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Ozito PXC 18V Standard Charger $12, Angle Grinder Kit/Jigsaw with 3 Blades $29, Muti Function Tool $39 (Was $19-$59) @ Bunnings


Ozito PXC 18V Standard Charger $12 (Was$19)

Ozito 125 $29mm (5") Angle Grinder Kit $29 (Was$38.98)
Ozito 680W Pendulum Jigsaw With 3 Blades $29 (Was$44.98)
Ozito PXC 18V Compact Multi Function Tool - Skin Only $39 (Was$59)

Free C & C or in stores while stocks last.

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  • Anyone got feedback on the multi function tool? Looking to get one to cut through some thin steel…..home theatre amp.

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      Yeah those multifunction tools are virtually useless for cutting anything beyond soft woods.

      For around the same price you can get a sabre saw and the blades are <$10 for metals

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        A sabre saw is not the tool I'd be recommending to cut into a HT Amp!

        Dremel would be my suggestion.

        • Yeah use a Dremel or something precise

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          My bad I completely mentally skipped the amp part.

          Assumed he meant roofing or rebar.

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      Using it to cut MDF and chipboard for PowerPoints and conduit. Does that well but wouldn't expect further performance

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      No, but the angle grinder will do it, if you add a $2 cutting disc.

    • It might do it, just got to get the right blade.

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      I just bought the multifunction tool to use to cut through porcelain tile. As long as you get the right attachment should work fine. Get the tool-less one which is a little bit more. Came in very handy to adjust the attachment to different angles.

    • Ozito Multi tool is a solid tool. I have been using 3 of them commercially for a year now. They are still going strong. I had Bosch blue multi tool which I bought it $200 it it was on sale. I can say that they are quite comparable in terms of performance too. However, Ozito brand battery powered angle grinder and reciprocating saw are just rubbish. I can confidently say save some money by not buying them.

  • charger come with plug to socket?

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      Do you think the charger might come as a "Skin only" and you need to supply the power cable?

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      Yes it does. I just purchased two the other day

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        I bought 14 of them coz i'm a member of ozbargain !!

        • Is this the new eneloop?

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          Ha! Not so silly… I actually bought 14 of them last year when they were down at $10ea. I racked up five on each end of my tool trolley as seen here, here & here. Only a few dollars more than buying those battery holders. Works beautifully too.

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            @SteveAndBelle: You sir are a true ozbargainer. I salute you.

          • @SteveAndBelle: I am truly impressed!! Well done sir!!

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              @vinnycol: Not that impressive… but thanks ;) It was really just a solution to a problem and the reduced price of those standard chargers came at the perfect time. I have loads of batteries and I use them all frequently BUT not all at the same time so there was no point having a fast charger and a storage rack which is why I thought I'd try using the standard chargers as chargers and a storage rack combined. For my needs it works perfectly, is neat & tidy and all the batteries are just sitting there ready to pick off & replace whenever I need them.

              • @SteveAndBelle: Do you wall mount your chargers/now-battery-holders

                Have you thought about mount them upside down, so it’s a down-pull motion to take out a battery oppose to an up-pull which can be a bit awkward?

                Currently all my chargers sits on bench top and am desperate to find a better place to put those.

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                  @addrv: All my chargers are mounted on the ends of my mobile toolbox trolley as per the pics above so they'd mount on a wall in a similar fashion. The pull-up action to remove them is fine, not awkward at all however they are only at about 900-1000mm up off the floor so maybe that's why. I did think about mounting them upside down but quickly decided against that because although they do slide in tightly I'd hate for one to drop out due to vibrations or whatever.

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                    @SteveAndBelle: Thank you for sharing your insight.

                    Now I feel like getting few more chargers while discount is still on…

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                  @addrv: Yeh definitely go for the wall mount. I don't have as many as Steve but mine found a home on the pillar behind my bench, fits nicely next to the old downgraded Dyson.

                  With the angled design on the Ozito can vertical mount close to each other, unlike the comparatively bulky AEG that needs a whole battery worth of clearance above it.

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    The jigsaw plus foam massage pads beats the hell out of the commercial massage guns, and also beats the crap out of your body. My muscle assasinator of choice

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      Wow, didn't know this was a thing!

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        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • I prefer hooking mine up to the sabre saw! /s

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      Chuck Norris uses that for massage, without changing the jigsaw blade or using foam pads.

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        Chuck Norris needed to put on foam pads so that the jigsaw blade wouldn't get cut.

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      Before this was available I made my own drill a hole in a golf ball , jigsaw blade ground down and some epoxy .. Just make sure you dont make the mistake I did well two mistakes… I put the jigsaw blade in to a vice and grinded off all the teeth put it together looked great

      What I didn't notice is that I missed one tooth on the blade that the vice had covered !!! and that the safety guard was missing a clip (new jigsaw) … Guard came off when i was doing my shoulders and my thumb went inside and it took a big chunk out my thumb in the few strokes before I pulled it out.

      It worked great for the few days I used it before I done that though… glad someone flooded the market with proper ones now.

  • $5 extra for the Multi Function tool that isn't "compact" and comes with more attachments. Hoxton Park Bunnings had two when I went by yesterday

    • Link? Is it still Ozito PXC 18V?

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        Standard Bunnings took the product listing down. If you go into the toolshop there should be a ticket that the staff can locate stock for you at a local Bunnings, it is what I did "$45 ozito 18v multi tool".

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        Bunnings item number is 6290613, just call up and ask for the tool shop.

        Info: https://ozito.com.au/products/18v-multi-function-tool/

        • Thanks for the info @Fooah and @spaij. Can you tell me what is different about the non-compact one compared to the compact one? Thanks in advance.

          • @snapper: Take a look at this comment and the ones below, the non compact is a better deal in most people's opinion

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    Dont forget the PXC 18V 2.0ah battery for $25

    Got a charger and battery the other day.

    • this new deal seems like a better option now, if you can find stock

      • I know ^^^
        Too bad I've already opened my battery and charger (can't return).

        The 2.0ah battery is adequate for my needs, but $29 for a 2.5ah battery with charger and a grass trimmer ?

        Too good to pass !

        Now, just gotta wait for the 18V blower to be on clearance…

  • link?

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    Bugger, thought it was a cordless PXC grinder for $29…

  • Aldi’s jigsaw is 800W v Ozito @ 680W. Should I get the Aldi one?

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      800W seems a bit over the top, Ryobi and Makita are "only" 500 - 650W.

      Get it if you really need 120W of extra heat in your life.

      • Cheers. Bunnings it is. More likely to be better quality, maybe, marginally. Also easier to buy.

      • Depends on what you're cutting and for how long. A higher power rated saw is less likely to struggle with tougher materials and is less likely to overheat if you're chewing through boards all day.

        • If it actually has a higher output power motor, sure.
          But it's a lot cheaper to inflate the input power spec by using an inefficient motor that just generates more heat. Vacuum cleaners are notorious for this.

          • @abb: True. Marketing figures rather than actual figures. 😒

  • Any garden tool on special?

  • I also saw the larger battery Ozito multi-tool on sale for around $49. It must be on clearance as it's off their website now.

    • I think it's $45, but no stock anywhere in SA

  • If anyone needs a battery, this new deal seems like a great option

  • Price changed today, just as Vic stores are open to the general public.
    Sneaky move bunnings. Very sneaky