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[Prime] Meross Wi-Fi Smart Garage Door Opener Controller, Works with Alexa & Google Assistant $50.99 Delivered @ Meross AmazonAU


Part of the amazon prime day lightning sale

Original price: $72.99
Deal Price: $50.99

Ends at 9:25pm AEDT or sold out prior

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • original price was around $62-63, nvm

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      They increased the price. Yesterday was $66 i think. Lucky I waited

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    Damn it I wasn’t suppose to buy more random crap, never mind, bought, thanks op

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    An "ESP8266 DC 7-30V WIFI Relay Module" does the same for less than $10 delivered. Granted you have to upload some code- but it's pretty easy.I reckon there's one of those inside this.

    • Any guides you recommend, you may have just saved me $40!

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        If you want to have app access while you are away from home then it generally will have to involve a cloud provider which this product does have.

        DIY a controller to open/close the garage opener generally means simulating a button press as a momentary connection on the garage opener. This part is usually straightforward. DIY a phone app and cloud is a little bit more involved. However, the you can kind of do the app/cloud part through Blynk ( which is free for DIY projects.

        Detecting the position of door can be done with a reed switch (magnetic) or a ultrasonic distance sensor.

        • How would this work on an outdoor sliding gate? Not sure I can see the same terminals…

          • @Genepi: Every controller is different so you'll have to google around your models to see if someone else has identified the control terminals before. If you have a switch connected by two wires then that would be a good indicator. But otherwise you'll have to open up the opener's cover to look for it.

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      a Wemos D1 Mini can be had from Aliexpress for less than $5…

      Personally I'd use Tasmota/ESPHome to hook a wifi controller up to Home Assistant. For modern controllers with 3 volt logic just share ground and use a GPIO pin to simulate pressing a button. Otherwise need to add a relay.

      For someone who doesn't want to spend time tinkering, the ready-made product usually costs less than your time to get a DIY set up working.

      • Yes- the model I mention has the relay, terminals and the 8266 all on one convienient board- just wire it in, flash it and you're good to go. Completely agree the non-DIY option will be cheaper unless you're willing to muck around for a bit.

        • I see, sorry didn't process your post properly in my brain….

          Love 8266!!

    • Do you have to order from China or does anyone sell locally?

  • thanks OP, ordered he HomeKit version.

    • Did you get any discount on the HomeKit version?

      • I don't think there was a discount on the homekit version

      • No full price but I still think it’s worth it :)

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    I grabbed one of these to try

    (Who needs Amazon Prime when we have Amazin' Time?! :P)

    • Cheaper here with EU plug ( if you are happy to use an adaptor). I purchased the one you linked for the AU plug.

      AU $13.78 46%OFF | WiFi Garage Door Opener Smart Gate Door Controllor Compatible With Alexa Echo Google Home Smart Life Tuyasmart IOS Android APP

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        FYI I ordered 18 August and it arrived in AU today, so just waiting for it to clear AU customs

        • Ok thanx. My suggestion didn't include delivery which is $12.28 that would kill that deal. You really want the AU plug .

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          Be prepared to wait. I have an item that was passed to the "last mile carrier" , as they call it, 3 weeks ago and it still hasn't turned up. Auspost is a mess atm.

          • @hazzad: My longest with aliexpress is 4 months.

          • @hazzad: I’m in the same boat with three items, they are all in the country but I have no Aus tracking no.
            One of them been in the country so long they marked as posted. Now I dunno if I will ever get the item or if I donated to the seller. Ali have been zero help. Prob Aus post’s fault but I won’t be dealing with them again for a long time.

          • @hazzad: I've found as soon as I get the "in AU" update, I have it within a week. Maybe I've just been lucky. :) Will report back once received

            • @bdl: Received today, works well.

        • You have the patience of a saint! lol

          • +1

            @ekto: My last order made in March turned up late September :) Already had claimed from Aliexpress for a non-arrival and had it approved. It had been in transit so long (I'm guessing due to Covid shutdowns) that the thermal address label had faded :)

            • +1

              @bdl: I'll see it as a surprise Xmas present to myself because I will forget that I bought it.

    • So then what’s the difference? I’m so confused

  • Is the Kogan one better because it has a wireless sensor?

    • Depends whether you can be bothered changing the battery in the sensor or not :)

  • Perfect timing was going to buy it yesterday

  • Thanks OP. Reviews are good. I'll give it a shot.

  • Cheers OP - saw it for $69 the other day - out of the "non do it yourself ones" this one seems to be best price with good reviews and have google assistant integration.

  • thanks OP. finally got this after missing out the other times.

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    $10 sonoff basic + 2 minutes soldering = wifi garage opener with built in power adaptor

  • I have an older garage door. I use a switchbot which is a manual button presser that works with Google assistant and alexa. Worth checking out.

    • The switchbot has the same problem as the kits without the sensor, you dont know if the door is closed or open without visibility.

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    Not worth it, For $15 u can buy from Aliexpress,

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      interested in a link to something that you had tried and works.

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    What is wrong with pressing button on the remote? No need to talk so less energy required. I don’t think most people would end up using this after first week.

    • +3

      I hooked a keypad up to mine so that delivery drivers can open and put boxes inside. I also gave family access to open so they can open and find the spare key. Overall cheaper than multiple remotes.

      Also I can enable garage 'breeze mode' that opens the garage door a crack for increased ventilation with no loss to security.

      • +1

        Also I can enable garage 'breeze mode' that opens the garage door a crack for increased ventilation with no loss to security.

        Or if you eat some dodgy KFC on the drive home

      • I hooked a keypad up to mine so that delivery drivers can open and put boxes inside. I also gave family access to open so they can open and find the spare key.

        With this product?

    • +4

      This is good for the "did I close the garage door?!" conversation that significant others like to start.

      Spousal Argument Mitigation Device

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    Just in case anyone missed this deal, eBay has a similar garage door opener that costs $49.95. It works with SmartLife and powered by USB.

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    Damn I have missed this deal so many times.

    And they have bumped up the normal price a fair bit in the last 2 weeks.

  • I actually got one of these last week. It’s great.

  • Anyone got a cheap wifi cam to check if the garage door is open?

  • Yes a webcam has been so useful to checkup on why the garage door is open.
    Could be an obstruction, malfunction, or when you are overseas and U wanna check why garage keeps on opening and closing…

    We need additional sensor that checks obstruction before closing the garage door. Had a car I was driving in and wife inside the house thought she had left garage door open as indicated by our Xiaomi hub light on so she pressed the remote contol to close the door.. ended up scratching our roof.

  • The Meross MSG200 Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener which supports up to three doors is available on Amazon US for USD$58.82 delivered.

  • Installed mine and works. However I noticed I cant get the garage door to stop mid way like my fob remote. Anyone else experience this?

    • I don't think it can, basically it's creating a short circuit to open and close the garage door. The cables aren't linked to the Stop button.

  • Bought it then thought I need to solder it onto the circuit board…not sure how to progress without the tools now…thought everyone was saying it's very easy to install…

    • If ur unit is compatible, it’s just plugging two wires in a couple of sockets… yours sounds hard core man!

      • I checked it's compatible. I emailed support and they also confirmed compatible. I thought the installation would be easy as screwing the wire onto the circuit board but it isn't. I sent the photos to support and they suggested me to return it to Amazon…

    • What model opener do you have?

      • Gliderol Genesis. This is how it looks like, I don't have a soldering kit to connect the wire though…

        • ok - makes sense - the dry contacts on the Genesis are not screws like the GTS. Your unit does not come up as compatible on the Meross web site:

          With that said, I wonder if you could use some form of alligator clip?

          The manual for your door does have provision for an external switch but it only shows a wiring diagram. May be worth a call so Gliderol to see how they attach that switch as your Meross device would be attached in the same way.

          • @MarkWAau: Thanks for the advice provided. Yes, the unit is not listed but I followed the instruction of the Meross Support person by touching two nodes and it worked.

            Would it be very easy to go short circult with the alligator clips as the nodes are pretty close to each other? I will also contact Gliderol as you have suggested, cheers :)

          • @MarkWAau: I have the same as yours. Did you had any luck yet?

            • @creeps_bay: I don't have that specific controller - was giving Maki a hand sorting out his. Can't comment re Maki's progress.

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