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Brita Maxtra+ Filter 12-Pack $67.29 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Featuring Micro Carbon Pearls which reduce chlorine and impurities for improved taste and appearance of food and drinks
MAXTRA+ contains Ion Exchange Pearls which permanently absorb lead and copper and reduce limescale, for appliance protection
BRITA MAXTRA+ filters tap water for fresh, great tasting drinking water, without the waste of bottled water for just a few pence per litre, an economical alternative to carrying heavy plastic bottles
Recommended by the UK Tea Academy and by consumers - 96% agree tea is more brilliant with MAXTRA+ filtered water
Items delivered: 12 x MAXTRA+ filter cartridge, BPA-free water filter lasts approximately 4 weeks and is recyclable

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  • 12 packs, around $5.60 each. pretty good price.

    • Costco have them at $6.74 from time to time.

      So this deal is not bad.

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      Pretty reasonable, i just get the 3 pack generic ones from target for I think $12

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    Do these filter fluoride? Cause I want my fluoride

    • Do BRITA cartridges remove fluoride?
      No. BRITA cartridges are not designed to remove fluoride. Some fluoride is naturally present in tap water, whilst some water companies add fluoride to the water. If you are concerned about the presence of fluoride in your tap water, check with your local water supplier.

      • +2

        On the contrary, I love safe levels of fluoride in tap water

      • fluoride isn't much to worry about.. it's the other stuff the filters remove

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        If you are concerned about the presence of fluoride in your tap water, check with your local water supplier.

        yep… as if Yarra Water will do anything about that!

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      Had me in the first half I won't lie.

  • Cheapest compatible jug? Mine is 5+ years old and is exhibiting some growth on the bottom :(

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      Wash and clean it?

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        Also, it's worth noting (to those who aren't aware), don't use any scourer/abrasive pad (even if it says "no scratch"!). This will only introduce small cuts in the plastic which means more surface area for bacteria to cling onto. Just use a soft cloth and soap instead.

        This applies to any plastic, like tupperware containers, too.

        • +1

          Yeah I use my clean fingers/hands! :)

          • @Turd: yeah, it's not like there should be much to clean off anyway (well, unless you have "growth"…!)

          • @Turd: I dunno mate, your nails look a little green in your pic.

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    • You’re supposed to clean your jug thoroughly with each filter change. You’re also meant to change your filter every 2-3 months. If you aren’t doing this, there’s no point in owning a filter jug.

      • +3

        every 2-3 months? I think it is every month

        • Sorry I meant 1-2 months (I couldn’t edit my comment). Their recommendation differs depending on the jug type they go into and usage pattern.

          • @skittlebrau: I use both taste and filter time (how slow it filters) to determine when I change it.

            Doing it by time doesn't make sense - is a single person and a family of 5 both meant to change it at the same time? Of course, it means more money for Brita if you do it that way :)

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              @dubfonik: The filter is predominantly ion exchange resin, so when it’s “used up” the flow rate is no different. The only thing that would significantly affect flow rate is bacterial, algae or fungal growth.

              • @lunchbox99: interesting! well that leaves only one variable to check for now… 😊

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        After far longer than that between filter changes there's still noticeable improvement in water taste which is my only objective, so I'd say there's still very much a point without the monthly replacement.

    • Yikes! Does that mean you haven’t been washing your jug in between cartridge replacements?

      • +1

        Just googled. Didn't knew it came apart. Was trying to clean it through that tiny hole where the water ran through :(

        Knew something was up when the water tasted the same despite new filters…

        Thanks all!

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      If by growth you mean mould/algae, you can just put a little bit of bleach or pool chlorine in it and fill it with water. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it thoroughly or put it into the dishwasher.

      • In the dishwasher now with the filter holding frame removed.

  • Thanks, was on my shopping list.

  • One left from Coles, great time for 12 !

    Thanks OP

  • They reckon these filters last 4 weeks!? Either these are significantly less durable than the last batch we got, or they're really conservative on their estimates.

    • +10

      I am a cheapskate so I always go by the time rather than the indicator. 2/3 months use for me for each filter. This will last me a while.

      • Same! It depends on how much you use

        • I usually go a good 3 months, can tell a slight difference in taste around then.

      • +1

        I go by taste! how long it will last will depend on your usage.

      • 2/3 months is 5.7 weeks, marginally higher than the recommendation anyway.

        • +1

          2 to 3 months between filters mate, haha.

      • Same here, I only change it when the water tastes like tap water….

      • most of their indicators are based on time.

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      I believe UK packaging states 4 weeks but they are actually the same filters. Could be something to do with the water hardness in UK, or just greedy marketing.

      • Brita tends to change its recommendation around the world. I've seen claims not to use the filters longer than 2 months. Makes sense. You don't want mold build up. Most places they claim change the cartridge every month, or 150L (100L in hard water areas).

        I'm in Adelaide so our tap water is of spectacular quality and completely chlorine free…. and I split the difference and change the cartridge every 6 weeks. Even at the 6 week mark the water tastes fine.

        • That might be true. In Queensland we have chlorine added to tap water though, and it should theoretically delay the mould buildup in the cartridge. It also depends on how many people drinks from the same jug. I and my wife don't taste the difference up until 8-10 weeks.

        • +1

          Wait, the Adelaide comment was sarcastic right? I'm from Adelaide too and we're known all around Australia to have the worst tap water in the major cities. People that come from other states laugh at us and then buy bottled water.

          • +1

            @carlscott1982: Yes, overflowing with sarcasm. Adelaide water straight from the tap is absolutely foul with a strong chlorine smell. After a bit of carbon filtering… great!

            • @Cluster: I missed the sarcasm. Oh well…

  • is the delivery fee waived for prime accounts?

  • ordered, thank you!

  • FYI, these ones are made in UK apparently, not China or Germany. Not sure how they compare.

  • Just bought this exact pack from Amazon UK during Prime Day for $82.31. It shipped yesterday. Sigh.

    • +1

      Try cancel, last time I did it I have received one box of Coke for free…..

  • Are these from Germany or China? Can't tell from website.

    • The thumbnail of the box has a German flag in lower left corner.

      • +4

        Yes noticed that but it says "German Quality and Design". From memory the "Made In" statement is ink stamped on the packaging so probably hard to tell until you receive the physical pack.

        Coles and WW stock has changed to Made in China. Hopefully Costco continues to source the German made ones.

        • +1

          Seems a bit dodgy to say German Quality if it's made in China

        • +1

          This is exactly right. They all say “🇩🇪 German Quality and Design” on the front of the box but the actual country of manufacture is printed on the bottom and varies with stock.

  • Good price. Thank op

  • +2

    It asking for delivery fee of $23

    • Shipping is free for Prime members.

  • Thanks OP great price!

  • Got one good timing

  • :( sigh… I wish I'd have seen this a few days earlier. I've just bought 10 for 99$

  • +1

    Gettin' rid of Britta, gettin' rid of the B
    She's a GDB

    • every time I see the branding :-D

  • +2

    Anyone considered this and the one that attaches to the tap itself? Or even under the bench, in line, filters.

    • +1

      I've got both - a jug and one that attaches to the tap (which I got on clearance from Officeworks).

      The one that attaches to the tap is a lot more convenient however, the knob that you use to switch between normal tap water and filtered water shot off one day - customer service were great, however it really depends on the water pressure in your property / at the tap (most taps have aerators that reduce the flow rate, however since you need to remove that to screw the filter to the tap you need to remove that, so if you have a high flow rate / high water pressure you may encounter problems).

  • +1

    i'm going to wait for a black friday sale on Brita AU web site. If you combine with new account you get a further 20% off.

    I want the Maxtra+ Limescale filters because I use the water with my coffee machine.

    • Just jumped on Brita website to check but apparently the code doesn't apply to the 12 pack deal :(

      • Yeah they got Smart this year. They say it applies across the Brita range but it didn't apply to the thing they sell most of.

        • That's false advertising! So disappointing…

  • Do these filters have expiry date? Or I can just keep stacking them up?

  • Would this work with generic Target electric kettle?

    • I suppose if you want to boil it up, sure why not, I see no reason it wouldn't……..just not sure why you would want to :-)

  • Are there any more environmentally friendly options for filtering tap water ? Not sure I fancy throwing away so much plastic that often.

  • anybody have experience cleaning the filters?

  • Thanks for the post! Just ordered and can't wait :D

  • Anyone getting this error? Tried changing to parcel locker/post office addresses but no luck.

    "Sorry, this item can't be delivered to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the delivery address or delete the item from your order. You can also see if this item is available to be delivered to your address from another seller."

    • i ordered and got sent to normal street postal address - no issues.

  • +1

    Can someone recommend a good jug/ container compatible with these filters? I prefer non-plastic ones. Glass or metal preferred but happy to hear any recommendations anyway. A jug, possibly which can also be used without the filter in a normal use.

  • Where are these made

    • Says 'German Quality and Design' on the box in picture but won't know about manufacturing until we receive them. Fingers crossed - hope they are made in Germany.

      • That means made in Chiynah.

        • Or it could be outdated pics like Woolies

    • -1

      They are made in UK,so it is a no for me ,probably low quality

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