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LG CX 55 Inch OLED $2545.75 + Delivery or C&C at The Good Guys eBay


This is the cheapest I've seen the 55" CX OLED, considered the best option for next-gen consoles.

Metro delivery for me is $35 or click and collect for free.

Original Coupon Deal

Underlying $2995 price ends 14th October

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    in before it will be cheaper Black Friday comments.

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      These are well overdue for a price drop though. This is June pricing per LG's normal cycle, so as soon as stock levels rise, watch for this to crash through $2000.

      • +8

        Again, you must have missed the events of the year.

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          Shipping lines are in good shape, manufacturing of this model will have fully ramped by now, it's simply a question of demand dictating perceived scarcity at this point.

          But sure, I'm the daft one.

          US prices are even at $2300 equivalent, and their price elasticity is typically poorer than ours for LG OLEDs.

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            @jasswolf: $1,599.99US pricing from LG website on the OLED55CXPTA 55" CX = $2231.53 AU + 10% GST = $2462 - the price on this deal is pretty good!

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              @vid_ghost: We're comparing sales prices, which is USD $1500.

              If we're comparing regular prices, it's $2462 vs $2999, which is far worse.

    • Did these TV's drop during Black Friday last year?

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        These did not exist last year. The equivalent model C9 did drop. I think the best deals were about $1700 ish

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          Always wait till closer to end of year, I've picked up the C8 and C9 55 for $1700-1800 past two years. Will be getting a 55 CX end of year.

          • +7

            @crazycs: annual update on TV???

            • +2

              @HD9990: I've been in an unfortunate position where older TV's are breaking (either my family or my parents). So I just do a hand me down so I can get new toys :)

              • @crazycs: wonder if they sell TVs with accidental damage coverage like apple care

                • @HD9990: I don’t think you can do it through the eBay store, but through the website you are able to purchase “Device Protect” - accidental damage insurance. Otherwise check your contents insurance etc.

                  Obligatory note - Not financial advice, not advising you of your situation, not selling you this specifically over any other insurance, just making you aware.

                  • @slowey: Thanks mate, that's really helpful!!

              • +1

                @crazycs: Ah the silver lining👌

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    considered the best option for next-gen consoles.

    Apart from the whole 'image burn-in' thing… (speaking from experience).

    • Yep if you vary your content then it's a non issue, but if all you do is game with predominantly one game, then you will run into issues.

      • +25

        No . Our 55B7 OLED LG Tv had severe burn in after less than 2 years old. No games played on it , never paused , a burn in from the sunrise TV morning show. We are both in our mid 60s and just use the Tv for FTA, netflix, Prime ect. LG were great and replaced the screen although well out of warranty. The TV had various content shown on it however didn't like the 2 hours of sunrise in the morning. Im only saying this as Im now seeing comments that burn in does not occur ( often referring to ratings and other reviews), this is not at all our experience. In saying that a great TV for picture quality and would like a 65CX , however be aware burn in does occur ( at least in B7s). Definitely was not a "non issue"

        • Thanks for the feedback.

          Does anyone know if the newer OLEDs have improved in regards to avoiding burn in? I know they have a mode you can run that can reduce the chances of it happening.

          Or is it just an intrinsic characteristic of OLED TV's that they burn in?

          • +1

            @Circly: Basically don't get an OLED if you aren't prepared to look after it. If you are planning on running static sections such as HUDS in games or running FTA for long long periods of time, just get an LCD. LCD tv's also have issues with backlighting and local diming so it's really just pick your poison.
            I'm going on 10 months with no burn in on my C9 and I game a lot and watch loads of streaming. No FTA.

            • +16

              @onlinepred: Im not sure that watching FTA Tv for a couple of hours in the morning is "not looking after it". It is called a TV and was marketed as a premium set with a premium price. Sure dont pause items on the screen as this may not be smart. A TV should be able to do its job, that is in my opinion, just be a TV without having to worry about which TV shows you watch.

              • +3

                @ern123: Sorry I wasn't replying to your comment. I guess it's all about knowledge right? I mean buying a "sports" car doesn't mean it's actually a sports car. You have to do some research into it. I do agree to an extent though. Many people think throwing money at the most expensive TV is the end of it, but you do actually need to look into what you are buying.

                • +3

                  @onlinepred: No worries. I actually did a fair bit of research and seeing I was going to watch blue ray DVDs ,Netflix and other streaming services ( and had just had NBN FTTP at 100mbps ) i was looking forward to high quality picture. Also have a Plasma Kuro , so i was aware of potential issues, just surprised me how easily it occurred, the kuro never had burn in ( slight image retention at times, but that went away) .

                  • @ern123: Yea I went from my old plasma to OLED, and man what a huge upgrade. Looking forward to QD Tvs as I don't like babying my OLED.

              • +3

                @ern123: I also have a b7, and it gets plenty of multiple hours sessions of gaming and streaming and occasional fta mostly for football. No burn in yet.

                Though I don't have the panel brightness very high (except for playing hdr movies), which may have been a contributing factor for your TV, or you just got a dud.

          • +7

            @Circly: Newer OLEDs are a lot more resistant to burn-in. There have been three revisions of the OLED panel since the B7 including major changes made in 2018 and 2019 to reduce the likelihood of burn in.

        • Sounds like you got a dud? We had a B7 with minimal burn in that's nearly 3 years old now. Could be they are old and lack as many burn in software opimisations.

          • +1

            @onlinepred: I've got a C7. No burn-in at all, and I use it as both a PC monitor and TV, including lots of gaming.

        • +2

          Your B7 is over 3 years old. RTings are talking about the 9 and X.

          • @MagnamoniousRex: Bought my B7 on 26/12/17 . Promo at HN for $1938 then AMX had cashback of $100 per card.Split the bill onto my 2 cards so paid $ 1738 for LG55B7 in December 2017. Prices high now for the x models.

        • Agreed - my C8 pains me to look at now. Huge burn in from the Fox Sports logo, a game HUD and the whole middle of the screen has whack colours that I can't figure out what from. Very disappointing… please take heed!

          • +1

            @Hinee: You should never buy OLED if you like to watch channels with static logos for long periods. Everyone knows that

            • @CheapOjoe: I know that too. I just hope others learn from my mistake. I'm not fussed about the static images burned in - it's the whole center area that couldn't have been from anything in particular that kills me the most. Watching South Park last night and seeing the difference in skin colour of the characters is very stark.

          • +6

            @Hinee: Email LG. They were great with the minimum of fuss sent tech guys over and replaced the panel. In my experience they will change the panel over. At no charge.

            • @ern123: Thanks for the tip - I'll definitely give it a go.

              • +3

                @Hinee: i sent a niceish email saying that I was disappointed that this happened to their premium TV and the picture should last longer than 2 or so years.They got me to send in photos of the screen , gave me a case number and in no time sent 2 guys out to replace the panel. They unbolted the computer/brain bit on the back and put it on a brand new panel. been fine since,cross fingers

                • @ern123: Thanks man - have sent off my enquiry. Can I ask what the issue was they replaced your panel for?

                  • @Hinee: burn in from the sunrise channel 7 morning show. Could still the banner and cloud type thing along the bottom of the screen all day. Daughter would give me grief about getting a premium set that didnt last.

                    • @ern123: Awesome. I really appreciate letting me know - I absolutely assumed this was something I was going to have to live with but I'm truly praying LG come through with the goods. The thought never even crossed my mind to log a ticket, but if this actually comes off it will truly brighten my life haha.

                      • @Hinee: Yeah the B6 panels had an issue with the red pixels burning out, particularaly the 2016 models. I had a 55 B6 and it developed it

                        LG will replace the panels no questrions asked if you mention its a B6 panel and burnin, regardless of age.

                        The newer ones are much more resilient and less susceptible

                        • @jnewau: Do the B6 & C8 have the same panel?

                          • @Hinee: I don't know sorry. But try LG, they seem to acknowledge it's a flaw and fixed it very quickly with no dramas (unlike my 2 Samsungs I've had over the years)

                            • @jnewau: LG have confirmed that it's an image burn issue which isn't warranted but 'as an act of goodwill' will replace it. Bro without this post I would have been annoyed every single time I looked at what was my pride and joy. Thanks again!!!

        • Try switching to Karl

          • +3

            @xc: Cant my wife is pissed off at him

        • +1

          On the other hand I've been using a B8 for about 12 hours a day minimum for over a year mostly as a Windows monitor and have no burn in.

        • I have a 2015 variant 55EC930T with 8000 power-on hours. Used primarily as a TV (Free to air and Youtube) + some Switch gaming
          Still running really well! Reckon it might not be as bright as when originally purchased, but no burn in that I can see.

          • @lowey71: I have the same TV as you (55EC930T), bought it late 2014. Actually recently got HUD burn-in from my wife playing too much Overwatch lol. It's only visible on red screen so rarely notice, not that big a deal. I heard that the new models have a brighter red subpixel to combat this.

        • +3

          Watching Kochie and the sunrise team burns a hole in my brain if I watch it.

        • +4

          … however didn't like the 2 hours of sunrise in the morning

          it really is a smart TV

        • +1

          I think brightness would be a significant factor here. Burn is cumulative, it happens over time, usually, it should be thousands upon of hours but if a set of subpixels are on a very high brightness setting very often, then the subpixel will slowly die, distorting your TV's appearance.

          Manufacturers have different approaches to minimizing this, targeted dimming is a common technique when it detects a bright icon for too long, I believe Sony's OLEDs subtly shift the entire screen over a few pixels when it detects. Then there's all types of refreshing techniques which I have no clue of how they work.

          A lot of these techniques are relatively new, so what caused a b7 or b8 subpixel to burn out won't necessarily have the same effect on a b9 or bx- or at the very least it'll take significantly longer.

        • suitable punishment for watching that garbage 2 hours a day… but semi-seriously.. sorry to hear about that. must be annoying for you

    • +1

      How long does it take for a static image to produce a burn-in?

      • +7

        if it doesn't happen in the first 2-3 years it will happen in the next 4-7 years.. Burn in is the reason why Samsung didn't bother with OLED TV's

        LG OLED is dead come 2022 (EOL)….. its being replaced by LG with QNED technology ( Quantum dot Nanorod LED )

        Not organic so burn in will be almost non existent as well as much improved brightness and lifespan

        Samsung is also moving towards (QNED) Quantum Nano Emitting Diodes and their current Quantum dot - QD-OLED tech due out next year can be upgraded to QNED with ease.

        QD-OLED is also less prone to burn then OLED but with QNED it will almost be a non issue.

        TV's of the future all using QNED are going to be so good… i cant wait.

        • +1

          Thanks so much for the detailed reply. I might get one for my editing studio if there are big sales, but probably better to wait or look elsewhere.

        • +11

          Thats 2 years away and then you will pay the new technology tax.

          People still on plasmas from 2010 like me may as well jump on the OLED train now.

          • +7

            @Circly: Hard to beat the plasmas, loved my panasonic!

            • +3

              @Francis82: Yep still have my seven year-old Panasonic 65" plasma. Man it looked big in those days. Not so much now.

          • +2

            @Circly: It's at least 2 years away and in reality could be 10 before they're affordable.

          • +3

            @Circly: I also have my Pioneer Kuro 50inch in the other room. Dont discount the plasmas. I know that i have older eyes but at times almost prefer the kuro over my OLED.

            • @ern123: That was my most wanted TV back in the day. Best picture out of any TV around. I just couldn't afford it!

            • @ern123: Having gone from pana plasma to OLED is like night and day in my experience.

            • @ern123: My Pioneer Kuro is still going strong after 14 years. You can't fault Japanese manufacturing.

          • +4

            @Circly: Yesss I am still rocking a 42" panasonic plasma from 2008 - looking at an OLED but hard to justify when this 12 year old TV is still going strong!

            • @balders: rocking a….. 32" LCD here. Definitely looking at upgrading, size is just too small.

            • @balders: still have that one too. bought it for ~$1,800, 720p…still rocking

          • -1

            @Circly: QD-OLED is out next year.. thats not a long wait.

        • We'll probably still have the "X" tech still looks better than "Y" tech crowd when QNED hits. I just want it to be a solid solution for gaming since even generic LED TVs do a fairly solid job on video content that isn't filmed in pitch blackness.

        • +6

          QNED won't be affordable until 2030

          • @MagnamoniousRex: thats why QD-OLED is coming out first and is cheaper to make then OLED

          • @MagnamoniousRex: More like 2022. OLED only took one generation to become affordable. First gen LG OLED was $15K for 55" 1080p. I bought second gen the year after for $3k with same spec.

        • Yea, until then the best we have is OLED.

          • -1

            @onlinepred: QD-OLED will be the GO to TV in 2021 made by Hisense, TLC and Samsung VS LG and Sony using standard OLED that is more prone to burn in and not as bright as QD-OLED

            • @vid_ghost: Yea and until late 2021, OLED will be the go to. I would guess it will be the go to for a little while longer than that price wise too.
              It took nearly 3 years for OLED prices to become reasonable after release.

              Production for samsung was meant to start last year, it didn't… It now looks to be late 2021-2022

              • @onlinepred: QD-OLED is cheaper then LG OLED..

                TLC is making their own in house QD-OLED using inkjet printer tech and are on track to release cheaper then LG panels next year..

        • Ironically my first LCD monitor was a Samsung and IT got burn in…. :o

          These things improve over time with various strategies and panel control.

          I'm worried for my eyeballs if there's a brighter display than the C9 :o It's already painfully bright.

      • The image doesn't have to be all that static, it's the extreme contrast in the content it maintains a permanent hotspot arountd that area preventing pixel shifting and other software tricks from managing burn in.

        Could be annoying for other reasons but for thew newsie/daytime tv crowd, a cropping or selective dimming dimming feature that chops off or massively reduces the brightness of the hot spots could save a few headaches.

        In saying that my cousin's C7 has been heavily abused since day 1 and has yet to show any signs of trouble.

    • +1

      Have not had any burn in on my B8.

    • Panel variance I guess, I had a b6 which was the first oled and had some image retention sometimes but no burn in. It was used mainly for gaming and some times over 12 hour sessions on my day off.

      I have a B8 now and have never had any retention at all due to the cycles that the TV performs automatically on these models and up.

      • B6 wasn't the first OLED. That was 55EM9700 in 2013.

    • +1

      I believe the tech has come a long way, including minor pixel shifts to move static content

    • +2

      Burn in is certainly a thing, but a non-issue to most people where eg. both RTINGS and Digital Foundry still recommend the CX as the best overall gaming TV.

      My C7 is over 3 years old with no burn-in. Newer models have reduced the likelihood of permanent burn in. It still took a lot of effort for RTINGs to produce permanent burn-in when playing FIFA and COD on a C7, at 5000 hours of playing nothing else it was a non-issue.

      • this truly surprises me - I have the Overwatch HUD pretty clearly showing on my C8 and I didn't get close to that level of playtime.

    • +2

      For a real-world test of burn-in over thousands of hours have a read of this. Their conclusion:

      … we don't expect most people who watch varied content without static areas to experience burn-in issues with an OLED TV

      Edit: ah looks like someone already posted this. Ah well, I think it's worth repeating anyway, certainly better than a bunch of questionable and conflicting anecdotes.

  • anyone know if in-store vouchers can be added?

    • +2

      If you are referencing Good Guys vouchers no - this is an eBay deal.

      • bugger, no voucher stacking for me then.

        • +3

          Maybe go to a sales guys in-store and tell em to match the price online. Then stack?

        • Buy some 6-7% off ebay vouchers from classifieds

  • +3

    Is it worth the thousand dollar price difference though? I've seen the x9000h on display at JB and I didn't observe a "7.5 viewing angle". (Based on https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/lg-cx-vs-sony-x900h/...) It had the best viewing angle on floor. Granted LG was in a separate section. The staff member suggested that I should look at this tv, but I'm not commiting to either just yet as it's a big investment. I do like the CX for the base though. It appears that the tv would be a bit lower, which would help my neck out a bit as I'm currently looking up a tiny amount. The CX would mean I'm holding my neck at a better angle

    I'd be less fussed about the x9000h being a mistake as it's a lot cheaper. I think I just need a replacement tv for now, as I assume games won't be able to make the most of these tvs for a while, and better tvs will probably come out by then. My current tv has a black bar in the middle that's getting wider and wider. It's currently wide enough to cover half a letter on screen as a rough estimate. Surprisingly, not that annoying, but it's getting wider so I don't know how long it has before it dies. Not sure if that's something that can be fixed, or even worth it tbh

    • +1

      I had the same question. The 65" x9000h is cheaper than this by 200-300, could be even cheaper with JB gift cards etc. The TV is new and 2295 is the Sony Price as well. Waiting for some discount towards end of the year and hoping to get some OZB reviews of the TV by then. I am not a gamer and I don't watch too many 4k at the moment. I want a good value TV which has good features and also HDMI 2.1.

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