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Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit (Includes Charger and 2.5ah Battery) $29 @ Bunnings [One Per Customer]


Note: Price online has increased to $79, but is being sold for $29 in store

$29 for cordless whipper snipper , 2.5ah battery and fast charger.

I've paired this with the $159 ozito battery mower and $29 jet blower and couldn't be happier with the product (considering the price)
knocked over my 150sqm backyard and 100sqm front yard.

Looks like Bunnings is matching Aldi's mower and whipper snipper kit.

Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit with rotating head $129
https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-grass-trimmer-kit_p3381086 (2.0AH battery, rotating head)

Mod Update 23/10: Available online again for Click and Collect.

Mod 29/10: Prong's review

Update: 06-Nov-2020 Expired (Price increased back to RRP)

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      • +1

        So it seems they have taken to using black batteries for 'promotional' versions.
        I wonder why they bother with this difference.

      • +1

        Once you go black, you never go back

  • +10

    I bought it this morning. picked it up at lunch. Assembled. Charged it. finished 300sq/m yard…. love it.

  • +1

    assuming they have stock later ill grab one, hate my corded whipper snipper and i need a new battery anyway

  • +4

    I grabbed one before lunch, quickly charged it and gave it a try.
    Love it, it's light and actually can cut buffalo grass quite ok.
    I managed to do a bit of edging against stepping stone and didn't break the blade.
    This will be very useful for someone with small yard or someone that need something light.

    • yeah exactly. The blades don't break, they just wear out. It also depends on the user's skill/accuracy. These things are great for the $$

    • Just what I wanted to hear. Got one this morning.

      Last Spring I sprayed all my grass in the back garden of my rented unit with Yates Buffalo weedkiller and killed it all off - no more grass to cut. Was feeling pleased until
      2 weeks later it started to turn into sileage…

  • Arghhh I purchased one from a Vic store over an hour ago only to be sent a text now that due to high demand there is no more in stock and a refund will be given to me. Not happy.

    • Sunbury bunnings has 18

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Ordered one.

  • Can we use this battery with Ozito 2400W 3 In 1 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher ?

    • +1

      2400w would imply it's corded, so no

  • Mine had something rattling inside as soon as I took it out of the box. First thing I did was remove the 5 screws and take off half the cover to remove what was a 1 inch piece of plastic sprue leftover. Wouldn't want it getting caught up in the motor spindle and forcing the terminals off the wires.

  • I bought this today (Balgowlah NSW). Gave it a quick whirl to see just how easily the blades broke. They didn't break with my testing. I have old railway sleepers holding in my garden beds and I was weed whacking against those. I think this will do the job just fine for my purposes. Don't think I could cut trim buffalo grass off the pathway too well with the blade though.

  • Guys, how long does the 2.5mah Battery run for? 30 minutes? 45 minutes?

    • Roughly 25-30. Depends on how many times you stop and start.

  • +1

    Purchased 2 of the $29 kits and they must have run out of stock so they replaced one with this kit:


    for no extra charge :o

    • +1

      2ah vs 2.5ah tho

    • +1

      You got scammed

      • -1

        Why? The whipper snipper is less likely to break isnt it?

        • +2

          Smaller battery & slow charger

        • -1

          They're almost identical aren't they? I dare say the differences in the product are purely cosmetic, as it's still exactly the same system everyone has reported badly about…

          Personally, I picked one up an old old one off hard rubbish purely to see for myself what it was like and I was really surprised by how good it performed… Would I buy one to actually use though - Only if I had a very small lawn to keep.

    • Asked my store to swap it and they said they aren't allowed to do it.

      Any chance you could post the bill please?

  • My click and collect order got cancelled as they ran out of stock. Anyone in Melbourne doesn't need this, pls pm.

    • Sunbury has 18 now I think

      • 60km from my place…

        • Your allowed to travel to your closest store that has stock

          • @Dex38313: Sunbury is out of stock as well.

            I doubt any left in Melbourne.

  • No stock at my store now and yet to receive a confirmation or a refund. Not looking good, ah well.

  • +2

    My order was cancelled. A bit annoyed and disappointed.

    • That sucks. :(

      I placed my order in the morning and no details on collection info yet. I suspect they can’t act fast enough to remove boxes from their shelves while tradesmen could still walk in and walk away with the available stock. Oh well - I’ll patiently wait to see what happens with my order.

  • +8

    Just went to get one from Bunnings in Bundy but sold out some big fat bastard had 6 in his trolley should be a store limit.

    • +1

      New toilet paper

      • Just cant work out why you would buy 6 how many whipper snippers does one need

        • +2

          Batteries and fast chargers are worth more than the tool itself.

          • @PissLUR: He's probably going to keep the batteries and chargers for all his power tools and sell off the line trimmers on gumtree.

  • Perhaps bunnings should implement purchase limits on heavily discounted items.

  • +2

    I think deal has expired as it initially shows as $29 but then as $79 after I go all the way to view the cart.

  • $29 in cart but goes to $79 on checkout page . Weird

    • +2

      yes $79 now and Limit of 1 item per customer

  • Limit of 1 item per customer

  • +1

    $79 now.

  • +2

    Ordered 10AM this morning and just got confirmation my order got cancelled (VIC). Bought the leaf blower skin too but now have no batteries to go with it…

    • try carrum downs VIC store if that is close to you. thats has stock.

    • Same here. Mine just got cancelled as well. Purchased in the morning

  • use one every few weeks for edging and trimming near walls and does the job.

  • Pos, their 36v line trimmer much better quality imho

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got one from Bunnings Rockdale, Sydney. There are probably 4 left not in the aisle. Asked the staff because I can't find them.

    Tested to trim the edges of council strip around 11m long. Just enough to do the job. Nothing fancy.

  • There's a stack of these at the Rothwell store in Queensland.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got two in Cairns. Will collect romorrow.

  • Seems it's back to 79 now

  • +1

    Grabbed the last one from Ellenbrook WA. Thank you very much!

  • +1

    Just went to Bunnings Balcatta WA and they still had about 5 in store. Lady got some down from the top shelf for me and scanned and still came up as $29.

  • +2

    Ordered mine first thing this morning for click and collect and just got a message cancelling my order due to stock levels.

    If there were no longer any at the store, I would have happily opted for delivery or pick up from a different store…but price has changed now.

  • Got confirmation, order is ready for collect. Ordered around 3.00 pm, guess lucky, local store got the stock.

  • NSW Crossroads Bunnings, their system shows 16 in stock but staff claims to have sold out.

  • Still heaps in stock at Virginia, QLD. Price stickers still up for $29 and scans at $29

  • Got 1x ready to collect at Innaloo, WA

  • +1

    Went to pick mine up and the guy in the car beside me was picking up two of them.
    Can only imagine how many were picked up today there.
    Thanks OP!

    • One for the front lawn, one for the back lawn..
      for $29 you wouldnt expect much more life out of them.


  • +17

    Thanks everyone!
    I'm super chuffed getting 500+ votes for my first post.

    I pick up the 18v mower for $159, the whipper snipper for $29 and the jet blower for $29 today and I'm so happy with them I'm gonna sell my Makita stuff and swap over to ozito tools. (I'm no trady just a home handyman)

    the blower is probably the best performing out of the lot and I enjoyed using it. it really does a much better job than my Makita workshop blower or my 240v Homelite.

    the whipper snipper is no slouch either.
    I didn't have any issue with the red blades breaking or with putting any of them together.

    The mower isn't a beast by any means.
    my grass is pretty tall though as I've neglected it since my petrol mower died.

    Time will tell what battery life is like in years to come.

    • +1

      Price is back to $29 online

      • Yep, but no stock haha
        Was thinking to get a second and the blower. RIP

  • Anybody have the box dimensions?
    Length width depth?

    • Package Dimensions available at the website

      Width 165mm
      Height 130mm
      Length 940mm

      • Champion! Thank you VERY much!
        It must be 130cms, of course

        • 0.94 m if you carry it vertically.

  • The order got cancelled. Bunnings 😑😑😑😑

  • +3

    Bought 2 today, planning on selling the skins to keep the batteries and chargers. But I thought, why not, let's give one of them a try to see how 'bad' they are. See how many blades I can snap.

    Well, I actually think its not a bad little bit of kit. Its super light. You know exactly where the blade is. The metal bracket stops you from smashing the blade into harder edges.

    Honestly, I ran around my 600sqm block with it to tidy up some stuff after I mowed 2 days ago and it was a breeze. I have a petrol 5 in 1 that I would usually use but its a pain to drag it out and get it all setup.

    Also, battery seems to be newer tech. The charge level indicator has newer LEDs and more closely resembles the ones on my Milwaukee tools. Charger is a quick charger as well.

    Thanks OP. Pretty stoked with this one.

    • How much would you sell the skin for.

      • i am planning on selling it for $10-$20, depend on how much people are willing to pay.

        It is a really light skin that was effortless to use.

        Wouldn't mind keep a second one incase the first one break as well.

  • +1

    I ordered in the morning:
    And got the pickup confirmation a few hours later which was handy as I already had another order ready to pick up. Looks like I got lucky before changed their mind on the deal!

    Threw it together just now so it's ready for a run tomorrow. Some random meaningless observations:
    - the battery doesn't have any rubber bumpers at all; the other 4Ah ones do even black box.
    - the compact charger has DC output level saying 20V 3Ah; the old fast charger 21V
    - the trimmer didn't extend as much as I thought, feels a bit short, ah well (that's what she said?)
    - I can see what people mean about cheapass plastic blades. Might struggle against those weed flower stems :P

  • +1

    Cheers OP i just got the Ozito Trimmer kit online C&C for $29 from Balcatta WA store all confirmed and ready to collect.Bloody great price for the battery and charger plus the bonus trimmer I'm stoked as

  • I ordered yesterday just after the deal was posted. This morning I received a refund with no explanation with no stock anywhere.
    I know deal got smashed but I would've thought ordering early would get you one.

  • +1

    I ordered yesterday at around 5pm, price was $29 when I added in cart but got charged $79 instead (my fault I guess, I should have checked again at the time of final payment).. Called their 1800 number to ask them why I got charged more (I was ready to cancel my order as no point in paying full price) and explained them what happened and friendly staff issued $50 paypal refund straight away.. Got email this morning saying my order is ready for collection… Thanks OP

  • +1

    Excellent find,OP! Ordered one for click and collect. Just when I needed it….

  • -2

    Unboxed it this morning and did a quick test.
    The kit feel like a toy for children.
    It has a single blade and very very short reach. Took me ages to do an edge about 4m long.
    Would have been very disappointed at RRP but happy to have banked a charger and battery at this price.

    • +3

      It took me 1 minute to do a 4m long edge. Unless 1 minute is ages for you or your grass is actually 4m long then you must be something wrong.

    • +1

      "short reach" !!??

      I'm 185cm and it would still be comfortable to use at a not-fully extended setting.

      Just checking your issue is after you've extended it? You know it extends, right? Loosen lower ring…

      • I'm 198cm and works perfect on full extension..

        Think the newb didn't extend. 0 iq

  • I ordered one yesterday morning. Just received an SMS telling me it's out of stock and I'll receive a refund in 1-5 days. Bugger.

  • Picked mine from Mcgraths Hills NSW today. Thanks OP

  • Got a refund. OOS whole of Sydney apparently.

  • Ordered one last night and received a message of no stock.

  • +2

    Expired now. But in future this is definitely worth it… Plus if you need the battery and charger, it's a no brainer.

    I own this grass trimmer, and use it to much success for cutting LIGHT DUTY places that the mower can't get to. It beats the pants off cutting it manually with shears or something…

    If you're looking for something to do heavy duty work with, i.e. thick, long grass, or up against concrete constantly, then look elsewhere, this isn't the tool.

    N.B. For those that have a 3D printer, you can just print unlimited blades. YMMV depending on the material/settings you print with: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3694661

    • Legend!

  • Picked up today. Have a petrol trimmer, but this will be handy for the smaller jobs and as a battery and charger for the hedger skin I also picked up.

  • +2

    mine cancelled as well… Thanks to Bunnings from all those in Victoria who could not get to a physical store
    I assume trade people stripped stores before click and collect orders went through

  • Thanks Joondalup. got 2 ready for collection.

    and Thanks OP.

  • Seems like the battery and the charger alone make this a good deal.! Ordering one.

  • Deal is still on with price $29

    • best to report.

      limit is 1.
      To support as many customers as possible there is a quantity limit per transaction on this item.

  • Just grabbed 2 from west Gosford. Still have about 20 left

  • +1

    Warnponds and north Geelong have a few pallet loads but strictly 1 per transaction so if u want more then one have to doo multiple transactions

  • Works fine. Just need to make sure you don't bash concrete or hard surfaces with the blade. Good for a small yard and front yard. For $29, great value.

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