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Telstra BYO 5G Plan: 150GB Data, $89/Mo (12 Months) + $600 JB HI-FI Voucher (Port In / New Services)


Just called up JB Hifi, got a $600 GC on a $99 Telstra plan PLUS $10/mo credit making it $89/mo.

Includes 5g

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    genuine question: how does one go through 150gb of mobile data per month….

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      Many people find hotspotting fine instead of home broadband. I have 65Gb on Telstra monthly plus 60GB on Vodafone mobile modem.

      I go away several times a year so portability is important for me.

    • I use my phone at work. If I Netflix and YouTube + hotspot my laptop I can go through that in a month.

  • Any idea when this expires?

  • I’m currently a Boost customer and have been for over a month (ported out from Telstra). If I switch to Optus tomorrow, will JB’s/Telstra’s systems recognise that I’ve ported out over a month ago?

    • im with boost too and have same question haha

  • Not available at my local store qld oxley

  • im curious, can we use the GC for the phone plan right away ?

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      No, you can't pay your telstra bill with the gift card.

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      It's a JB Hifi GC, not Telstra…

  • equivalent of 12.36% discount on gift card (with ETC option).

    • ?

      • If someone sign up just to get the gift card and terminate immediately, essential they will have the gift at 12.36% discount.

  • Do I have to deal with Telstra?

    Needs to be cheap if I have to put up with Telstra….

    Use their network via a reseller to avoid their customer disservice!

    • The sign up is via JB Hifi….any issues after that you'll have to deal with Telstra.

      Sounds like you need to find a Telstra owned Telstra shop though, there's 2 good ones here in Perth, all the others are franchises and are absolutely rubbish. Hit and miss via chat.

      • What are the two good ones in Perth? Very curious. As my local is shit.

        • I think I was thinking of something else when I wrote that, there should be more than two in Perth but the two near me are Whitfords which has always been great and Joondalup is also Telstra owned. Which store do you usually use?

          If you search via here it will tell you if the store is "licensee operated" - avoid those ones.

  • Where's the $10/month credit advertised? I'm sure it's right in front of my face but I can't find it.

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      • Good find. Are you talking about the banner at the bottom for the $69 plan?

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          correct. it doesn't seem to be specific to apple, so if you give them a call (or go in if not in VIC) they should honor it. This was posted on another thread.

          • @montynasser: Thanks for posting. I more was wondering whether the $10 credit was valid on all size plans, not just the $69 plan on the catalogue. Will give them a call and give it a crack!

  • I got the s20 FE through jbhifi with the telstra plan and the print out from telstras site I was given says I bought a "jbhifi BYO plan $99", would calling up and saying I found out about the deal but never got the gift card work?

    • Doubtful….It's all the same plan, you're either getting a GC or the handset, whichever promo you pick. They wouldn't be signing people up on the plan without one or the other and the print out will all be the same as that's the JB plan. They don't offer bundles as such, they are all BYO plans. Some just include an outright phone as a promo.

  • has this expired?