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Roller Shade Driver Tuya Wi-Fi + RF Control DIY Roller Shutter Motor A$106 Shipped @ Zemismart

  • External wifi receiver, allow control by tuya APP
  • Built-in battery , one charing can work for about half of year
  • Voice Control: Simply say to raise and lower your blind. Tell Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT to control your Blind Engine.

  • Connected with tuya app : Motorize your own blind and control on your smart devices.

  • Easily install : Simply attach the Blind Engine to wall or window frame and link the blind cords. (Double-sided tape, screw and bead included)

Moble control: Raise and lower your blinds anytime and anywhere. It is possible to control multiple blinds simultaneously. Set schedule or location for automatic operations.

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  • Price is hard to see in the title.

  • Already discounted. Coupon saves about$10.
    Cheaper to get this from Bogan with free delivery atm: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-smarterhome-smart-blinds-...

    • don't think the Bogan one has built in battery…..that's a key differentiator, wires running around is a PITA

      • This having a built in battery is a big plus. Powered through wall is a deal breaker for me.

      • How long does the battery last?

        • Built-in battery , one charing can work for about half of year

          • @hermitcrab: if you open and close it once during this half a year?

          • @hermitcrab: A WiFi device that's always connected lasts 6 months?

            • @ash2000: RF on the blind engine side, I believe. Low power.

              • @houkin: OK, got it now…..
                Up to 6 months standby battery life if only using Rf controls….. The moment you plug that WiFi control module in, it will need to be charged weekly.

                Better off paying a bit more and getting the zigbee version.

                The devil is always in the detail.

                • @ash2000: The USB WiFi is plugged into a USB power socket (used as a RF controller), hence won't be sucking power from the battery powered blind engine. Maybe a little for when it transmit instructions to open/close.
                  Probably the annoyance would be 8 blinds = 8 usb wifi dongles. (each w it's own identifier)

                  • @houkin: Oh OK, cheers that's for that.

                    Being RF, I'm guessing only commands can be sent to the controller, the controller can't report information back to the cloud (ie if the blinds are open or closed, or any point in between).

  • Was going to order. Then realised that if the weather is forecast hot, I just leave the blinds down anyway.

  • Questions - Do all beads fit into the slots? Or do they vary in size and distance between each bead? Does metal beads affect the device?

    • I have one of the earlier versions of this. It came with three or four different drive wheels to accomodate different sized beads and cables. I assume this would be similar?

      • Oh, never thought about that but makes sens - thank you. I am interest in these but 2 major gripes, it isn't solar powered as it sits on the window frame and 2, price point is steep per unit - I have about 10 windows to sort out.

  • Put an order through and paid via PayPal. PayPal didn't transfer me back to your website. I am unsure if the order was processed. I was definitely charged and received a PayPal confirmation email but have no order email.
    OP can you please dm me so we can confirm if the order was received?

    • In my case, Paypal have me clicking to return to the Zemismart shopping cart page with a Continue button. Clicking puts you back to the Paypal site to confirm ANOTHER payment!