TP-Link Deco M5 3 Pack $260.68 @ Bunnings


Not the lowest price we ever had but still lower than the recent Bunnings deal. They're currently on for $260.68 at Bunnings and widely in stock. Went to Officeworks next door and easily got the 5% off on the price match which brought the price down to $247.64 which is pretty good for a walk in and pickup option with nationwide availability.

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  • Thanks OP, just an fyi you can’t put price match price a headline price. I see it’s already been reported.

  • These any good?

    If I have Ethernet ports around the house can these connect into them rather then be connected to each other wirelessly?

    • These are very good.

      I’ve got them spread throughout the house and have devices plugged into them eg the node in the living room has my TV and PS4 plugged in. It has made the Playstore and Smart features of my TV quicker and more stable. I originally had them wirelessly connected but ethernet is much better.

      Hope this helps.

    • yes, i believe they only have a single wifi radio per frequency so if you use wifi backhaul then it splits the bandwidth.

      I have a 3 node pack with cabled backhaul, works extremely well one of the best covid purchases we have made given the odd working locations and heavy demand.

  • Bought it for $197 price match Shopping Express from last deal, still in the box.

  • Just a FYI but the latest update mean you can force it to use WPA2-PSK AES encryption only.

  • Bought in the previous TGGC deal for $188 in August and only arrived today. Not a pleasant experience but for the sake of good savings it’s ok.

  • Got my deco m5 3 set for 20% off on ebay plus last week. Paid $206 plus $10 cashback. I must say It's so good having stable internet connection throughout the house now. Easy set up, only issue is it needs a wall outlet to power each device which is a premium these days with the amount of power using devices in one's home with this technology age.