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Double Buyback Value for Your Old IKEA Furniture @ IKEA (Free Family Membership Required)


Something a little different from IKEA. Great way to recycle your old furniture.

We believe there’s a more sustainable way to save money on Black Friday. Instead of flash sales and big discounts, we want to buy something from you. Maybe there’s an old BILLY bookcase in your home that you no longer need. Or maybe it’s just that your current NORDVIKEN dining table isn’t big enough for your ever-growing family.

We’ll buy back your old IKEA furniture, and promise to find someone who will give it a second life!

In return, you’ll earn an IKEA credit to spend on something you need. And if you’re an IKEA Family member, we’ll pay you double the normal buy back price between the period of 24 November – 3 December, 2020. That’s a better deal for the planet, and your wallet.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • -2

    So they'll pay me $0 instead of $0 for my shirt old Poang… That's twice as much… Bargain!

  • I wonder how they work out the 'normal buy-back price' exactly?
    Is it based on what you would get on Scumtree/FBMarketplace?

    • No way lol it will be less

      • +12

        If you take into account the amount of time you waste dealing with nufties on Gumtree it probably works out about even.

        • I generally put a disclaimer stating that lowball offers will be trolled, and when I receive lowball offers I tell them they sound like nice, so I'll cut a special deal for them, and offer them something higher than my original asking price. Can get a few laughs out of idiots at least.

      • Less than zero?

    • +1

      You can check their website now and get an estimated buy back price.

  • +12

    How is this better than putting it on Gumtree or BuyNothing?

    Cut out the middle-man, and avoid the considerable hassle of carting that bookcase back to Ikea and queuing up.

    And will Ikea refuse it because of the wear and tear from my kids on the Tromso bed or Malm drawers?
    Ikea products are not designed to last for decades, though they might if left in place. They are definitely at risk of damage whenever you move home.

    How much money do they give?
    I do like Ikea, but this sounds like more trouble than it is worth, and too many exclusions.

    • +26

      By doing exactly what the middle man does: alleviate the hassle of you having putting it up for sale, respond to messages, organise a date and time to meet a potential buyer, getting disappointed by said buyer, potentially meeting dangerous people, then needing to vet out the potentially dangerous buyers after stalking them on fb etc. etc. etc. IKEA are instead able using their massive marketing and consumer traffic to their advantage to more than likely garner a sale for you. All you have to do is submit an item to them, and agree to a price that they're willing to pay. You putting your junk on gumtree/fb will attract "is this still available" msgs with no replies and "can you ship it to me" for items listed for free for pick up as some of the more tolerable ones.

      Sure the price ikea offer might be paltry (or $0) but that's the price you pay for using their services. Sounds pretty standard to me IMO. No different than going to a dealership/wreckers and trading/selling in your car - same principle.

    • +13

      A lot of questions here but if you took 2 minutes to visit the link half the info is all there for you. They website linked provides quotes. Go and find out how much you might get. The quotes are also based on condition which you define (as new, good etc) and this is reflected in the buy back price presented to you.

      I found this all out in 1 minute visiting the link provided and putting in my bookcase.

      • I live along and take care of my stuff (so no obvious scratches etc). Especially with the 2X I could get quite a lot back for stuff I have had 7 years,

    • Malm drawers.. they are the ones with the safety strap right..? Had the original ones not kid safe ones and used to wonder why the shelves would always roll out by themselves.

      • Ours are 10 years old and the drawers have never rolled themselves open

        • Ok, the one I am talking about now has a strap included. They are supposed to be anchored as they can tip over after you open a drawer.

          • @hyaspty: You can get the strap from the service counter for nothing (at least you could when they first introduced them) and attach it to the old ones.

    • +1

      By allowing you to avoid dealing with idiots who use gumtree.

  • +3

    The following categories of products are not currently eligible for the Furniture buy-back service:
    • Non-IKEA products
    • Home furnishing accessories including Lighting and Textiles
    • Add on units, and componentry
    • Products that have been used outside including outdoor furniture
    • Mattresses & Bed Textiles (such as Blankets and Mattress toppers)
    • Kitchens including bench tops, cabinets and fronts
    • Modular Wardrobes and accessories
    • Electrical appliances/products
    • Children’s and Baby products (such as cots, mattresses and change tables)

    • +5

      Foolishly bought 16 x of these OXBERG doors for Billy bookcase height extension thingamies many years ago (bought at clearance for $3 each), and they're all still in mint condition in their original (but slightly dusty) boxes. Do we reckon these are categorised as 'add on units and componentry'? As I've been hoarding these beauties for this very moment…

      • You can check on their Website whether they will accept. Doubt those would be accepted.

        • +5

          Thanks. I found some OXBERGs, but not my OXBERGs.
          I shall hang on to my unwanted doors for another decade.

    • That's pretty much everything LOL

      • +1

        Storage solutions? Couches? Shelves? Tv units? Bunks? Tables? Chairs? Coffee tables? Toy chests?

        Im not sure you understood the exclusion list at all. It's like 5% of Ikea stuff excluded.

  • +4

    Has anyone had experience with this and can give a bit of an anecdote to how much they got back?

    • ditto

    • +1

      Yes, I did this few weeks ago at Ikea Tempe for a 10 years old set of dining table.

      Original price is $170 and got $40 back( mine was well used tier). We used that towards a new set :-)

      The tricky part is you have to bring it in assemble.

      So if it's something bulky, factor in the effort to disassemble and transport then put it all back together for inspection.

      For us we only need to take the table leg out to fit in the car so was alright.

  • +17

    I actually did this last year (no double buyback offer at the time).

    My tv cabinet was virtually pristine with only one dent inside one of the drawers and the IKEA staff low-balled and offered me their lowest rating ('well-used'). I also had a shelf with a few scrapes on the back (!) that you wouldn't notice unless under the right lighting angle and again got the low-ball offer.

    I had such a negative experience that I have vowed never to go back to IKEA ever again. My family have been customers for around 30 years so that's saying something.

    I would advise everyone to just sell your items on somewhere like gumtree or ebay instead, which also has the additional benefit that the buyer usually does the pick-up (as opposed to you needing to bring the item to an IKEA store).

    • +5

      Yeap, its disgusting. Had the same experience. No consistancy at all. Got 60% back one one item and they only offered 25% on the item that was pristine. Staff member was bouncing on a side table to check if anything wrong/loose. I had to tell them to get off as it was not designed for bouncing on………he was fat as well. What idiots. I took it back and sold elsewhere for 65% of origial price on Gumtree.

      • -1

        The price they offer is not really dependant on whether or not it is "pristine" as you seem to think.
        It's based on how much and how quickly they will be able to re-sell it on the floor.
        High demand items will get a higher buy back price than low demand items. They want to sell the stuff quickly (preferably same day), not have it taking up floor space waiting for a buyer.
        You are the idiot in this situation for having unrealistic expectations that IKEA are going to pay you "market price" for your stuff, not they guy working there

    • +2

      My parents used to get stuff for free and years ago they found out that IKEA would throw away perfectly fine stuff in their bins and over time picked up quite a bit of it and repurposed. Then one day IKEA got smarter and stopped leaving bins outside.
      They had an area where they were selling damaged goods, yet somehow brand new and not damaged stuff ended up in bins. Don't go to IKEA, so no clue if they got better, but as far as their furniture, I'd rather buy from somewhere else and get quality.

      Some sofa cushions they found years ago are still in use. Whoever was shopping at IKEA at that time paid for our cushions too, as well as other thrown away stuff.

      Reminds me of colesworth bins overflowing with food. But, humans will be humans.

      • That sounds really weird, almost like they are covering up a gap in sales or something. At least some Ikea's are not afraid to discount heavily before things have to chucked out lol.

      • thought name should be bargaindiver :D

        • I don't dive, though the idea is certainly tempting 💲💲💲

      • Stuff that get's tossed is usually a safety recall, (if people take that stuff from the bins and use it and get hurt IKEA is still open to be sued)
        or something that would cost more in man hours/floor space to build/price/sell in the as-is section.
        Sofa cushions are a perfect example of stuff that probably wouldn't be sold, as they are of no interest to most people as the sizes vary wildly and so would sit taking up space for a long time before someone bought them.

        • Yes, I can see people getting choked by cushions…

          In any case, those things weren't broken. It could be like 2 cushions, 3rd missing, or where you have almost all parts, but a drawer, or panel is missing, it's chucked out. So no, it wasn't safety recall, otherwise IKEA would go bankrupt as every week you could find different stuff there.

          • @bargainparker: Zips, buttons, tassles etc are all choking hazards of they are not secured properly

            • @spaceflight: As I said, those things were brand new, the same what you would buy if needed a spare part. There was absolutely nothing wrong with them, apart from the fact that something else was broken, so they chucked out everything. I don't go to IKEA, but years ago they had this area where you could go and buy damaged goods which was fairly small space, so i am thinking rather than giving it for next to nothing, they decided sending it to landfill was a better option.

              No tassels there, neither buttons. Zips, yes, in perfect order, just like what you would buy with a sofa.

    • +12

      I just don’t understand the hate. They don’t have to give you anything back. They don’t have to buy back at all. It’s an offer, you can accept it or not, that’s the gamble you take in lugging your furniture to the store I guess. And their assumption is prob people are going to cave in rather than take their old furniture back home and reinstall it…

      Its a bit poor taste to go for the lower offer on inspection sure, but they don’t have to buy back, it’s a promotion, you don’t have to sell your stuff, it’s absolutely your choice to not sell it to them.

      Now with the double buy-back promo, even if they use the lower quotation, you should get a fairer price overall, which is prob what I’m expecting they are doing here?

      Net impact is even flawless furniture rated low and then doubled will be a reasonable buy back to the average consumer, is maybe what they are going for you reckon? Because it sounds too good to be true otherwise lol.

      • +5

        They're free to offer whatever price they want. And we're free to tell them to go shove Stikkgrågs up their Asskönes.

        I believe I've heard it said that that's how a free market works.

      • Now with the double buy-back promo…

        So, now instead of them offering you say 50% in the first place without double buy back, they will offer you 25% and instead of you getting 100%, you still get 50%, is that what you are trying to say.

        PS. I don't hate them, they are just not my cup of tea.

    • -5

      I hate Ikea.
      And I hate them more because once they had a spend $250 and get back $50 or something and I also had another coupon or credit… anyway it was ~$100 in credits… so I bought something w/ the credit, but then had to return it (unused) ~week later… WELL, they kept the coupons! So sure, they refunded me what I paid, but I also earnt the credits.

      Yeah Ikea is junk, but they offer returns, so it's low risk.

      • Username checks out.

    • This is a terrible attitude.
      They are under no obligation to buy stuff from you at all.
      They are only going to offer you what they can get back when they re-sell it. They want to sell things quickly, preferably same day and so will be selling it for "cheap" (less than what you want for it anyway).
      If it's something they aren't going to be able to sell quickly they will not offer you very much for it, low demand items will have very low buy back value.
      Floor space costs money, the longer something sits unsold the longer they can't fill that sales space with something else.

      If you go in with unrealistic expectations that they will pay you "market price" for your stuff, then you will leave feeling sour, and it's your own fault you feel that way.

  • +5

    And they don't accept most things that are not in current or recent catalogues. Most items we had we could not return and only because they were a few years old. Stupid as in 100% as new condition eg: tables, chairs, drawers etc. How exactly is Ikea saving the environment when they dont take these types of things back.
    Most older Ikea stuff like this was better quality. These days a lot of Ikea furniture are poorly made and just not as hardy as older items.

    • +8

      And yet you'll go and buy more ikea stuff knowing its poor quality and won't last a lifetime or could be fixed or passed down. THAT is how you save the environment. Buy good quality stuff or buy second hand stuff so more crap doesn't have to be made.

      But everyone wants the showroom houses and fashionable things…so they'll continue to buy and support marketing bullshit like this.

      Never ceases to amaze me how many people don't instantly see this for what it is. #recyclewashing #greenwashing Or whatever you want to cal it. It's not real environmental concern…it's just marketing to get you to buy more of their shit. Simples

    • If I didn't know better, I could swear IKEA was a profit-seeking business.

    • If they are not going to be able to sell it in their as-is section, why would they buy it back from you? they are not altruistic

  • +3

    Instead of flash sales and big discounts

    Nah, I'd prefer that.

  • +2

    Had a good experience with IKEA buy back. Basically sold them back a table top for 50% off (I wanted to keep the legs for something else). Not sure why so much hate. Will be offloading all my IKEA furniture on them as I try and move to grown up furniture.

    • +1

      The hate relates to how little they will accept and in a lot of cases very unfairly undervalue the items.
      Oh……and you have to bring it back full assembled. Oh great….for those that have to dissassemble first, then reassemble in store and then to be told its only worth way less that 60% yet in as new condition.

    • +6

      People will neg because they love Ikea furniture but it is just cheap rubbish…as is Super Amart/Fantastic Furniture/ Furniture Bazaar…sad thing is these companies cheap rubbish killed off all our local furniture now it's all we have left.
      My furniture will outlast my lifetime, short of maybe flood damage…and it doesn't need to be screwed into the wall, because it won't collapse!

      • +1

        Sturdy, high-quality furniture is wonderful. Congratulations for being wealthy enough to afford it.

        For poorer people, cheap brands like IKEA and Fantastic Furniture are often the only way of furnishing a house. They are filling a very important market niche.

        • Yes, then in a few years when in starts falling apart, they buy again and in the end pay more. Save money, buy once and be done with it, unless you keep moving from place to place, then get whatever.

      • +2

        I have moved 3 countries in 12 years and probably double that number of homes in that period. I actually love Ikea furniture for this precise reason. They are cheap and will sustain a 2-3 year lifespan easily. it has just enough lifespan before I move away from that place OR get bored with the furniture.
        I know this is not very environmentally friendly, but then my life would have been very different if I would have never moved places, maybe even less environmentally friendly as I would be supporting production in one of the most polluting industries in the world.

      • Can I ask where did you get your furniture?

      • +1

        It depends really, some ikea products are of high quality and design with reasonable price, especially those in their catalog for long time. It’s nice that you can afford high price locally made furniture, but if the local makers couldn’t survive that means IKEA did something better, IKEA itself was a local business built out of a farm.

        • I totally agree. If you buy the solid wood stuff it will last very well for the price.

    • Let us know how you went.

  • +1

    Selling on gumtree/marketplace yields better value than this hassle service

    • Do you have any data to back that up? I checked one item (ANEBODA wardrobe) that someone on Gumtree is asking $50 for, negotiable. IKEA says they would currently pay "up to $45" for it, in the same condition. Double that would be up to $90, which is better than $50, and selling on Gumtree is not without its hassles either.

      • Scumtree might offer a price match! /s

      • +1

        I agree. It's individuals choice. For me, it's easier to sell in the local market who can pay cash and picks up the item

        than to dismantle the stuff, load it up in the car, drive to IKEA, try your luck with the staff w.r.t the evaluation and finally get some IKEA credit.

      • Pretty sure the $45 is brand new, in box, assembled for the first time in store under the light of a blue moon at the crux of the winter solstice.

        • The Winter Solstice wardrobe would probably qualify for the "as new" payment of "up to $56"

    • Never knew people on gumtree are dying to buy Ikea furnitures at RRP.

      Geez you're a wise penny!

      • +1

        Looks like you r in the dreamland that IKEA would be buying from you at RRP and hence making this comparison

        • If it's less than a year old, you "return" it and they will give you RRP (if you are "family" member)

          • @pseudonym303: Well, it's true but that's not the deal we are talking about here

            • @wise penny: "Double Buyback Value for Your Old IKEA Furniture @ IKEA"

              Don't know which deal you're talking about, I'm taking about the double buy back value one.

  • +2

    FYI, my local charities refuse to take ikea furnitures. If you move house, transport companies always exclude insurance coverage on ikea furniture (no responsibility for damage during transit).

    • +1

      Not surprised - the cheap stuff rarely survives a move

    • +4

      They treat your furniture like a parcel, of course they'd exclude whatever fk they can get away with.

    • In my experience, you're lucky to get more than a couple of moves out of large IKEA furniture before it becomes more splinters than furniture.

  • oh no, i literally just dismantled and threw a coffee table in the bin today

  • +2

    Found this on a website if it helps:

    "The condition of the item sold back to Ikea will determine the value.

    Ikea furniture in “new” condition with no scratches could receive 50 percent of the original price, the release said. Furniture in “very good” condition with minor scratches may receive 40 percent of the original price and “well-used” items, with several scratches, could receive 30 percent of the original price"

    • +5

      The problem is the word "could". Getting is another story altogether.
      Look on a positive note. I have seen people chuck out perfectly good Ikea stuff. They could have retured it and received $$ for it. I just grabbed and returned it myself and happily acepted the Gift cards. Better than landfill and free $$ for myself.

      • True Ozbargainer! Well played…I will call you when I need a verge pick up lol…

      • I think a true Ozbargainer would also factor in the opportunity cost of disassembling the furniture, driving out to IKEA, reassembling it to the satisfaction of the staff, and sitting around munching bad meatballs while it gets assessed.

        If the whole process takes two hours and costs $10 in petrol - all for a $20 coffee table - you've just paid yourself $5 an hour.

        • +2

          In my case, I would only do/did small things i.e. foot stools, side tables etc. No disassembly required plus I am only a 15 drive from Ikea. Was in and out within 15 mins. All up perhaps an hours work for $120. I wouldn't have done it otherwise.

    • 50% of original price, doubled, is 100% of the original price?

      • That was my take on it but didn't want to post in case I'm wrong but I did some research just for you:

        "Depending on the condition of the furniture traded in, that voucher would normally be worth as much as 50 per cent of the original price – but it could now be worth up to 100 per cent of what was originally paid.

        Non-members can still take part in the buyback scheme, but will not receive the double value offer."

        • But as it costs $0.00 to become a member……..would be silly for anyone returning not to join up. A good Marketing thing for Ikea,

      • Could get 100%

        • best case minimum 30%x2 = 60% of original wouldn't be so bad

  • +1

    Ikea furniture hold their value surprisingly well on Facebook marketplace and gumtree compared to other furniture. Something in good condition can always sell for at least 50% of the price. It is easy to search by its name and you get the same item you just saw in the showroom all assembled for you.

  • +2

    Excludes VIC:

    Due to current Victorian store closures, we are unable to offer our Buy-Back service to our Victorian customers until further notice. Our Buy-Back service is still available at our other IKEA stores.

    • Nope, I could select IKEA Springvale just now.

  • +1

    "Bring your assembled, unmodified and clean furniture to your preferred IKEA store"

    Feels bad if you need to return a bunk bed

    • How about try a pax wardrobe?

      At the end of the day, if you want to play the game, follow the rules.

      • Modular wardrobes are excluded.