ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum 75,000 Qantas Bonus Points + $150 Back To Your Card (Annual fee $295)


ANZ Has just upped the bonus of the ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum from 50,000 to 75,000 bonus Qantas Points + $150 back to your card when you spend $2500 in the first 3 months from approval.

The annual fee of this card is $295 which is brought down to $145 for the first year when you factor in the $150 credit back to your card account.

More info available via Flight Hacks

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  • I got this one recently, a much better deal:

    this is 70K points for $100 Fee
    Spend 1500 per month for 3 months I think…

    • But this would need spending of 4500 in 3 months(since 1500 each month) compared to 2500 for 3 months for the ANZ which makes this a better deal I guess

      • spending is spending tbh
        Now when I think about it, I might get this ANZ on top of stGeorge tbh, I did not see 2500 in total. that's a good catch.

        But 100$ for 70K points, and 145$ for 75K points, I would go for 75K in $100… in my opinion. but yeah covering anything spent more than 1500 under this ANZ is easy 75K points more…

    • does it have balance transfer ?

  • In my experience over the last five years or so points redemptions for flights are impossible in school holidays. Hoping that changes when thereโ€™s a vaccine but people are wary…

  • I am more than happy for 60,000 points fee free 1st year…offer must have just expired :)

  • What is the point to have Qantas points nowadays? no international travel in near future

  • seems Westpac one is better? (for existing customer)
    That one is has first year annual fee waived
    and also comes with 75000 QFF points

    • Westpac is definitely better but when it comes to collecting points it's not just a one off thing for most people so it's worth posting as it's a decent second, third or fourth option.

  • I just got this card 2 months ago, free annual for first year, 75k for spending $3500 in first 3 months and 30k year after if you want to extend. I think the bank start charge annual as soon as government announced tax cut ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Have you received your points yet?

      • Yes I received my point with 2 months after spend over $3500.

        Usually took 3 months but I only start use 2 months since september
        DateStatement Date at which Qantas Points are credited to your account. See T&C's for more information. DescriptionAccrual Date shown is when your Qantas Points will count towards Points Club. See T&C's for more information. Qantas Points Status Credits

        On 19 Oct 2020 ANZ FREQUENT FLYER POINTS 16-OCT-2020 4,539
        Sat 17 Oct 2020 ANZ FREQUENT FLYER BONUS POINTS 16-OCT-2020 75,000
        Sun 11 Oct 2020 QANTAS HEALTH INSURANCE 11-OCT-2020 718
        Fri 18 Sep 2020 ANZ FREQUENT FLYER POINTS 17-SEP-2020 1,297

  • I got this card for my wife few months ago. ANZ stuffed up and gave 75K points twice so 150K points in total. Once I saw that got missus to cancel the card straight away just in case they come back with something in terms of charges.