This was posted 1 year 2 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit (Includes Charger and 2.5ah Battery) $29 @ Bunnings [One Per Customer]


Note: Price online has increased to $79, but is being sold for $29 in store

$29 for cordless whipper snipper , 2.5ah battery and fast charger.

I've paired this with the $159 ozito battery mower and $29 jet blower and couldn't be happier with the product (considering the price)
knocked over my 150sqm backyard and 100sqm front yard.

Looks like Bunnings is matching Aldi's mower and whipper snipper kit.

Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit with rotating head $129 (2.0AH battery, rotating head)

Mod Update 23/10: Available online again for Click and Collect.

Mod 29/10: Prong's review

Update: 06-Nov-2020 Expired (Price increased back to RRP)

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  • +1

    Just used this, for the first time. Excellent piece of kit

    They come with 10 spare plastic blades, I used three on my first outing.

    Highly recommended

    Long (1/2 meter grass) needed a few sweeps across and down it all went. Easy.

    Well done OP

    • Yes. And cut it when it is dry and light not wet and heavy.

  • As a first timer trimming my lawn, this was really easy and light to use. Took me ~20 minutes to trim a 15sqm area, just kept missing spots but that's on me. I didn't have to change the blade, maybe I was overly careful when using it. Contemplating whether to get an additional one because it's really worth the price. Has anyone tried using zip tie or cable tie as a replacement blade?

    • zip tie or cable tie

      I believe it should work. Will definitely try after all blades are gone.

      • +3

        If anyone is interested to know, I just tried trimming the grass with a cable tie and it works like a charm!

        • Cab you post a photo? Which cable tie did you use?

          • +2


            I also tried attaching the cable tie to the blunt red blade and it works well too. I’ll take a photo of it when I trim the backyard over the weekends.

            My neighbor and I are trying out different kind of attachments (wires,etc) to see which works.

  • Am I doing this right? I live in SA and it won't let me order it, even for delivery (there is no stock in any store apparently). I can put it in my cart, but from there the buttons are greyed out it says I "can't purchase it from this store" (even though I'm trying to have it delivered).

    • +1

      I think it gets delivered from your local store. So if no store at specific store, no delivery available. I guess they don't want to ship it from interstate etc due to costs

      • Thanks for that. Makes sense.

        • No stock at specific store.

          Stupid auto correct

  • +1

    Picked up 2 at Waurn Ponds still $29
    Display up front end near outdoor furniture plenty left.

  • +1

    Thanks heaps for the heads-up, OP!!

    Still 25+ left at Maroochydore - turn right and the pallet is on the other side of the checkouts. 1 per customer.

    Even the staff were suprised at the price for the KIT and one mentioned they were matching ALDI's similar deal…

  • Seems like all OOS in SA apart from Mt Gambier

  • +1

    I saw a comment suggesting that the Bosch blades for Ozito but are cheaper and better quality.
    I didn’t manage to find them for a decent price.

  • +9

    I grabbed one, and made a not a review video of trimming stuff that should not be trimmed. And a little bit of grass.

    Tool Testing Tool YouTube Link

    I struggled to get the blades to break without being stupid. Then I was stupid.

    IMO it's pretty good, especially for $29!

    I think this trimmer and I are going to have a long and happy life together.

    • +5

      Best video ever!

      • +1

        I worry that you think that, but thanks!

  • [one per customer]

    People been Brodening again?

    • on Thursday no limit but late Thursday that changed to one per transaction
      So lif u wanted more then one the store had to do them in seperate sales
      Probably because like I was told but Sunbury store someone orded 15 innone go

      • +1

        We should not be surprised if they show up in gumtree with Broden pricing :(

        Now we are seeing a few people with Amygdala hijack commenting as s/he missed out with cancelled orders.

  • -1

    My store (Goulburn) says they supposedly have none in stock and hence wanted to cancel my order I placed Thursday am. I disputed their claims and insisted that they were showing in stock all day Thursday and I don't accept this outcome on a 6.30pm call on a Friday. They then said the system said 24 in stock but none could be located so they wrote them off hence they wanted to cancel my online order. I was then given the option to wait and see if they somehow show up whilst being warned that if they are not located I will be refunded. Before I could say anything, she finished off by saying that since it's a promotional line, she can't order them in for me. Basically too bad, so sad.

    Not happy one bit! How do 24 of these go missing from a store?????? Why was my order from Thursday am being pursued further on a Friday evening? Hate to sound suspicious but could it be that the employees stashed them for themselves or already cleaned them up?????? Or they don't want to admit their 30+ hour delay getting to my order.

    Either way, I'm going to make a fuss of this with the head office and get to the bottom of this. This sounds really suss!

    • +1

      Might be worth checking again today. My local allegedly had none and then when I went there for something else yesterday, there was a whole pallet of them despite still showing out of stock online.

    • +4

      What's with the negs? Did I say something unreasonable?

      • +3

        No not at all.
        OzBargain is very large now, so a few random negs are more a reflection of the scale AND there are no consequences for negging people (no user name shows) so it could be someone you mildly offended two years ago or just someone being a tosser
        Just ignore it

      • +2

        More than likely, there are a fair few Bunnings employees on the site as well.

  • +2

    Anyone pick this up in Melbourne?

  • There were 12 left last night when I picked mine up from Bunnings Capalaba, QLD

  • +2

    blades last well along colourbond fence
    not as powerful as a whipper snipper but hood enough for thin grass

  • Mine got cancelled too, not once but twice across different stores but managed to get two of these from a third store about 20 kms away with a tiny bit of assistance from the call centre. This third store confirmed on phone that they had 14 in stock but would not take my order on phone, and the website said out of stock at store. The call centre then put in an order for me, which I could pay for by calling the store directly. Quite a mess but happy at the end.

  • Still showing $29 but apparently out of stock in my areas. I have one of these for many years and thought the $29 was a decent price for a spare battery alone. These are fantastic little units, Very light for those of us with back issues, easy to replace blades etc. I prefer these to fiddle line trimmers. Found I have got much better at not breaking blades and used only a single one last time I trimmed the garden. I use it around concrete paths which can be more brutal in breaking blades. Highly recommend. I also have a hedge trimmer and blower which are both very useful.

  • Great for short jobs that aren't against anything hard. When used against pergola concrete I destroyed the blade in about 30 seconds of use.

    Will be using sparingly.

  • Back in stock at Keperra. Was going to buy again for the blades, but can't see me using it much.

    Don't need another charger.

  • I tried mine out. This thing sucks a$$. Keeps digiing into the grass and stopping.

    Blades are small, so you have to do a few runs.

    Worth it just for the charger and battery.

  • +1

    Any other Ozito tools worth picking up now that I'm part of their ecosystem? The cordless drill looks pretty good for $40.

    • +1

      The Jet blower works pretty good but needs 2 batteries. It was skin only price of $29 recently and great value at that.

      I have the hedge trimmer, edger, and little chainsaw as well, all are good for my basic uses so far. Next i want their actual line trimmer but seems to never be on sale.

      • Thanks for the reply! I'll check them out. The blower/mulcher would actually be pretty handy.

        • +1

          The combined blower/mulcher is ok but not great. Its probably the only thing i regret buying. I have the cheaper corded version that was on sale recently. Its a bit tedious using to suck up leaves. The jet blower i mentioned before is way better as a blower. Im now inclined to use the jet blower to blast them rather than try n suck up/munch… but we'll see come autumn!!

  • +1

    We just bought a couple and was asked why by a puzzled customer.
    Said "for the batteries", mentioned the included 2.5AH batteries are $59.99 and charger $19.99.
    The curious customer was satisfied.
    They had about 8 on display when we picked up ours and only one left minutes later.

    • Reminds me of the 🧻 run earlier this year. 😲

  • -2

    I got a Certa badged version of this trimmer from Kogan (exactly the same unit, just diff name badge, I checked the specs) about 4 years ago in a kit with a leaf blower and a hedge trimmer. The leaf blower is great. The trimmer I'm sorry to say is absolute garbage. The trimmer blade attachments last about 3 minutes before they fail. Dont do it folks. It will be hard garbage real soon

    • +1

      It is about the charger and the battery. Nothing more.

    • +1

      Not sure what you're cutting with it. Been using it for years with no issues. Blades last me quite a few cuts.

    • The blades will last longer as you get more skilled. I got around my entire garden using only one last time, including concrete paths and 4 pavers! The hedge trimmer is my favourite garden tool. I have a spare battery so I feel quite fortunate. This deal was worth it for the spare battery alone, let alone the extra charger and blades.

  • +2

    Picked up one this morning from Bunnings Caringbah, NSW. Saw 2 remaining in the store. Anyone still keen to get one can purchase online with pickup from this store.


  • +1

    Nothing available left in Vic?

    • I think you are correct. When I first checked there were none available in 6 closest stores.

    • Geelong stores had heaps on Friday

      • +1

        They apparently have 17 in stock.

  • It seems this product is getting Ozbargained. Picked mine up yesterday at Bunnings Innaloo WA and there were about 10 more all lined up ready for collection at the click and collect section.

    - I have a small lawn and the trimmer seems to do the trick. It spins, it cuts….It's not junk but I was realistic in my expectations for a $29 product.

    I already have a Ozito drill and leaf blower and the main reason why I bought this was for the battery and charger which would normally cost $25. An extra $4 for the trimmer was a bonus.

    • +1

      Battery is normally more than $29 and quick charger is $29.

  • +3

    just replaced the blades with Nth metal/vibranium/mythril/chinesium alloy ones from aliexpress

    • +2

      Care to share link? How is the performance?

      • +5

        I use unobtainium blades.

      • +1

        Shithouse needs adamantium

  • +6

    I just got of the phone with the Victoria state support number for Bunnings. They said these stores have stock: Thomastown (maybe only 2), Mill Park, Geelong (about 17 in stock), and Port Melbourne are getting 12 more soon. When I called Thomastown and Mill Park, they didn't actually have any. Hope this helps.

    • Can’t see any in Vic

    • Well, hope that they will come back in stock in VIC soon!

  • Just picked one up from Toowoomba North. There are still 5 left. Let's hope the blades last.

  • +3

    Just picked up one in Metro Melbourne today - last one - Northland Store

    I asked the attendant if there was any left and he said long sold out.
    Found one last one on top shelf and used a step ladder to fetch it. Checked out @ $29

    • Congrats! Yeah, I called them and they said the same. Good on ya for looking.

  • Price is up to $79, and the Port Melbourne store told me the item is "Suspended".

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