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OnePlus 8T from 8GB/128GB - US$549 (~A$870.58) Delivered @ OnePlus Official Store via AliExpress


OnePlus official store is doing a 2 day flash sale of Onplus8T. The 8GB+128GB model is $836.52 plus they have $50 USD store coupon bringing the total final price to $$870.58. including GST. I was looking at buying it but 8T does not have wireless charging. Spending close to $1000 and no wireless charging :-(

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  • It’s $ 720 in China, good phone though

  • Yes,, has there been wireless charging, I would have as well grabbed it. Happy with OnePlus 7pro at the moment

    • same here. i want wireless charging but seems not many chinese brands have this feature.

      • honestly wireless charging is good but once you realise how insanely slow it charges (unless the company has a specific fast charging wireless charger), it's pointless

        I got a wireless charger for my airpods Pro and it took so many hours to charge the case full. When i used the cable, it'll be done in 45 mins..

    • Wireless charging not great for battery life anyway. Wouldn't bother with it

  • Band 28?

    • Nope they used to always have the same bands on the China model but they stopped that on the 7t I think.

  • I'm trying to find the IN numbers on this store for the Oneplus 8 pro. Anyone know where they are?

  • no weather sealing is a bummer!!

    • Yeah that's a no no for me. So far I've dropped my LG G6 and Huawei P30 Pro into a bowl of ramen trying to take pictures of the food lol used my P30 Pro at an outside pool at the snow. Had it resting in the snow by the side of the pool and then we all used it in the pool too. Even used it under the water for the hell of it. That was last year's snow season. The phone is still working perfectly now. I also regularly clean it under running water rather than wiping it. So impressed by the quality.

  • Get an S20 FE and be done with it, honestly.

    • The 865 variant is more expensive and the screen peak brightness is quite dim. 600 nits vs 1000 nits.

      • $879 on Samsung Educational with $50 coupon. You gain better camera including zoom, IP 68, local warranty, faster delivery and guarantee of B28.

        Oh and it still has SD card slot.

  • my 5t still runs solid and……