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Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash 1.89L $21.89 Delivered @ Sparesbox eBay


Similar to previous deal regarding ultimate car wash, but this has more quantity for slightly more.

Meguiar's Ultimate 1.42L @ $17.99 = $12.70~/L
Meguiar's Gold 1.89L @ $21.89 = $11.58~/L

Also the Gold seems to be higher concentrated and better for snow cannon.

In terms of whether Ultimate Wash & Wax or Gold Class is better; it has been said that Gold Class provides better cleaning ability and much more suitable for Snow Cannon, however the Ultimate Wash & Wax provides better protection. UWW however doesnt work well with the snow cannon/foam lance.

Snow Cannon/"Does it Foam?" Videos:
Meguiar's Gold Class
Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax

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    It says free postage to all eBay customers


    great price, would've bought, but doesn't post to vic regional :(


    which is "better":
    Ultimate Wash & Wax ?
    Gold Class ?


      MEGUIAR'S : Ultimate Wash & Wax vs Gold Class Car Wash
      - https://www.facebook.com/Meguiars/posts/ultimate-wash-wax-vs...

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      I read up as well. I ended up buying this too after buying the ultimate wash and wax.

      If you're using a snow cannon, gold class is definitely better. But I think the ultimate wash and wax has more protective factors.
      gold class snow cannon
      ultimate wash and wax snow cannon

      So I think it really depends on what you need it to do.

      Perhaps gold class and snow cannon after rinse + one bucket ultimate wash and wax for heavy soiling.

      One bucket wash and wax for fortnightly clean?


        thanks for your reply :-)

        I had noooo idea about such techniques and contraptions for car washing,
        and I even drive a nice enough car that I really should care for.

        ( I just take it down to Coles Express, in the auto-car wash )

        With lockdowns, I haven't been out for the majority of this year too.

        After today's deals, ie. I bought this Gold Class Car Wash ,
        I'm on the hunt for a:
        - pressure cleaner
        - snow cannon (I only learnt about this today! ha)
        - cleaning accessories

        plus, I will probably pick up the Ultimate Wash & Wax too, just to try it out :-)

        the first link — https://youtu.be/G2XSNGOMUVY — did not work

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          Thanks for letting me know.

          Something like this should do the job.

          Having a popular pressure sprayer like karcher would be good in terms of compatibility

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          In all honesty i didnt get a snow cannon/foam lance because i thought it was better, i bought it because im lazy and it seems to be the quickest/easiest way to wash the car.
          At very least it cut my time down from giving my car a wash from 2 hours to about 1, so i would say it is a success. Added benefit of it being "better"

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            @KnifeEnthusiastBoi: it's OK.
            Your "lazines" found you the optimum solution :-D

            Bill Gates
            — ' I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. '

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      Wash & Wax is more for a light clean and to maintain an existing layer of wax/sealant. Downside is that it can leave hazing on windows if you don't give them a really good dry and clean with a microfibre cloth before it dries.

      Gold Class is more for a medium duty wash.

      NXT does a much better job than Gold Class if your car is very dirty. It removes stuck on dirt, insect splats, bee poo, etc way better and easier than Gold and W&W.


        what is NXT and where to get NXT from ?

        ( I bought this Meguiars Gold Class and waiting for its arrival,
        as I get excited to join this car-washers' club )


    Just bought this Autoglym at 25% off and free postage for eBay Plus members. Seems like a better deal if you're not looking for a pressure washer version.



    anyone know if sparebox use australia post for shipping?