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BAUMR-AG Generators 1 KVA $169, 2.5 KVA $329 & 3.5 KVA $399 Shipped @ Edisons eBay


Was looking around for generator deals and found this at a very attractive price. Better than many gumtree offers. Plus free shipping

Edisons have discounted the BAUMER-AG Invertor generators
1 KVA Generators - $ 169
2.5 KVA generators - $ 329
3.5 KVA Generators - $ 399

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    1KVA equivalent to how many kw solar panels?


      It's a bit technical (AC vs DC energy theory) but in a perfect world 1KVA is equivalent to 1000W.


      In reality, 1KVA = ~800w.


        3 phase = ~800w.
        1 phase = ~1000w.

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          Yeah assuming they haven't exaggerated the output specs. If I were brave enough to risk buying their terrible products I would assume 30% less output.

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    I thought this brand was generally verboten around here. Do a search on previous discussion for Baumr-AG and Edisons and AGR Machinery. Also https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1283863

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      /vəːˈbəʊt(ə)n,German fɛɐˈboːtn/
      forbidden, especially by an authority.

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        i learn more on ozb than i do reading headliners on smh

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    Edisons.com.au sell the same 2.5kVa for $279 and along with the take10 code brings it to $269 delivered.

    A few moments later after reading comments about Edisons / AG / Baumr-AG, I decided to not proceed

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      Good move. They've changed their name a few times over the years after sales fell off due to so many bad reviews. ebay now helps out terrible sellers with their borked feedback system, so there's no need to change their business name anymore. I remember reading several reviews 2 or 3 business names back where customers received obviously USED equipment.


    Would've have bought for camping at Mt Panorama Bathurst to watch the Supercheap Auto race but no camping allowed due to COVID……..that hurts.

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    You'll also want to look into restrictions for generators while camping.
    In my experience in WA, there are a lot of parks that have banned the use of petrol generators.
    Probably due to noise complaints, but could also be a fire hazard I guess.

    Regardless, most of these exposed, non-inverter generators won't make you any friends at a campsite.
    The 1kVA model listed above shows as 72dB (should be measured at 7m from memory)

    There's a reason the Yamaha and Honda are so expensive, they are reliable, and quiet in comparison at 52-58dB, for the same power output.


    I just bought one from ebay - the 2kV model. $239 is good deal.

    As a home backup generator, I think I will only use may be 3 times a year.

    Hence for a 2kV inverter - $239 is very good, consider the Bunnings Ryobi 1kV non-inverter sells for $319.

    as for the seller Edison, I would just limit the purchase amount to $300, so you will not lose much - at that price point anything from them should be considered as backup tools - or a tool you would use 1-2 times since you don't need to hire other people to do it for you. (i.e. tree pruning)

    I predict with Covid everyone will stay home in Australia in Xmas / NY, and with full A/C on, chances of power blackout is high - and any generator is good….