55" Sony A8G OLED- 52 Days on Display at a Harvey Norman. $2500. Worth It?

I've been eyeing up a 65" Sony x9000h for $2000, but noticed in a few shops they have last year's Sony OLED for around the $2500 mark. Side by side, the OLED is stunning.

These are usually display model OLEDs, presumably on display for thousands of hours, so burn in is a big risk, and not worth it.

However, I asked a guy in Harvey Norman how long that particular one was there, and he showed me on his system it arrived in store 52 days ago, so roughly 600 hours on display max. I have no idea how legit this date is, but he did show me on the system. They would accept $2500, so $1000 less than the current A8H.

I'm fairly new to Australia and this will be the first big electronics purchase I'm making, so a bit concerned how the warranty would go. I've seen the Australian Consumer Law is supposed to protect me, but in the UK where I'm from most places include 5 year warranties for free on new TV's, not sure about display models.

Is it a good deal?

Curveball- Countdown Deals (whoever they are!) has 55" LG BX OLED for $2400. Never heard of them, they apparently have 2 stores in Melbourne, but the price seems way lower than anywhere else. The Sony, to my eyes, looks much nicer, but if they're legit it might be worth a price match.

All opinions welcome! Thanks!

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  • There were deals on the LG CX55 for the ball park sum. Not sure why you'd bother paying the same for a demo.

  • Also the A8H which is the newer model for only ~$152 more. Definitely worth it for brand new and latest model.

  • Damn, both of those are better options, it's a shame the LG one is gone.

    According to this list- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/437362 I'm not a union member so my only option of accessing Good Guys Commercial is paying $50 for G'day rewards, but I guess it's worth it for a brand new one.

    Thanks for the links!

    • If you did really want the A8H, PM me and I'm happy to put the order through Good Guys Commercial for you.

    • I just created a Sunsuper account. It didn't require anything particularly sensitive to create.

      • Thanks very much BeerCrisp. I just joined Sunsuper too so hopefully I'll be able to order it myself in a few days! If it doesn't work out, I'll send you a message.

        • Ok I've got Good Guys Commercial and I'm about to pull the trigger.

          @BeerCrisp I saw there's a button to request a Quote from them. Is that worth a shot to save a bit more or is that for bulk buying? Cheers

          • @BillybobBarmcake: It's a good question, you could also try calling their sales line and say you've got this price on commercial and ask if they can you do any better than that. Also if you're not in a rush, chatting to them around Black Friday (27/11) they're probably going to be more willing to shave more off the price.

            • @BeerCrisp: Tried both! The quote feature seemed to just auto generate an email with the same price, and calling them said they can't beat the price unless I've found it cheaper elsewhere. Worth a shot though!

              Thanks so much for your help though, I should be picking one up in a few days!

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