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Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit (Includes Charger and 2.5ah Battery) $29 @ Bunnings [One Per Customer]


Note: Price online has increased to $79, but is being sold for $29 in store

$29 for cordless whipper snipper , 2.5ah battery and fast charger.

I've paired this with the $159 ozito battery mower and $29 jet blower and couldn't be happier with the product (considering the price)
knocked over my 150sqm backyard and 100sqm front yard.

Looks like Bunnings is matching Aldi's mower and whipper snipper kit.

Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit with rotating head $129
https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-grass-trimmer-kit_p3381086 (2.0AH battery, rotating head)

Mod Update 23/10: Available online again for Click and Collect.

Mod 29/10: Prong's review

Update: 06-Nov-2020 Expired (Price increased back to RRP)

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  • +6

    Word of caution: please look up reviews and make your own judgement.

    Anyone else can vouch for the quality?

    • +12

      i have this one, the quality is Ok. the only issue is the Trimmer Blades included are made by plastic and you can break it easily.

      • +9

        And the cheap blades on ebay are even worse. anything that uses a line is much better, especially if you are stimming against a wall/fence/curb

        • yep, ebay cheapy blades don't fit these properly and will break quite easily

        • +51

          I designed a replacement head that can be 3D printed to allow use of wire. Doesn't have any automatic feed function but works a little better than the blades and cheaper to run. The motor is the problem though, really struggles with long grass though. Needs a flywheel which I might try modifying onto it.


          • +4

            @SwarleyAUS: damn, now I need to buy a 3D printer, anyone got one who can print out 3 of these for me as I bought 3 for inlaws and outlaws.

          • +1

            @SwarleyAUS: Hey what do you think of this instead?

            • +1

              @dealmaker: Yeah I saw that but I didn't trust that the clip wouldn't break. My design is easier to refill, don't need a whole bunch of clips printed & ready to go, just the wire.

          • +2

            @SwarleyAUS: I'm wanting to convert mine as well.. I saw Bunnings selling universal replacement heads that uses the wires / strips for other brands supposedly. Wondering if any of those might fit instead of printing something out?

          • @SwarleyAUS: DUDE! Nice work. What material do you suggest printing with??

            • @Naigrabzo: I've been testing with PLA, all I have at the moment, but should be fine. It's just a spinning hub.

          • @SwarleyAUS: Thanks for sharing this. Have printed and will give it a try when the supplied blades run out.

          • @SwarleyAUS: Hey. Thanks so much for sharing. A couple of comments on thingiverse said that your design didn't have a hole for the bolt to hold the hub on. Is that correct? If so, has the design been updated or is there a way to fix this? Drill?

            • @stuckster: The file is fine. I printed the exact file on thingverse. There are a few support pieces that you need to carefully remove though.

          • @SwarleyAUS: Can confirm that Swarley's replacement head fits well. Have yet to test it out but it attaches securely (very tight) and allows a smooth spin (with some leftover 1.5mm line I had at home).

            The file was printed using PETG without any modification to the STL file. If you print this out yourself you will have to remove some support pieces that appear 'stuck' but they do come out pretty easily.

            To fit the replacement head to the spindle on the trimmer, it's a very tight fit. It would probably pay to just take a file to the printed part and give it a quick once over. I instead just jammed it on and gave it some light taps with the hammer and it was fine. It was so tight it probably doesn't even need the retaining screw to be fitted.

            PM me if you'd like any further info

        • +2

          Line trimmers like Ryobi always get stuck i spend more time unwinding than doing the actual job

          Unless you know any reasonable trimmer less than $50 do the work with no chance of getting stuck

          • +2

            @neonlight: I had this problem and it got so bad I bought a broken one off Gumtree so i could swap them over.

            was told a little trick that my mate told me a while back spray a crap load of WD40 on the spool after you have got it in, have had to rewind it still but probably 20% of the time I was having to.

            • +5

              @HFB: Why does everyone use WD40 as a lubricant?

              • +2

                @timps: I think it's the whole "penetrates/releases rusted or seized nuts/bolts/screws" that gives people the impression that it's a lubricant, by combining it with the logic path 'something which is stuck or unable to be penetrated easily, can be slicked up with some lube and able to move freely'.

                Therefore stuck=wd40, stuck=lube SO 'wd40(must)=lube?'

                At least that's my reasoning for falling for the same thing for the first 3-plus-change, decades of my life anyway!

              • @timps: Very true. I used to until I was told it has tiny hard fragments in it which will increase chance of stuff catching on it once it dries. Now I just use a fish oil spray.

      • but is it possible to upgarde the blade?

      • +2

        Can you replace the entire head with an aftermarket line / speed feed spool one?

      • -1

        Oh god, why does it have cheap plastic blades, it's clearly going to break. Whipper Snippers need cables for easy adjustment :O

      • -1

        Had this exact issue, made the error of buying this and just having to invest in a better quality one anyway since even at this price its not worth it when u have to buy 1 every 2 years… not to mention I can't justify adding to the landfills for no reason

        • If you are in Sydney. I am happy to buy yours if you don’t want it. Pm me.

          • -1

            @bashar20: Ozito's in the landfill, got a Ryobi and love it!

            • +1

              @ozilicious: Isn't that precisely what you said you couldn't justify doing?

    • +10

      For $29 with battery+charger - worth the experiment, even if buyer is cheaping out. Doesn't Bunnings is a return policy if you don't like the product?

      • -3

        Bunnings doesn't have a returns policy if you simply don’t like it! Please please please do your research and make sure that the item fits your requirements.

        • +16

          Change of mind returns/exchanges
          We are pleased to offer change of mind returns or exchanges.


          Looks like they do to me?

          Edit: although must be in a resalable condition

          • @kcbworth: Change of mind returns:
            "All returned goods must be unused, in original packaging and in saleable condition."

            Though, they are probably more relaxed about it in practice as many here have returned used items.

          • +1

            @kcbworth: Exactly it has to be in as new condition. If you’ve used it once, it’s not faulty but you don’t want it, Bunnings shouldn’t have to return it. If you abuse us you usually get your way but that’s incredibly sad.

            Many customers buy products against our advice and then wish to return them because they didn’t do the job. We knew it wouldn’t! We told you it wouldn’t.


        • +2

          I have returned things before I did not like in original packaging before. No issues

        • +15

          Why so many upvotes for a false statement??

          Bunnings does accept change of mind. Of course it has to be in a resellable condition which is totally in line with common sense

        • +1

          They do. I have returned a couple of things including LED Globe and a Tool kit (unopened and sealed).

        • This is NOT true.

        • +3

          I saw a guy at the bunnings returns area once trying to return a mop that had "never been used"… The clerk questioned the guy when she touched it and the mop was wet… she still accepted the return lol

          • +2

            @splurgi: You can return plants to bunnings even if they dont exist anymore https://7news.com.au/business/bunnings/not-a-green-thumb-ret...

            • @kcbworth: Yes I was behind a lady a few years back returning a dead plant somewhere close to the 12 month mark. The customer service lady was saying yes it is our policy but you can't keep doing this I'm afraid, you have a responsibility to look after the plants too.
              I was shocked they had this policy and that people obviously take them up on it

      • +1

        I'm sure if the product is not fit for purpose and breaks, then that should count, amirite?

        • So what you are saying is if I buy a line trimmer and the line keeps breaking then I should be able to return it back, not just to Bunnings but any shop that I got the trimmer from?

          • +1

            @craving: Under the ACL, very literally yes.

        • @RocketSwitch yes… However chewing through a consumable item because you went too hard against the fence/brick/footpath isn't considered breaking, and (loosely) if you were "doing edges" then it's fit-for-purpose.

          @craving not quite… If you buy line trimmer just for slashing tall grass, and your line continues to break whilst the manufacturer/packaging/sales staff claims/told you/led you to believe it would do so without breaking line, then yes…

          It is my understanding of the ACL (not from a legal education standpoint, but my interpretation having had to deal with some serious claims made against the ACL during my employment), that returning this line trimmer because the plastic cutting tines keep breaking doesn't fall under this claim because they'd be considered a consumable item, and are expected to break through normal use (and for this very reason probably state something to similar effect in the product documentation).

          • +1

            @nashak: Expected to break through normal use, however, there's an expectation it would last for some time. Life expectancy should be decent enough.

            My Black+Decker one is plastic, hasn't broken yet in 3 years of monthly use.

      • +2

        Of course, if it is not fit for purpose and doesn't perform as expected then according to ACL, you should get a replacement or refund.

        Even if it is in used condition.

    • Second the cheap quality of the blade, if you so much as hit something hard it can quite quickly damage the plastic blade

    • I have it but don't really use it. It's alright but can't handle anything too thick or strong. Good for quick lawn manicures but you'll need something better if you want to do some real weed wacking.

    • +2

      My neighbour loaned me his, and this is like the Cheap printer but expensive print consumables.

      They will get you on the blades.

    • +20

      To 'test' the quality I tried trimming a bunch of stuff that shouldn't be trimmed. And a few things that should.

      I recorded the shenanigans.

      I found it pretty hard to break the blades.

      • +1

        Gold mate!

        • +1

          Thanks, I love an excuse to make a stupid video!

      • +3

        lol using 'free range' eggs. Classy!

        On a serious note, goes to show people who say blades break all the time obviously can't use a trimmer!

        • Those eggs had been hiding in the back of my fridge from before Covid! Still smelt fine…

          The blades would only 'break' (not sure if they broke or just came off, as they flung away and I could not find them) when they got caught and dug into something. Pretty much if you try and be somewhat accurate with the edge then they hold up fine.

          The bit where I hold it against the brick actually went for a lot longer, but it was very boring so I just left the end.

          Just because why not, I also bought a pack of the cheapest replacement blades out of China I could find (50 for $5.55 delivered via Aliexpress) so will do a comparison in a month or two when they arrive.

      • Awesome

  • +7

    For a small home owner wanting to trim some edges it'll do the job but don't expect to be cutting anything higher than a couple inches.

  • +55

    Last week, the Ozito PXC 18V 2.0ah Lithium-Ion Battery $25 deal got 95 upvotes.
    For $4 more, this deal gets you a 2.5ah battery and fast charger plus bonus grass trimmer.

    • +8

      I only done this for those sweet, sweet upvotes. Lol

      • Youre rolling in the deep with them now!

    • +1

      Yeah that wasn't upvote worthy, people just upvote products they like or use it as a bookmark

    • +1

      yeah and I was a fool buying the other one. 0.5ah less than this deal and only $4 cheaper. Makes the other deal a bad deal

  • Hey Sapper50,

    How do you find the Makita? I saw someone across the road using one the other day and it looked weak.

    I've got other Makita 18v tools, and love them, but compared with my petrol one I cannot believe how many times the guy needed to go over the one spot to get anywhere.


    • +4

      The Matika one out of the box is very weak as it comes with very thin rubbish whipper snipper line.

      I replaced with the cheapest ($4) 2.4mm line ( https://www.bunnings.com.au/saxon-15m-trimmer-line-2-4mm_p33... ) and it's a beast.
      I need to wear safety glasses now.

      I have used it with both a 3.0ah and a 5ah battery and does the job fine.

      The thicker line makes a HUGE difference.

      The whipper snipper it's is great. I abuse the crap out of it (like I do all my makita tools) and years later still runs fine.

      • Sorry Sapper50 which Whipper Snipper are you talking about? This one is a blade, not line one…


        • +1

          He's talking about the Makita 18v one he has, mentioned in his post


  • +4

    I have this, recently replaced with a proper line trimmer as it breaks too many blades. Works well enough and long enough if you are happy with buying a lot of blade replacements.

    • Do you bought a line trimmer unit or modify the head and replace it with line trimmer head?

      • +2

        I bought a new line trimmer (Worx). If you have a 3d printer you can apparently print a fitting that just holds a short piece of line.

    • +3

      I have had numerous Ozito cordless power tools and this is the only one that I regretted buying - for all the reasons already posted. The plastic blades don't like hitting hard surfaces, which makes it less than useful for trimming along fences, paths, garden beds lined with bricks/pavers etc. When you use it against hard surfaces the blades wear quickly and break easily or fly off, so you're constantly refitting dislodged blades or replacing them. So it might be cheap to buy but be prepared for the ongoing cost of the replacement blades, which you'll need plenty of. The trimmer itself is only good for light duty (no good for slashing), trimming grass/weeds not adjacent to hard surfaces. I ended up taking to recycle centre at local tip and bought the Ozito line trimmer. It's a lot more expensive but works great.

      The best value here is the battery and charger!

  • +4

    First time posting so please be nice.

    From: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:deal_posting_guidelin...

    Starting Etiquette
    New users shouldn't write I'm new, don't flame me etc.
    For first time posters, it's best to avoid telling the community that you are new and asking them to take it easy on you. The “L-plate icon” will be shown to indicate if this is your first post.

    Just post :) you are doing well (at this rate, you'll earn a "First Post Wonder" badge), no need to cotton wool. 👍 Feedback and Critique helps you post better next time :)

  • +10

    Seems like a cheap way to enter the Ozito PXC battery range with the included battery + charger.

  • +6

    Can I use this to cut my neighbour's grass?

    • +18

      Yes, it'll make his deck look bigger

      • +5

        That's what she said…

      • My neighbour's deck could use some love as well so while I'm there…

      • +1

        I had 20 people on my deck just the other day

    • +2

      if it cuts your grass, it'll cut your neighbours grass

    • I would never object to neighbours cutting my grass.

    • +2

      Depends on the type of grass and your relationship with your neighbour.

    • You could try but if the neighbour took advantage of the Ego deal you'll just embarrass yourself.

  • +2

    I mainly use the trimmer against my brick fence, would these plastic blades just break hitting against that?

    • +1

      yes. those blades are annoying and expensive.
      but if you have a small area its fine.

      • +2

        It's where they make the money. Like a printer cartridge.

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