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Unlimited nbn Downloads 21mbps $49.90/ Month First 6 Months No Contract Fee or Setup Fee Then $59.90 Ongoing @Tangerine


Unlimited nbn downloads 21mbps $49.90/ Month First 6 Months
No Contract Fee or Setup Fee
Then $59.90 Ongoing @Tangerine
With 14 day risk free trial.

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Other discounted rates available for the first 6 months with Tangerine NBN plans:

Standard Speed plan (21 Typical Evening Speed)
$49.90/m for the first 6 months then goes up to $59.90/m

XL Speed Boosted plan (42 Typical Evening Speed)
$59.90/m for the first 6 months then goes up to $69.90/m

XXL Speed Boosted plan (83 Typical Evening Speed)
$74.90/m for the first 6 months then goes up to $89.90/m

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  • As much as I dislike telstra, I went with belong 30 for 55 p/m no 6 months rubbish.

    • Cool

      Some people said that Belong often don't throttle their speeds too much and it goes well higher than 30. Is that true?

      • Most people get shaped to 35Mbps, I have seen the odd report of people slipping through the net, but mine has been shaped at 35 for quite some time. My contract ends in December so I'll have to pay $60 a month after that without re-contracting. I'm happy to just pay the extra $5 and stay month to month. Their service is rock solid, customer service is shite but I haven't needed to have much to do with them.

        If your NBN connection at home isn't stable, avoid Belong. If you don't have ongoing issues with dropouts, they're a good choice for price and reliability.

      • I'm with Belong, shaped to 35 but sometimes see 40ish. No probs at all, I only notice the diff between it and real 50/20 when doing a big game update or something when I wish I had 100/20 for a day

      • Only signed up. Not active yet.

      • Mine started off with above 30 before the billing period, but after my first charge it has been constantly under 30 :( could go up to 46 on previous provider but just cbf churning anymore

    • Isn't it only for 12 months?

    • Wow belong is the worst 🙈

    • I'm also on Belong, and it's still $60 after the 6 months (well out of it by now), for 30 speed (HFC).
      Tangerine could be ok for 50 speed (first 6 months) but may not be much point changing?

  • I did a simple roll over from Exetel to Tangerine. I gave them 3 weeks prior notice and they managed to stuff it up leaving me with no NBN for 28 days. I have documentation proving they repeatedly lied to me. After about 21 days with no internet and calling Tangerine repeatedly I called Launtel. I spoke to an Aussie and he said they could have me working in 15 minutes to 4 hours. I said lets do it and 4 minutes later I was connected. I hope anyone signing up to Tangerine has a better experience than me.

    • What type of NBN do you have?

    • Launtel is awesome for support, I was with them earlier this year. Only left because Superloop were offering 6 weeks free for Victorians. Considering Tangerine.

      Wondering if they are doing same day porting at Tangerine as their site says 1-3 days and my GF is WFH, I wanna port from Superloop on this Saturday/Sunday.

  • I just joined tangerine XL. Took 5 minutes. All set.

  • I jumped in the first time they did this deal. really happy with the service. Can i do the 6 months again? haha!

  • +2 votes

    Are ISP's not mentioning Upload speeds any more? I assume this is 100/20, but I've just had a look and I can't seem to find exact details on it

    • My experience lately has been that most NBN plans are not asynchronous, meaning a 40mbps plan would be 40/40.
      Note that that only means a max of 40mbps, your line may not be able to support it, meaning you wont sync at that rate.

      Edit: actually yeah looks like their uploads are limited at 20mbps

      • Yeh I’ve been one of the lucky ones that has managed to get 100/40 sync rates on FTTN, and have had a 100/40 plan the whole time but I think there must have been some sort of change with ISP’s and NBNCo awhile back coz most the plans I see now is 100/20, or just don’t mention the uploads which is kind of annoying.

  • My experience with Tangerine thus far is lukewarm, I'm definitely leaving for Superloop after 6 months. It took them 3 business days to connect me to NBN50, whereas ABB took 20 mins. Speedwise i'm getting 20-30mbps, far from the 50mbps as promised.

    Edit: Don't really see how this is a deal, as it's always been $59.99 for NBN50 for the first 6 months.

  • i have telstra, 100/40 plan from when it first came out
    typical speed is 110/39. no drops, and speed is pritty much constant. even in the peak of covid when everyone kids/parents would be home. cant say this would be everyones experience. had a storm that killed the modem they sent out a replacement was here the next day. can agree they are c**ts to deal with, thankfully only had to deal with them 1 or 2 times

  • My time with Tangerine was less than lukewarm. I had a week of multiple dropouts on my HFC service for over a week and calling them everyday (waiting up to 60 mins for tech support) and every time they kept saying "we are investigating". swapped over to aussieBB and they have immediately arranged for an NBN tech to come out.

    Tangerine are fine if you need absolutely no tech support after signing up

    • I feel your pain. I have HFC too, and my NBN kept dropping out every few days per week like yours. TPG took bloody 3 weeks before sending out a NBN tech to relay out the wires. We had internet 5% of the time, and still had to pay for the entire month without a refund. So yeah TPG is terrible if you need tech support after signing up. I cancelled immediately after being with them for 5 years. Yuck.

      • To be fair, asking NBN to relay the wires is a NBN timeframe, no ISP can control NBN service standards, and have to continue to pay NBN connection costs etc whilst they wait as well. Unless of course you meant it took 3 weeks to make the appointment, then I withdraw my comment.

        • Yeah it was the latter. Basically me on the phone with tpg 2 times a week for 3 weeks, calling them up and asking them to reset the NBN from their end. It would then work for a day and then drop out the next. Took another week for the NBN tech to come out. Pretty much a month without internet and tpg outright refused to reduce the monthly charge. Mine was the HFC connection.

  • Changed to Tangerine in June, Easy process
    Similar speed as ABB and Kogan.
    Can't spot the difference except $10 cheaper :)

  • 21 Mbps?? I was getting 30 Mbps on Telstra cable back in 2005.

  • this is a shit provider, they have no control over their CVC which is over capacity, as they rely on their upstream provider Vocus/M2, and those mobs don't wanna spend money to buy more CVC capacity.

    I was on the phone with their oversea call centre monkeys for 2 weeks, none of them even understand what CVC is. No help at all, but then again this is common with all ISP these days.

    you get what you pay for I guess. Moved over to Aussiebroadband, local call centre, and useful website and app that you can use to monitor CVC and outages.

  • I have churned from MyRepublic, Kogan, Superloop to now Tangerine whenever there is a deal. My speed has been quiet constant between 55-60Mbps and ping under 10 regardless of provider. Rock solid connection FTTN. Can't complain since before NBN I was on ADSL with barely achieving 4Mbps on a good day!!

  • I signed up to Tangerine a few weeks ago (due to churn in another week), and there was nowhere to enter a referral code. I assumed it was because I was already getting the $10 off X 6 months promo.

  • Dreamerman,

    Out here in Glenorie, our maximum download speed is 500Kb (yes, Kilobytes!).

    Every 3 months they say the NBN will be installed in another 3 months but they keep extending the NBN installation date by another 3 months ad infinitum.

  • Lol ADSL2+ speeds

  • I cutover from ADSL to Tangerine NBN. No issues at all with speed or dropouts (unlike our TPG ADSL, TPG support was hard to get the right person 20 interactions at least before you get someone who know something useful). I have not had to deal with tangerine support as had no issues on my HFC. Worked as soon as NBN modem was up and running. Referral code for $25. Off can be used with the $10 off it’s just hard to see where you enter it. PM me if you need help on the referral.

  • Seems like it could be working already as i'm getting better speeds
    Ps. Is there a Tangerine App or anything? Not exactly necessary.

  • Slower now lol

  • Can anyone explain who Vocus is and why I'm getting 1-2Mbps.. pathetic

  • Can someone PM me there referral code please

  • Can someone PM me a referral code, not getting any luck from the random referral PM.

  • Can someone PM me their referral code please?

  • Internet works, support appears to be nonexistant.

    When I signed up with Tangerine, they offered 100/40 plans. The static IP included free of charge was a nice touch. I am confident that I'm still on this legacy plan because my invoice says my plan is called "z_Unlimited XXL - Evolve" (using z_ to shift things to the bottom of a list is pretty standard practice).

    In August, I was getting 100/40. In October, I noticed that I am only getting 100/20. There has been no price reduction and no correspondence from Tangerine regarding this. Their support do not reply to emails and do not read their WhatsApp. The only thing I ever receive from them is my invoices.

    I'm looking for alternative competitively priced providers.

  • My experience with signing up with Tangerine.

    4 Nov 2020 8.30 am - Tried to sign up online, but couldn't as was getting error 500 when making payment. Called to get the service connected as my previous service was already disconnected with ABB. Agent was also getting the same error so they processed manually. Already advised them that I have NBN box and Modem. They said 1-3 business days to get connected.

    4 Nov 2020 9 am - They called to confirm that payment has been processed and they will connect me soon.

    5 Nov 2020 10 am - Called the sales team and advised them that I still don't have the internet. They transferred to technical team and they again asked same questions about NBN box and modem. They said I should be connected in 1-2 business days.

    5 Nov 2020 10.30 am - Got an email from them that Your NBN service has been ordered

    5 Nov 2020 11 am - Called again to advise them that internet is still not working. After waiting for 55 minutes the agent was connected and they said they will raise a request with NBN to get me connected. They also updated my PPPoE settings.

    5 Nov 2020 3.30 PM - Got an email that TANGERINE: Your NBN Is Ready to Go!

    Connected to the internet and it was working fine. Speedtest shows 45/18, which is good IMO.

    Overall, not a great experience signing up. Hope I don't have any technical issues in the future.

  • Can someone PM me there referral code please

  • Can someone PM me a referral code please. About to sign up recently. Appreciate.