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[eBay Plus] G.skill Flare X 16GB RAM (2x8gb) DDR4 3200MHz CL14 $170.10 Delivered @ gg.tech365 eBay


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Good deal for Samsung b-die. This memory normally does really well on Ryzen and if you're going for a 5000 series next month as it should hit the 4000mhz 'sweet spot' easily.

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  • I think the crucial 3600MT/s ram for $140 on amazon would be better and can hit 4000mhz easy also.
    16GBs of the crucial 3600MT/s ram was going for $76 on prime day sales.

    • I think I missed that crucial deal by seconds. I clicked on it, clicked buy and it went back up to $133 or $123 whatever it was. Checked other sellers and none were the $76…

  • Is this really actually value compared to the 3600mhz CL16 that was on sale on Prime Day for like $70.00 or so? I guess because it was Micron E-Die and not B-Die it's not as good…? But surely both reach around 4000mhz.

    • This will do 4000MHz with much tighter timings than Micron E-die.

      Is it worth twice as much? Probably not unless you really enjoy overclocking and tinkering with RAM timings.

      • I figured because it was 3200mhz/cl14 vs 3600mhz/CL16 they'd do it at relatively equal timings but it doesn't suprise me if I'm wrong because I know B-Die is meant to be king!

      • Bit flakey though, never mananged to get mine past 3666mhz.

        • Normally you hit the limit of the memory controller or you're stuck by your motherboard's memory topology before you hit the limit of b-die.

          • @drew442: On a crosshair vi hero, so idk, couls just be old ryzen or i didnt change the timings enpugh.

            • @Jenny Death: Yeah, the first and second Ryzens were not that good with memory clocking. Ryzen 3xxx hit much higher clocks and the new Ryzen 5xxx supposedly will do 4000 easy since it was shown on one of their official slides.

      • i thought on high clocks like 4000 , both about the same

        • Depends on your luck - at 1.35V both will probably achieve the same CL at 4000MHz, but B-die will have tighter secondary timings and better latency.

          B-die also scales better with more voltage, most kits will do 4000 16-16-16 at a safe voltage while E-die won't get anywhere near that.

      • Reviews have got the crucial 3600MT/s to 4800MT/s .. its the new overclocking king.. Samsung b-die was the old king.

  • Where is the deal?????? Haha

    • its CL14 which is a rarity

      your normal cheap shit $99 ram is CL16

        • In terms of overclocking.

          Chances are you'll get C-die in your generic 3200 16-18-18 kit which is the complete opposite of B-die. Loose timings, scales negatively above 1.35v, etc. It can do 4000 but with 19-21-21/19-22-22 primary timings. B-die can typically do 4000 16-16-16/15-15-15.

          If you get lucky, you'll get CJR which is a step up from C-die.

          Or you can get yourself a Crucial Ballistix kit.

          • @integral: You can buy a 4000mhz memo with same/better timmings for the same price of this memory

              • @integral: https://www.computeralliance.com.au/16gb-ddr4-g.skill-(2x8gb)-4000mhz-ripjaws-v-ram-kit-pn-f4-4000c18d-16gvk?s=0&gclid=CjwKCAjwrKr8BRB_EiwA7eFapmD6yOjbcbX8TQGfgqejbSJDJCejTH3NJ07Yp9nFoaVrTNcIQr4sJxoCMZQQAvD_BwE

                • @Dienk: That kit is 4000 18-22-22 which is probably DJR. It could probably do 16-20-20/16-21-21 at 1.45v (not sure how tight tRCD and tRP can go on DJR, but on CJR you typically need 21 at 4000MHz).

                  B-die on the other hand can easily do 16-16-16 and with ~280 tRFC. DJR can only do ~480 tRFC.

  • This deal is for enthusiasts, just like those deals on 3080/3090, if you're not interested, move on. I run these on Ryzen 7 3700x MSI B550i @3800 16-15-15-32(-43-260) Mine is 32Gb kit 2x16 tho, 2x8 single rank should be better.

    • yep. if you dont know what you're looking at, move on, it aint for you

      • Tell me more. You can get a 4000mhz memory for $30 less and don't need to worry with OC.

        What is the point of this deal?


        • The procedure you'd undertake to try and get this ram working would be similar to you trying to overclock the one in this post - or at least it would be kinda unlikely for you to be able to just stick it in there and get it running at 4000mhz.

          The point of this B-die in comparison to the Ripjaws V 4000mhz (if I remember correctly being Hynix DJR [I have one behind me]) is that you'll get better sub-timings, possibly even timings (might be able to push it at CL16 instead of CL18 like the one you posted) with the B-die. DJR is capable, but you'll probably have to push more voltage and sacrifice a bit here and there. If it's CJR then you're in even worst luck. Either way, the point stands that if you don't care about perfecting your timings and seeing how high you can go then yeah, the one you've linked is probably already good enough for 4000mhz, but you're not going to have much room to go to afterward unlike B-die and Rev E which can be suited for higher speeds while not sacrificing timings/stability.

          (Oh, be wary for the bin used as well…a crap B-die will not outperform the DJR you've linked, but I'm pretty sure the flare kit here is good…then again, for it to run at 3200mhz even at CL14 wasn't exactly an amazing accomplishment for B).

  • I'm already using this RAM in my build with a Ryzen 1700 and an ASRock AB350m.
    Wondering whether it'd be a good idea to grab another two sticks now and have 4x8gb for the sake of my eventual upgrade to Ryzen 5000 CPU/mobo in a while. Would I (profanity) up any overclocking potential by attempting to run four sticks of this?

    • Idk about 5xxx, but due to the way ryzen works 2 sticks are better than 4 , so keep that in mind.

      • Io and memory are confirmed to be the same on zen 3 as zen 2 so expect the same preference for 2 sticks.

  • I have both micron e and b die to try with new ryzen eventually
    As others have said not for the everyday user

  • Found this
    "G.SKILL Flare X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) AMD X370 Memory Model F4-3200C14D-16GFX"

    For $162.91 and available for free shipping with Amazon Prime.

    But apparently there is only 3 left in stock (not new post worthy).


  • Hitting 4000 is hit or miss depends on different factors.

    Samsung B Die IC is inconsistent AF, manufacturers cherry pick B-Die really hard.

    a small amount of B Die have poor frequency response, and some have strong temperature sensitivity. ——- although 3200c14 is tight, but the required operating condition is very wide. Temperature won't be too bad with 3200 frequency ONLY and 1.35v anyway, and 3200 frequency is just not fast… so as for 3200c14, manufacturers don't need to cherry pick a chip that care about temperature as much, as well as good at frequency.

    keep in mind with buying 28GB ram, you will end up get 16 Samsung B Die IC in total, if 1 out of 16 chip don't accomplish your desired result, then that's it.

    • long story short — if you want to reach 4000 ish frequency, you should either buy a slightly better Samsung B-Die bin, or go with CJR/RevE which is far more consistent.

  • Great RAM, but for enthusiasts. Even if you plan to overclock your RAM, the Crucial kits are cheaper and can hit the speeds you want. This kit is for those who want tight timings in addition to high speeds and are not afraid of giving it some juice and tweaking the timings individually. So probably not for the majority of people.

  • any recommendations for a good 2x16gb kit for oc'ing up to 4000mhz with decent timings like cl17/cl18?

    • As people have stated here Crucial may be more your style only because they're generally always safe either being Rev E's or Rev B's (Micron).

      I'd say look around at stores you like for affordable prices around the 3600 CL16 mark. Take that ram and search for it online (you may even need to find a code number or whatnot). If the timings are something like 16-16-16-36 then you're looking at B-die, in which case I'd say look further online to check it's not a trash bin.

      Otherwise, if you see Hynix CJR know that it can get to 4000 (just…and most of the time), but not very stable and eh timings. If it's DJR, you'll probably be fine at decent timings. If it's Rev E, well because you're at 4000 it's even better (though I think people still debate Rev E vs DJR at lower timings). After that well, idk maybe I missed one but you're probably not in luck as older ones like MJR and what not are bleh.

      So maybe https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B083VN3CP1 could suit your needs. Somewhat still affordable, Micron E should get you there and…well…eh I'm just not sure what else is reasonably priced at the moment. The moment a chip is B-die the prices are just stupid.