can I get another one?

    • +1

      you can use different email and subscribe again

  • This price has been available for a while, and had free buds a few weeks ago too.

  • anyone else having issues accessing the education store? I linked my edu email last year and bought something in march 2019 so I do have access.

    Now when I visit it says I don't have access and my account it needs to be verified/giving me unauthorized errors. Seems like its buggy or something?

  • How long does this discount offer last? Any ending dates?

  • Only getting the S20 FE 128GB at 999…..this is on the edu store….any idea if I'm doing something wrong?

  • Please note eSIM not supported on any variant of S20 FE in Australia.

  • How does one get the $50 voucher? I couldn't find anything on the portal?

    • You get a pop up on the samsung webpage

      Subscribe and Save
      For limited time get $50 off when you spend $350 or more in one transaction by signing up to receive Samsung communications

      Please enter your first name*
      Please enter your email address*
      I accept Samsung's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Apply. *
      I understand that by submitting this form I am opt-ing in to receive marketing communications from Samsung Australia*……..

  • 5G navy blue is out of stock :(

  • suggesting this for my bro - he wants 5G, just trying to work out whether the $40 for extra storage is worth it?

    • +1

      I would say it is worth to spend extra $40 considering you get extra 2GB RAM and 128GB storage.
      However I just checked and 256GB 5G version says out of stock.

  • All S20FE variants are now out of stock.

    Do any of the other S20 models have the snapdragon processor?

  • +1

    Do you think these will be cheaper on Black Friday?

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