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Chemtech CT18 Superwash 20L $44.99 (Was $122.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Never tried this stuff but looks like it has good reviews and this is one insane price!!

Product description:

Chemtech CT18 Superwash is made for the driver who wants to wash their ride once, and wash it properly. This super concentrated pH neutral cleaning gel is made for jobs of all sizes from scooters and motorcycles all the way up to the biggest truck cleaner, with a biodegradable formula that is friendly to the planet but tough on grime.

Capable of breaking down caked on mud, dirt and mess encountered when driving through regional areas, this Chemtech truck wash detergent is suitable for spray, foam and handwashing applications to suit whatever facilities you have available. Safe to use on any surface, you can rest assured that whatever the scenario, Chemtech CT18 Superwash will have it shining like new in no time at all.

  • Powerful multi-purpose pH neutral biodegradable gel with rust inhibitors
  • Breaks down and removes the toughest dirt, mud, grease, oil film, grime, soot and bugs for a streak free finish
  • Suitable for use on aluminium, brass, copper, glass, plastic, rubber, neoprene and vinyl
  • Super concentrated formula can make up to 2000L of wash

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    It's brilliant stuff but you don't need to mix it strong, a 4L tub will last you many years

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    Anyone tried this with a foam cannon?

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      Have used this in a foam cannon and can confirm that it does work. Not quite as thick as dedicated foaming soaps but comparable with Meguiars Gold Class.

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        can confirm this is good shit for foam gun, but dont leave it too long on the paint. hose it down on time

  • +2

    Thanks OP, just bought some - works a treat in the foam cannon.

  • +1

    Don't wash your car with this unless you're going to use a separate wax afterwards.

    I found a wash with this and then Nu Finish would do a good job on the usual faded red paint that was used in the 80's and 90's. You'd get a year of using the normal wash and wax before it went chalky again.

    • It's fine now sicne it's a pH neutral formulation. Previously it wasn't which was super harsh and will stripe off even ceramic coatings

      • +1

        Okay, fair enough. I still have heaps of the old formulation left though…

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    This stuff used to be pretty strong - ie wouldn't want it on a car paint, but alright as a truck wash.

    Have they changed the formula to make it safe to not strip waxes/polish off car paint?

    • I usually see CT18 mentioned as a pre-detailing wash ie use it to strip off your old wax/sealant. I'd only use it if I was about to wax/seal the car.

      • That used to be the case but the formula changed a while ago. Don’t quote me on this but I believe the current formula is PH neutral and ammonia free.

  • +5

    looks like it has good reviews

    Yes. Too good really…and mostly from ppl who have made just a single review on the site. Call me suspicious.

    • That's pretty standard since you don't need an account to post a review. You can just post one-off reviews on any product.

    • Yeah, but spread out over the course of 15 years across the entire internet?

      Thats a hell of a committed positive smear campaign. lol

      • When you put it like that, yes, I guess it is

  • +1

    per comments above, my usage is
    CT18 - motorbikes
    CT20 - cars

  • +2

    This is a very good price and a great quality product. I know that most retailers cannot even buy it for this price

  • +2

    If I hook this up to an IV drip, how much will I need to kill Coronavirus?

    • +10


    • Less than 20L

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    This stripa the wax coating from your paint. Its really meant for extreme cleans like grease or mud. Good for dirt bikes after a fun day

    • +2

      Not anymore. New formulation is pH neutral

      • Since when? Havent heard anything changing about it

        • They addressed it a few years ago now, not harsh like it was after all the complaints. You can see the updated packaging being pH neutral now

  • Really good with a foam cannon for engine bays and inner wheel guards

  • +2

    If anyone is interested in following the Bathurst 1000 dumping Supercheap Auto news: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/press-conference

    Who knew Supercheap Auto was also in the comedy business.

    Genius marketing stunt though to turn something negative into a positive thing

  • wtf is a foam canon. Have not seen any bargains for one which is why I do not own one. Or is it a pressure washer attachment?

    • It is a pressure washer attachment.

    • Go to Car Lovers. The DIY car wash. You'll have a lot of fun with the soap setting.

    • A thing you buy, use a few times, then never again as its a PITA to get all the clobber out for it.

    • You can get weak versions assuming you have fantastic water pressure at home, without one.
      But it'll be nowhere near as good.


  • +6

    Just for folks to understand. This is a STRONG detergent that will break down protection layers such as wax, paint sealant and also degrade ceramic coatings to a certain degree. If you play to paint correct your car you can use this prior and then add protection after paint correction, however it also adds a layer of chemical (?rust inhibitor maybe) and makes it tougher to paint correct. I highly recommend using CarPro Reset or Meguiars Gold Wash instead. But this stuff is great for trucks / 4WDs that have caked on mud and grime. Not so much for standard passenger cars. Just my 2 cents.

    • +4

      Not since they updated the formula. What your saying used to be the case but no more

      • I think if it "Breaks down and removes the toughest dirt, mud, grease, oil film, grime, soot and bugs for a streak free finish"

        It's very unlikely the wax / sealant will be able to survive the wash.

        That being said, the ceramic coating should still be okay with it

        • Agreed. Sounds like they did soften the formula, but it is still more aggressive than Gold Class wash that's deliberately meant to be soft and leave wax behind. So I'd suggest waxing again after using this. So it'd be good for the less regular more thorough washes, since this does help clean the car more easily.

          I have a white 180sx that blows a bit of soot out the exhaust when I gun it, and that soot can be quite hard to get off. I feel that using this makes it easily just come off, versus having to basically polish it off using other products, or probably scratch it into the paint. So for that use case, I reckon it's easier to just use this on the back, then slap some more wax on. Otherwise I use wash and wax generally. But if i plan on fully polishing and waxing the car from scratch, I reckon this would be fine to use to speed up the cleaning stage. TBH I don't do that enough though, especially because it takes ages, but I think the idea of speeding up the cleaning stage would be beneficial in that case and leave you with more time to wax.

  • Good for washing off your boss' dirty looks.

  • Can anyone recommend a good foam cannon?

    • +1


  • This apparently contains formaldehyde?

    Might want to be careful with this car wash

  • +3

    Oh the irony of saying it’s for people who want to wash their car only once, but selling it in a 20L container…

  • +1

    Ive had 4L bottle for 5 years now, can't imagine buying 20L🤣

  • If I spray this on my Alpinestars boots while washing my dirt bike will it destroy the stitching? How caustic is it. And does it kill the lawn?

    • No.

      Not at all.


      The old formula was.

  • Any chance this is old stock of the previous formula (seems very cheap)?

    Does it come with a tap?

    • Don't think old stock would still be around. Sounds like it was a while ago.

      When i bought one, I bought a tap from bunnings for a water container and it fitted perfectly. I since saw some people theorising that maaaybe there was a tap provided in the top of the screw lid if you unscrew it, but tbh I haven't unscrewed that haha. I chucked mine up in the rafters of my garage so I reach up to the tap on my tippy toes just barely to fill up a smaller container.

  • Stupid website - tried to order click and collect but it adds a bonus toy thing which isnt available at that store and no way to remove it from the cart…

  • Anyone know which Bulk iron wheel cleaner is best?
    Something like Bowdens wheely clean but bulk and an actual bargain.

    • You can bulk buy Bowdens Own Wheel Clean in bulk at Repco if you like it. Meguiars All Wheel is the same thing.

  • +1

    How long does it lasts undiluted?

    Super concentrated formula can make up to 2000L of wash

    I'm trying to figure it will be still be good when my grandkids turn 18 and start washing their cars.

    Note: I don't have kids yet, but planning for the future.

    • +1

      Another question is if this shampoo is going to be suitable for your grandkids flying cars?

      • Nope. They are only to be cleaned with thermal laser drive-through. Lacks of h2o brought about the technology to clean

        • no way.. I thought Climate Change can't be real.

  • The selling point is Only having to wash once, yet it comes in a massive bottle…

  • +1

    Don't be scared off by people saying how strong CT18 is, they indeed changed the formula to be pH neutral.

    I have a 6L container of it that I've been using for probably 2 years now, and on the back it says "CT18 is a biodegradable, pH neutral and non caustic and inhibits rust and corrosion".

    Yes that sentence is really written like that word for word, I don't love and that much.

  • Right, I'm in. Now I need another 19 people to go 20ths with me as it would take more than a lifetime for me to use 20lt. Who's in?

    • if you're in melbourne metro - i'll go 10lts.

    • 5 lts for me pls, I am in Sydney.

  • Does anyone have a suggestion of a cheap spray on wax I can use similar to that at the car wash. Something I can put in the spray canon or soap dispenser in the pressure wash. Need to buy something that will last as long as this 20L CT18 will last me. Cheers

    • +1

      Not that can be put in a washer, however Turtle Wax and Dry is AMAZING and super simple\quick.

      • Smells nice too, unlike their new SiO2 stuff

      • Ended up taking a punt on the Repco eclipse wet spray wax 750ml. On clearance with a further 25% off today for $3.76. Hopefully its ok as I bought 6 bottles.

  • Thanks OP , lifetime supply of shower gel… shampoo, dish-washing detergent. Just kidding folks NO don't use this except on your car… now back to my bleach boost milkshake.

  • +1

    Thanks anyway, bought one.

    This stuff is an amazing general purpose cleaner, not just for cars.
    People use them to pressure wash houses, or degrease parts, or even as floor cleaner.

    Personally, I like using it diluted only 50/50 in my snow cannon.
    Foams THICK and given 2 minutes to sit, lifts away the grime.

    Love it.
    The advantage to this is that it contains corrosion inhibitors, so when it comes to wax removal or deep cleaning, you're not leaving scratches or panel gaps exposed.

    Should last a while!

    • yes, I used this to wash my windows at home. 70% water 30% CT-18 in a sprayer bottle. Hose down and scrub any tough stains on windows first. Spray CT-18 onto windows and let it sit for around 5 minutes (less if is hot and don't let it dry). Then rinse it with the hose and the windows will look squeaky clean when it is dried. Bonus no streaks. I do this twice a year using this. This method saves me from taking the fly screens off too.

  • +1

    We've been using this forever, we use it on the cars, motorbikes, racing lawn mowers (yes they're a thing) bike gear, to clean the exterior of the house, basically anything that needs a good wash outdoors, it gets used. It doesn't work too great as a deck cleaner though incase you're wondering.

    • do you do a 50/50 mix like the guy above?
      The instruction suggests a 1:100 mix if 20L = 2000L

      • +1

        Honestly I don't think anyone's actually ever measured how much they use, it's just a splash of wash to a bucket of water

        • +1

          yeah, that's how I normally do it, but 50/50 seems like some insane concentration.

          • +1

            @SeVeN11: It certainly is.
            But the more soap, the more foam.

            You should see videos of people using undiluted washes; makes for foam as thick as whipped cream.

            This is a "wash" step anyway. I'll be pressure washing the rinse, so there's such a thing as too weak, but not really such a thing as too strong.

            Wasteful? Maybe. But at $45 for 20L, im not gonna complain.

  • Which tap can be attached to the bottom of it, where the black plastic piece is at the bottom?
    How else to easily take it out of the can?

    • Its only 20kg, its not hard to pour.

      Otherwise if you're using it at the recommended dilution, a dip-stick, or a 1/2inch pipe works well.

      Pipe in, thumb on top, pipe out, thumb off, repeat if you need more.

  • Can this be used in dilute form for cleaning utensils, at kitchen sink for example?

  • Bought some, store stock only - only one store with stock in the ACT.

    I love the stuff, in a foam gun for the camper/car/bikes - hand washing it would take a long while to use, in a foam gun it goes much quicker.

    • +1

      Try it extra concentrated for stupid foam.

      50/50 like i said above makes for some wicked fun.

  • What exactly is different about this new version that makes it specifically not remove the wax/sealant now?

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