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Tenda Nova MW3 Home Mesh System 3pk $89.99 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


Tenda Nova MW3 Home Mesh System 3pk $89.99 + Delivery @ Shopping Square

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  • I have seen few of these 'Tenda Nova' posts now, are they any good? Any first hand and current users with this brand mesh setup ?

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      I steered away due to lack of WPA2 AES encryption.

      • My Windows laptops all report AES, its only iOS/Android devices that are reporting TKIP
        The device specifications say it supports both AES and TKIP

        • Considering most homes have many mobile devices, Id say it would be easy to breach. Not that anyone would be interested, but sometimes its better to spend an extra few $$$ for peace of mind.

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          The fact it's happy to accept TKIP at all is the risk.

        • The device specifications say it supports both AES and TKIP

          It did support both but the option was removed in a firmware update which now makes this device useless.

          Anyone can just download a script and gain access within minutes.


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        I still can't believe that they can release hardware with anything but WPA2(AES) as a minimum (why even bother with WPA and WEP?)!
        For me it's not a bargain at any price.

        • That's unfair, some people might not give a rats arse about opsec and just want something simple and cheap.

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            @Skinnerr: I've got an imaginary lock to sell you.

            Absolute bargain at $89.99 for a set of 3
            Super easy to install on any door or window.

            And 100% guaranteed to stop anyone who is not interested in entering your house and stealing your stuff.

            • @ESEMCE: Sarcasm aside you don't get to determine the bargain parameters.

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                @Skinnerr: For my vote I actually do, that's the point of the voting system.
                You can choose to disagree, but my vote is at least there highlighting the significant downside to this "bargain".

                • @ESEMCE: Thanks for explanation of the voting system mate, I wasnt sure at first but now it makes sense.

                  Make sure to tell everyone who buys this why your opinion counts before they buy it, so they don't make an unwise purchase.

    • I have it and no complaints ever. I had so many wifi issues. My TV will hunt for wifi and drop the connection, no more connection issues.

  • Yeah I'd like to know also. The price is almost too good to be true, so I have big doubts about them.

  • I've got them.

    They work well. I've got a 'long' 30sq house and no longer have any blackspots. Setup is super easy and everything seems to 'just work'.

  • Do these allow you to have more devices connected?

  • I'm in rural Melbourne and the shipping cost for this deal makes it more expensive than PC byte $99 delivered PC byte

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    Various reviews (and many more if you Google like I did) that are quite favourable -

    If pricing seems 'too good to be true', it could in part be because retailers will perhaps, between now and next year, be progressively clearing out network routers and modems that are not yet the newest WiFi 6 (AX) standard?

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    One downside is that they don't support DHCP reservations, so if you have something like a network printer or NAS you'll need to set up static IP addresses (unless you can use a discovery-based protocol like AirPrint or MS-SNID).

    • To overcome this limitation I run them in bridged mode and let the router take care of DHCP reservations.

  • Would be a great deal if its $89.99 Delivered…..

  • They're good. For the price. Note that they only support TKIP instead of AES for password security, which isn't the best.

    The functionality is limited whereby you won't be able to set 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz individually. The unit automatically detects the best frequency to assign your device to.

    In terms of connectivity, they work flawlessly and my garage (separated from the main home) is now getting 80-90mb easy from 0 before.

    • Note that they only support TKIP instead of AES for password security

      Therefore they are not good at all IMHO

      And can only broadcast mixed WPA/WPA2 which makes it even worse!

      It's the equivalent of having a lock with the key under the doormat and a big sign pointing to the doormat saying "Key is here"…
      Why even bother with WiFi Security at all?

  • HT via Amazon AU has these MW3's for $99.98 delivered very often.

  • to ask a dumb question….would a system such as this just be the same as multiple extenders? Or can t be said that because they are a "network" they work better together?

    • Mesh is not the same as using extenders.

  • These use 100Mbits/sec Ethernet ports - just in case anyone's like me and drops stuff on to their from their PC NAS wirelessly.

    I've still grabbed a set (plan on hiding my SSID for my primary router / connecting my PC to that - having everything else that is less greedy run over the mesh)

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    It says free shipping in green ?????

    • Store Review: 2.1. Says it all.

      • 🤣

  • With these being a security no go..

    What the next bang for buck mesh system?

    • TP-Link Deco M5.

  • I have the MW6 and MW5c. They are good at wifi mesh and work together well. I have it in bridge mode and use my tplink router for DHCP and internet.

    The ethernet backhaul just doesnt work properly on these. It keeps dropping the ethernet link in favour of a bareley viable wifi mesh. Then it reconfigures the LAN port as a client rather than an uplink. Then it realises the wifi link is rubbish, but it has just broken the LAN uplink. So it basically breaks your whole network.

    In the end for backhaul I had to use one of the nodes as a standalone mesh of 1 device, so basically using it as an AP with the same SSID etc as the main wifi mesh. Thats the only way I could get ethernet backhaul to work. And it works fine now but its not really a 100% mesh sysyem like its supposed to be.

    • Correct me if I'm wrong but is there any actual difference between an Ethernet backhaul AP and a Ethernet Backhaul "mesh" AP?
      I thought the whole point of Mesh is that it uses WiFi as backhaul?

      • The only difference is the app now shows me 2 seperate mesh systems, rather than just the one. Other than that it works exactly how it should now. But its not how its supposed to work.

        The whole point of mesh is to provide uninterrupted wifi as fast as possible over a wide area back to a primary node.

        If a mesh node has a good Ethernet link back to the primary node, then it should use that for backhaul instead of wifi backhaul. This frees up the rest of the wifi mesh bandwidth from having to backhaul for no reason. And it should provide a faster more reliable link. This is how good mesh systems are supposed to work.

        In my case my teacher wife has her home office at the far end of the house. She needs good bandwidth for remote teaching to her class. To get there on wifi mesh is through 3 nodes. But the office has an ethernet port. So you'd think the office node could just use that 1GB ethernet connection back to the primary node, but noooooo. So i had to make the office node a standalone AP instead.

    • What about any of the security issues of tkip/AES, is this better?

      • Idk anything about that. Its for home use anyway so it's not like I'm worried about security that much.

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