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32% off Pegasus Blend Organic Fresh Roast Coffee 250g $13.43, 500g $18.67, 1kg $29.89 + Free Postage @ Airjo


New Deal!!

(There were a small number of delayed shipments to Vic last deal - Express Post highly recommended)

Deal for 24Hrs or when stock runs out - whichever comes first.

Use code AIRJO32 at Checkout
Code posted exclusively to OzBargain
32% Off Pegasus Blend Only
Roasted Today - 100% Organic Arabica
Free Shipping
Express Upgrades Available & Recommended

Deal = (250g for $13.43) (500g for $18.67) (1Kg for $29.89)

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  • Ordered one kilo. Twilight blend was good, hopefully this is too!

    • Thanks WARvault!! - If you liked Twilight, you will love this one.
      Please let us know how it goes for you.


      • Whatever the time was between the Twilight promo and this promo code was about two weeks too far apart. I had to buy interim coffee from Safeway…

  • How many cups of coffee does 1kg give approx?

    • Hey there chickendinner123 - depends entirely what you are doing with it.
      Can you tell me how you will brew it? Espresso? Plunger etc?
      Can then give you a rough idea which will then vary based on how you like your coffee :)


    • I make espresso and use ~16g per drink (which is a "double" shot) if that helps you.

    • Hi @chickendinner123, I brew espressos and lattes using between 18-20 grams of bean per coffee so that would give you approximately 50 cups.

  • Thanks, liked the twilight so will try this

  • Just bought - looking forward to trying! Thank you

  • Good price so giving it a go for a kg. Cheers!

  • Purchased through these guys a few times now, found the service and coffee exceptional. Highly recommend.

  • FK!! I just ordered 1kg of coffee from a different place. :(((((

  • Thanks Rep, grabbed a kg :)

  • Never heard of these guys but giving them a go. Looking forward to it.

  • Ordered 1kg to try

  • It’s a shame Auspost took over three weeks to deliver Sumatra from last deal.
    See I would have tried it already and known if I liked it better over Pegasus.

  • damn still have like 300g to get through on my end… wondering how fresh these will be by the time they get here…

    • Hey freestyle16 - fresh as they can be when we ship them - recommend the express post option if your up for it. This is the fastest delivery time we can get.
      Hope that helps.


  • When were these roasted? Last time I order they were a little stale. I'm local, so shipping was quick.

  • +2 votes

    Rep! Could you do a deal for the Party Pack (9 x 80g Sample Bags)? New to self making coffee world and would be keen to try different beans

  • Tried the Sumatra blend last time - how does this blend stack up against that? I’m particularly after making milk based coffees.

    • I'm no good at describing taste, but I generally have flat whites and had Sumatra, Twilight and Pegasus beans so far. They are all quite similar IMO, Twilight and Pegasus are both fantastic, but I felt that Sumatra had a very slight leading edge to be my favorite. I did buy another 1kg of this though, it's a great deal for premium coffee.

    • Couldn't say it better than bassiveguitar here. They are all similar and down the lighter roast end of our range - subtle flavour differences but all delicious.


  • Thanks. Bought 250g to try my first cold brew coffee. I like that the blend is sweet and mellow, just the way I like my coffee!

  • Thanks OP. Got 1kg to try and I hope it's good.

    $30 is my limit for 1kg coffee beans now if it's good. Been trying the $40 - $60 beans but justify that they taste 2x better. So had been on the $18/kg half price Vittoria/Lavazza beans as my go to.

    • DarkOz - you are in for a treat! You've done it now - there's no going back :)
      Genuinely interested in your comparison to the others you have tried.


  • Great coffee. Finished my Saratoga. Holding out for a Christmas present from OP. Maybe we can squeeze a few more beans out of you in the lead up to Christmas. Maybe 2kg is a condition? Could be the margin is tiny though (in which case I understand) A ozbargain Christmas pack could become an ongoing feature? A tradition. Just thinking out loud.

  • +1 again guys, made 5 batches of cold brew and it's smooth/delicious.

  • Thanks Dan, just ordered 500g, coffee is too nice not to take up this offer!

  • Are these ground? Recently bought the cold coffee brewer and completely new to this journey. Don't have grinder yet to grind myself.

  • whats expresso cold blend extra … i have no idea

    • Hey there rotsies - they are options for the coffee to be pre-ground for you depending on how you brew.
      If you have your own grinder you would just select whole beans - otherwise we can grind it for you.

      Hope that helps.
      Kind Regards

  • Got 1kg for my cold brew / chemex! First time buying a fresh roast one… hope I don't regret it!

    • No chance of regret grsbargain!! - you will be blown away by the difference fresh makes.
      Super keen to hear the results.

      Thanks so much.

      • Already got mine! Amazing delivery this was less than 24 hours. Any tips on how to store it after opening? I heard freezer is not that great

  • A friendly warning to those in VIC, I ordered some beans from a previous deal and it took over a month to reach me from QLD.

    This is obviously due to the Australia Post delays, but just be prepared to wait.

    • Thanks Lorindor - yes there have been a handful of extreme delays - we have added a discounted express post option to avoid this if people choose to use it. Sorry to hear that it was that bad for you.


  • Melbournite "flat-white" here too, and I had to wait quite some time for the Sumatra beans to reach me. Just a couple of weeks though.

    Just finished a cup and let me tell you something. Two-week delay but my coffee was superb!

  • There was no roast date the last time I got them, did my bag miss a tag or something?

    • Hey gdo - all deals through this site are roasted the date of the deal - no roast date on the label.
      Outside of deals on this site all orders are shipped 24-48 hours after roasting. Always fresh.

      Hope that helps

  • Hi mate,
    I forgot to add the code, and hence it reduced the full amount, sent you email about that. Can you please follow it?

    order number is #4310

  • How long can preground coffee stay good for once opened?

    • Hey there dajakal - you can maintain the magic for a week or two if you keep it away from oxygen and heat.
      Airtight container in a cool dark cupboard is the best. It will still be delicious after that at a slowly deteriorating rate however.

      Hope that helps.


  • I'm not a fan of the Pegasus blend (it's fine, just wasn't the one for me) but I am now a massive fan of Airjo coffee. Sumatra and Enterprise blend were my favourites so far. Delivery has been fast to Sydney. There are usually also other specials not listed on OzBargain that don't require codes.

    • Hey Morven thanks for the straight up feedback - great to hear you have found your favourite blends and so pleased we have anew fan!!


  • Thanks for the offer, this is great.

    I don't know is it the milk, the way I brew, or the coffee, I used to get lumpy curds from soy milk (Bonsoy) with some coffee, but not with this.

    Switched to another brand a couple of weeks ago, curds came back. So I'm fairly certain it is the coffee.

    • Hi browser - it could be the acidity in the various blends you have tried - I know exactly what you mean - So pleased you have found that this one works for you.

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice. Got myself the Enterprise blend. Just a suggestion to advertise the roast type in your webpage where it's easy to see before clicking on the individual coffees.. I hope that made sense

    • Makes complete sense Namad625 :)
      Appreciate all tips and feedback to make the experience (and coffee) as smooth as possible for you.

      Thanks so much.

  • I've just opened my last Saratoga bag, but ordered 1kg :)

    I know it's against the "coffee rules", but sometimes I buy more than I should and freeze the coffee, particularly during stage 4… I normally use air-tight containers, but not always… You can judge me… :(

  • Thank you again for posting this deal! I got the Sumatra beans last time and LOVED them. You guys are my new favourite roasters! Keep the deals coming, I'll buy them every time. Thanks again.

  • How long can I keep 1kg of ground coffee (for V60 and for Toddy)?

    • Hey there - as I mentioned above - you can maintain the magic for a week or two if you keep it away from oxygen and heat.
      Airtight container in a cool dark cupboard is the best. It will still be delicious after that at a slowly deteriorating rate however.

      Hope that helps.


      • Thanks for the reply. I've ordered 1kg. I guess it's a lot because I am trying to keep my cafeine intake lower these days… we'll see :)

        I'm looking forward to it.

  • Make sure to get express shipping especially if you're in Vic. It's been averaging 2-3 weeks currently for standard postage in general. AusPost is struggling

  • Whats so great about these coffee beans?

  • Do you suggest this for milky coffees? Thanks.

    • Definitely Naigrabzo - It's a great blend for both black and milk coffees, each of which will bring out different qualities from the blend. Delicious!


  • How long does it take for Express delivery to Sydney? I'm won't be home from Friday, any chance is can be delivered till Thursday?

    • Not a great time to be guessing these things unfortunately raspudala - Anything could happen in transit at the moment.
      Sorry I cant help with any certainty.


  • Great blend for espresso's. Ordered 2 bags. Ordering from VIC, I've received both my previous orders via Express within a few days which I'm happy with.

  • just placed my first order!

    • Woohooo!! Best order you've ever placed!! :)
      Haha - thanks so much for giving us a shot PK.
      Please let us know how it goes for you.