Sony 55" A8H 4K UHD Android OLED TV KD55A8H $2652 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Retails for $3495 at most other stores, also cheaper than the 55" LG CX and arguably better.

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The Good Guys Commercial


  • LG CX has HDMI 2.1 ports where as the Sony only has HDMI 2.0, so the LG CX is much better for next gen consoles.

    • What does HDMI2.1 give?

    • Very true, though for those not intending to get a next gen console this could be the better option. Slightly better for movies and HDR, also Android TV is said to be better on the Sony rather than LG WebOS.

      • Having had both, I prefer WebOS, it's so much faster and easier to use. I can hand it to my parents and they can use it unlike my sony. ALso this is the price we were paying for LG Oled 65" last year.

        • Yeah I guess it's just personal preference, I currently have WebOS. But having recently bought the X950G for my parents I definitely prefer Android TV, having the ability to sideload apps, download ad free apk's, Plex app is nicer on Android TV, etc.

          • @BeerCrisp: I'm so frigging tempted to buy it. Forget gaming, is the Sony the TV to go for?

            • @Orico: Sony is known to have one of the best PQ in the game, their image processing is usually better than LG. With that, you normally pay a higher price for Sony's, but going off the current CX pricing, you can actually get the Sony cheaper. So if 55" is the size you're after and you don't want to wait for a CX price drop, then I'd definitely jump on this.

              • @BeerCrisp: Thanks man. It's a really popular TV over in the US because of its price too.

              • @BeerCrisp: Thanks, buddy. I bought the TV and the motion is clear and colours are extremely bright and dynamic. The Android and Sony UI is also the best I have ever used since my old Samsung.

          • @BeerCrisp: Ah okay I just run a PI via hdmi so don't need to install potentially dodgy apps on my TV and have to rely on Android apps that mostly suck compared to the desktop equivalent. The remote alone for the LG is worth considering, pointer remotes are a life saver.

  • I paid like $2000 AUD for this TV in Los Angeles for my uncle. What a rort

    I bought it through Amazon US few months ago

    • Did you add GST and ACL?

      If your TV breaks in 4 years, will LG in the USA cover it?

      • True, i did pay california tax which is so expensive!

        LG in the USA cover it?

        Amazon allows me to return it before 1 year if there is a fault. They're very generous. Not sure what the LG or Sony warranty is.

  • How do you access Good Guys Commercial Division. I have someone in the house with a seniors card but their website is so useless that I can't even sign up with it.

  • Great deal - thanks op!

    I got all excited but then realised it was for a 55"…my budget is ~$2.5k but I'm after a 65"…it'll probably not happen for an OLED, but I really don't want to go with a QLED as only watch movies at night, and always make sure living room is pretty dark…can get my hands on a brand new Sony 65" A9G for under $3k…but it's last year's model…

    Appreciate any advice you good people may have ;-)

  • I signed up via ACTU member advantages and it says it's going to take up to 10 business days for Good Guys Commercial login details to be emailed to me. I called up Good Guys Commercial and the customer service guy didn't want to help me at all. Any way of getting instant access? I've wanted this TV for a while now and would hate to miss out!

    • I signed up a few months ago, it stated 10 business days upon applying … next day received a 'welcome to the GGC' - done within 24hrs.
      If you want it now, I've read on OZB of people noting that GG (in store) price matching GGC prices or see if HN will price match.

      • Happy to say that I received the GGC email half an hour ago. Purchased the TV, thanks :-)

        • 55" or 65"? … either way report back on your thoughts when you get the TV too.
          Considering the A8H or the CX to replace the 10yr old Panasonic Plasma at my end.

          • @supajuicy: 55". Yes they were the two I was tossing up between. It should be coming Wednesday, I will report back. There are two main reasons I chose it over the LG. Firstly, several reviews say it has better picture quality, the X1 Ultimate processor in the Sony is superb. Secondly, I prefer the remote and Google Play store offered with the Sony.
            All I could see LG had going for it over the Sony was the 120hz capability. Yes I am a gamer and getting a PS5, but picture quality during films/shows is my priority. By the time most games are at 4k 120hz (very few will be initially), there will be better options than the LG CX. I will likely go down the monitor route for gaming when that time comes.

            • @rockya13: Agree 100% with all of this, I think the only advantage of the LG is it gets pretty serious discounts, the Sony's don't tend to get as much of a discount.

            • @rockya13: how are you liking the A8H? Everything you wanted.

              • @supajuicy: Sorry for the late response. Yes it has lived up to my expectations! Excellent picture and really enjoy the layout of menus and sleek remote. 4K Youtube videos look great, also watched some Bladerunner 2049 4K, fantastic. :)

                • @rockya13: Great to hear and a bit jelly! Using the stand or wall mount? If/when I pull the trigger, thinking wall mounting as it would like great
                  … ahhh Bladerunner 2049 4K at abandoned Las Vegas scene would be amazing - scrap that, as a whole it would!

                  • @supajuicy: I'm using the stand. The layout of my viewing area means I couldn't wall mount in the center of the wall, otherwise I would have done it. I believe it depends on what suits your room. Yes it's a truly gorgeous film! Good luck hope you get what you want soon ;)