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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax 1.42L $17.99 (Was $33.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Excellent price for this product!!

This is one of the best car wash products you can get!

Good time to stock up for the upcoming summer.

Unlike typical 'wash and wax' products, Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax has powerful, long-lasting suds that don't flatten out. The incredibly high-sudsing action safely lifts and removes dirt and grime. The advanced chemical formula of Ultimate Wash & Wax also combines a unique, hybrid blend of premium Carnauba wax and synthetic polymer technology, which adds genuine wax protection to your paintwork, glass and wheels, while you wash! This wax top-up between regular maintenance, delivers lasting protection against UV damage, the elements, weathering, industrial fallout and road grime. Safe and superior cleaning, superior wax protection and a superior deep, glossy shine that's Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax.

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  • Love this car wash - it's my go-to!!

  • 1.42L ..,. Not a spray version

    • You can mix it with water and put into a snow cannon?

      • Not sure that is suited for snow cannon. I use the yellow one for "normal" bucket wash, and this one here when I use the foam cannon:


        It's even got a sticker on the bottle saying it's recommended for that.

      • I certainly do, first I use my compressor to spray down the car to lift most of the surface dirt off, then I use the meguiars gold class wash in my snow cannon and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then I high pressure rinse it off.

        Finally, I use my snow cannon again to apply the meguiars ultimate wash and wax, once again I let it sit for about 10 minutes before drying the car with a clean (as in machine wash it after use) large microfibre towel (I dont rinse it off first I just dry it with the towl)

        It leaves the car with an almost wet look polish, I pretty much wash it once a week or at a stretch a fortnight because I hate dead bugs on my car. I find washing my car zen relaxing so I prefer this to using hybrid ceramics with larger intervals between washes

        Water beads off it like nothing else and it smells amazing to boot! When people see my 2003 E500 they comment that they cannot believe how perfect the paint is after all these years.

        • Hi mate, certainly looks like a good ritual, but maybe rinsing off the wash& wax might be a good idea. I guess you want to keep wax from the wash, but there will be some detergent residue left too. I'd give another rinse. It will probably increase bonding ability of HCW too.

          Just my thoughts, happy detailing! (my 96 prado outsihine most of the 6-8 years old cars too lol)

  • Newbie : If we get this one, do we still need "Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax" ? What is their functioning diff?

    Hopefully someone can shed light on this…

    • This would apply an inferior wax I believe. Good if you lazy and still more than most do for their car.

      If you want to use a nicer wax, get a standalone car wash product and separate wax. I go separate because it's not the biggest task in the world and I get joy from looking after my car.

      • I had exactly the same question. Thanks for the. Are we saying either of the following because then it makes sense.

        a) Most of what you're paying for in this wash is the wax component and you should if you're going to apply a more superior wax anyway?

        b) The wax in this product could hinder the effectiveness of a superior wax that you put over the top of it.

        Contrary to either of the above two statements, if putting the inferior wax on first from this wash and then adding a superior wax over the top is a bit like adding two layers of wax then there still could be some benefit to buying this and the ceramic wax?

        • Good questions but I'm no expert just a sometimes wax user.

          My perception is that waxes are fairly delicate products and I'd probably not want to mix them. Also I would think a straight 'shampoo' cleans more thoroughly while a wax shampoo combo product could potentially seal over some minor dirty particles with the wax. But by now im speculating.

        • This is the perfect kind of product to use if you're only doing a quick wash and can't be bothered/don't have time to apply a seperate finishing product afterwards. It's no way comparable to a dedicated product as the "extra" finish will only last you a week or so.

          It can also be used as a regular wash if you're doing something else after too. Not mutually exclusive, apart from the fact other more basic washes are more economical if you do this (to me I just use this or an equivalent so I don't have to bother keeping and storing too many opened bottles).

          I've used it with dedicated waxes and coatings fine afterwards, that's just my experience. There's a lot of opinions either way but they're just that, I find there's a lot of BS, marketing and broscience in the detailing community and I haven't seen anything with facts and data proving it either way.

  • I will try this one. for kiks n giggles. Thanks.

  • Don't use this on a ceramic coated car. But if you have a non-coated car or you wax your car. This is fine. This is the best wash n wax if you're lazy. Please note that the wax does not last long.

    • Why can't it be used on ceramic coated car? I got a ceramic coated car and about to purchase this.

      • Wax is a polymer based protection. It will mask the qualities of your ceramic coating and also potentially degrade it faster. Ceramic coating a are quartz / silicon / TiO2 based, it will not be able to protect your car as well when you try to layer a polymer like synthetic carnauba wax on top (the type of wax in this bottle). The best way to maintain a ceramic coating is to simply hand wash the car with a good pH neutral car shampoo (e.g. Meguiars Gold Wash / CarPro Reset etc. Lots of brands and products without any additives).

        • Would you recommend this one? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/573600

          Apparently it is pH neutral!

          • @Mooo0: I don't recommend CT18 personally. Read my comment on how it's too strong of a detergent, it can degrade a coating and strip waxes etc. Just buy the more normal stuff that comes in 2L bottles from Supercheap. Meguiars Gold is awfully cheap when on sale anyways. 2L should last you awhile and it can be used both as a snow foam and as a standard wash.

        • Just saw this as I am about to purchase for my non-ceramic-coated vehicle. Wax is natural, ceramic coatings/sealants are polymers (as are many other non-ceramic synthetic sealants). The wax will break down quicker than the polymer and one chemist on youtube opined that mixing the two in one product (eg TW Sean N Shine) seems counterproductive. Nothing wrong with using this product or even waxing over a ceramic coating (its adherence will be relatively poor) but the question is why would you when there are plenty of ceramic top up products on the market?

  • How does this compare to Bowden's Own brand?

    • Inferior IMO. Bowdens lasts a little longer plus the bonus of it being an Aussie company. I used to be a big Meguiars user but have switched to Bowdens as all of their products are as good, or in most cases, superior. Most of their products also have awesome scents and names for a laugh.

      • ^^^ That's my sentiment exactly.

        Used Meguiars for 10+ years and then switched to Bowdens.

        IMO, Bowden's just as good as Meguiars (at similar price point).

    • Bowdens Own works just as well as this, but it's probably more expensive half the time. Repco has 30% off Bowdens Own at the moment I believe.

  • I prefer this. Car always looks good after a clean and smells nice.

    Give it a go, hard to go wrong

    Edit: Used the Meguiar Gold Class Car Wash prior to this. Made a visible difference

  • best car wash. leaves the car with wet look. autoglym and meguairs are detailers choice in my opinion

  • Bought 2, cheers OP!

  • Got this as a Bonus - automatically added to cart when purchased 2


  • FYI you can get 1L of Armor All Car Care Wash & Wax for $4 at Woolworths its on Sale.. i usually use meguairs but for $4 … and the reviews online seem pretty good.

    • armorall is the worst lol. id prefer sca / repco branded ones over armorall

    • Don't buy this. It's horrendously bad.

    • FYI Armor All is crap and cheap for a reason. If you don't give a shit about your car look nowhere else!

      • alright guys you convinced me.. im not going to use the armor all at all and stick with my Meguiars NXT - ill give my armor all to my dad for his old cars, he usings washing detergent to wash them lol.

  • Would this help an old tired paint job just lacks shine not any peeling or anything

    • No, you need to remove the oxidisation.

      • How do I, I've never done any kind of cut or polish

        • You need a DA polisher, mix of pads and compounds. If it's a one of thing you may be better off going to a detailer than spending the money on the tools. If you want to DIY look up Ammo NYC on Youtube, I'm sure he'll have videos on how to do paint correction and other vids aimed at beginners.

          • @apsilon: So basically a professional cut and polish needed

            • @Willco88: Yes though that's a bit of an old term, more commonly called paint correction these days. It is easy to DIY and hard to make a mistake with modern tools but it will cost you a bit to buy the stuff, probably about the same amount to have it done professionally so if it's a one off use, may or may not be worth it to you.

  • This is by far the best wash on the market. Incredible shine and smells good too.

  • I normally use the NZXT one but I'll give this a go

    • You meant NXT? Apparently NXT is the only wash from Meguairs's that has water softener so it doesn't leave water spots behind. Do you notice that?

      • Sorry meant NXT (been on pcmr subreddit too long…)

        i still see water spots but they're not really visible unless you're looking at the car on certain angles so i guess it works? I've been using it for the last 2 year so i can't draw any comparisons unfortunately.

  • 8% discounted GC available in SunCorp Rewards, $50 min

  • Curious, how do most of you wash you cars? Bucket and sponge?

    • I recommend not using a bucket and sponge if you are picky.

      The problem with a bucket and sponge is that you generally trap dirt in the sponge/and suds which you then vigorously rub against you paint which acts like a micro-abrasive.

      You will see the "swirl" in the paintwork (particularly black paint) which is sometimes caused by using dirty water/sponges. If you have a new car - I suggest going sponge free from the beginning and your paint job will thank you in the long run.

    • The 2 bucket method. When I had the evo 6 in black you can definitely see the swirls if you're not careful *tearrr

    • Snow foam prewash then 3 bucket method (3rd is exclusively for wheels and engine bay). Never use a sponge or chamois, we're not in the 70s anymore. My personal choice is a short nap microfibre wash mit (Bowdens Love Glove), dirt guards in the buckets and dry with microfibre towel along with a drying aid like Bowdens Afterglow.

    • 2 buckets 1 lambswool wash mitt.

      (and before you dirty-minded buggers comment, i wash the wheels separately ;)

  • I have a 2016 Lancrusier 200 Series VX. Paint is pearl white and in very good condition don't want to make mistakes. What's a sponge free solution? Guessing a foam cannon is one option

    • Yeah I would recommend picking up a cheapish gerni (I saw one at Aldi the other day for 99 bucks but you can also pick up units from Kogan pretty cheaply all the time) get yourself a snow cannon from ebay for about 15 bucks and two bottle containers - one for the wash and one for your wax.

      Takes me 15-20 minutes to do the car, I also use the gerni to keep the wife happy by cleaning windows/paddios and the exterior of the house occasionally - great little toy mine has been going strong for years.

  • If anyone is interested in following the Bathurst 1000 dumping Supercheap Auto news: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/press-conference

    Who knew Supercheap Auto was also in the comedy business.

    Genius marketing stunt though to turn something negative into a positive thing

  • I still got a bottle from few years back. However, the yellow liquid has tuned red for some reason.

    • lol yeah detailing products have a shelf life. usually good for about 2 years

  • I used to use this wash but since I got the foam cannon, I changed to Gold Class wash but since they advertised the Gold Wash has the best foaming (within their range), its never goes on specials.

  • SMELLS AMAZING - for those wondering.

  • Came here to look at this bargain,
    learnt about cannons & car smells.

    Left here, inspired to take up car washing myself.

    Thank you, everyone :-)

  • anyone have any advice on the best leather cleaner and interior cleaner?