5x KN95 Masks 3M 9502+ $4.99 Delivered @ Outbax Camping via eBay


Forget about the 10 3-ply masks. The real gem of this combo are the 5 KN95 masks at $1 a pop.

Great price for proper protection.
Kogan sells a pack of 50 for $199.

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  • Great price for proper protection.

    Get your 🔥 suit on.

  • It's no $1

  • For $1 you could wear all 50 Disposable Masks at once. That's 150PLY

  • believe u can get kn95 masks at $1 a piece now at bunnings

    • Bunnings are not selling 3M 9502+ masks.
      Great Price!

      • Is this person? I don't see any proof like, I dunno, the box.

        Only FEMA is allowed to import 3M brand KN95 masks, if anyone else has them there is a very good chance they're fake.

        • If the Kn95 mask arrives and is not the 3M pictured, ebay claim it for refund.
          I don’t work for them or associated or have ordered so no, can’t be sure but there are checks and balances to hold sellers accountable for deceptive tactics.

          Edit: could be a reseller/promo (or fake agree!)

        • @Kayanar- Are you in the USA?

          • @Possumbly: Irrelevant. 3M are the owners of the brand and tightly control supply chains - because they don't want products intended for sale in China to be sold in Australia, or the US, etc. They've made agreements to allow their Asian products to be imported into the US for use by FEMA, but they have no agreements with any Australian government agency to allow their Asian products to be sold here.

            • @Kyanar: The link was irrelevant. The masks MIGHT be 3M bought domestically in China and onsold in places where regulations are slack, eg here. Could be black market but genuine. It's very difficult to know when you're dealing with particular countries. Early on China essentially controlled mask supply. They may have stockpiled and have now released some of the over-supply.

              • @Possumbly: No, the link wasn't irrelevant. 3M doesn't intend for their masks to be sold outside the market they were intended for except for very limited circumstances they negotiated with a government agency. Since the manufacturer doesn't export their products to Australia, and China doesn't allow export of PPE to anywhere without a special government approval, it's not possible to buy Chinese masks and send them to Australia.

                • @Kyanar: You might want to enquire how it is that Kogan can source genuine 3M masks of this spec. 3M doesn't control what the Chinese "govt" does - as was demonstrated very early on in this pandemic. Google will help. It isn't a question of the manufacturer (3M) controlling production or stock, it's what is done in the factory which produces their products: whose instructions the factory observes and what control - if any - they have actually exerted over small businesses and individuals onselling local stock. The answers to those questions appears to be: the CCP, and near enough to none.

                  • @Possumbly: Kogan claiming something is genuine doesn't make it so.

                    As to the rest of your statement, the Chinese Government forbids export of PPE (that includes these masks) outside China unless it's a whitelisted supplier to a country that's authorised the usage of them. As noted on the China Chamber of Commerce for Important and Export of Medicines and Health Products website, 3M Company (that's these) is only listed for export to the US under FDA EUA. Which suits 3M just fine, no doubt.

                    As a side note, that allows you to definitely prove it's a counterfeit, if it doesn't include a brochure saying "NOT FOR MEDICAL USE".

                    • @Kyanar: You suggesting Kogan's masks aren't genuine because it doesn't fit your narrative is far less credible. Just my opinion of course. They've been done by the ACCC previously, can't see them making false representations about this particular product myself.

                      You obviously haven't done the searching I suggested. Here's just a couple of many articles on the 3M situation: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/13/business/masks-china-coro... https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2020/04/26/china-has-...

                      The Chinese white list was established because untested, low-quality masks unfit for purpose were being exported from China and the importing countries expressed their dissatisfaction to the Chinese govt. Reading this might help explain what it is and isnt: https://www.twobirds.com/en/news/articles/2020/china/are-you.... From my reading the list doesn't specify where masks can be exported, just that they are certified fit to export by meeting standards for a region. The Chinese factory making masks for 3M obviously fits our requirement.

                      How Kogan and possibly Outbax Camping got hold of a supply of 3M branded masks is anyone's guess.

  • Good price, thanks op. 10x disposable + 5x Kn95 delivered for $5
    In Qld but should have some handy in case.

  • If they are 3M masks wouldn't they be N95 types ?

    • Yes and no. 3M does make KN95 masks in China. However 3M being an international company, they don't allow those to be sold outside the country they were intended for - they are temporarily allowing their Chinese products to be imported by FEMA to the US, but if they're being sold outside there then they could be, and probably are, counterfeit.

      • I hope they wouldn't be fakes.. too much effort to cancel for a $5er, and handy to have a few

    • N95 and KN95 are two different things.

  • Thanks OP

  • The description and the pictures in the listing make no mention of the KN95 masks. Scroll down and see for yourself.

  • The seller is also selling 10x the same KN95 masks for $70+

    Something odd going on.

    • Either price error or seller is trying to get better feedback (theory from the previous deal). For what it's worth, I ordered their 10 disposable masks for $1 and they sent it no probs.

  • literally google the mask, and will see the Masks 3M 9502 in the photo isnt the same as the real product

    • I tried Google, but maybe I didn't do it right. I didn't unearth conclusive evidence. The only difference other than a slightly different perspective is a green dot on the ones shown on the 3M website.

      I'd still be keen to find out for sure. If you have conclusive evidence, please share it.

      I don't like being duped. If the masks I receive are fake I'll not only give negative feedback on Ebay but would also go through the trouble of reporting them to the ACCC.

      • I've just messaged the seller to ask if they are genuine, update you all if he/she replies.

        I'll give it until Tuesday (27-OCT).

        If they don't reply then I'll be very suspect.

        • Here is the response I got from them today:

          "These are 3M 9502 legit masks. ​ We have ordered it based on the specs listed on the page."

          I am not sure if this makes me feel more confident about this - I don't see a lot of specs on the web page.
          Ausdave, let us know what they tell you as well.

        • I just received the masks - they look identical to the ones Kogan is selling (including the green logo). I won't try them for a few days, so can't comment on the fit. Getting anything from China has an element of risk, but I like my chances with these better than the Bunnings ones.

  • One review of the ebay seller was "The most Unbreathable surgical masks I’ve ever bought.".

  • Better to just get KN95 masks from Bunnings - https://www.bunnings.com.au/kn95-disposable-respirator-5pk-s...

  • Just my 2cents, why not just buy them locally even if they are way more expensive and not worry if they are fake or not because its far easier to deal with fake products at a physical store than it is to deal with someone who hides behind a user name and a 3rd party platform. also wouldn't you think it is better to keep the money in the country and help out your fellow Aussie.

    • If only it was that easy.

      I just checked the Bunnings website, no 3M product that meets those specs. Nothing.

      They stock some KN95 masks. KN95 means they come from China. The brand names are unknown to me. What are the odds Bunnings checked whether they are genuine or do they just trust information their supplier gave them? My bet is the latter.

      As to where the money goes: can you point me towards someone selling Australian made N95 or P2 masks to the public? If the masks are made in China anyway, and you're only worried about the retailer:
      Outbaxcamping - Owned and Operated in Australia since 2012

      • Outbax Camping - well known for selling inaccurately specced Chinese-made solar panels and lithium batteries.

  • I got my pack 'deliverd' today.. I've been home all day, and i couldn't find the package when it said delivered. Has this happened to anybody?

  • pretty pathetic postage.. its been entered into couriers please system with a tracking # but according to couriers please this item hasn't been received by them!!!!!!!!!! TOTALLY NEGGING! Tracking hasn't progressed from Info Received!!!!

  • Wow.. now that I reached out to them on eBay… They tell me they sent it already…

    30mins after.my message to them
    Couriers please notifies me that they have just picked up my package!!!!!

    Who is telling porkies????

    • I had similar issues with these - tracking number didn't show up for 5 days on their system. Once it showed up, however, I received the package the next day (today).

    • My tracking shows picked up on 23rd. Still waiting for delivery. No surprise here, anything going to WA takes ~2 weeks these days, no matter which courier.

    • It's Couriers Please. Check their reviews. I've had two VERY bad experiences with sellers using them (one driver didn't bother scanning the items and took them to a depot instead of delivering them; another left my Amazon package at a neighbour's down the road), and a couple trouble-free.

      • Guess it comes down to the local agent.
        Where I live the delivery speed is:
        DHL == Toll Express >> AusPost Express >> Toll Regular >> Couriers Please >> Auspost Regular >> Fastway
        Quality is ok with either of them (hardly any items ever go missing or get damaged).

  • Ordered these, the batch number comes up as this


    Will be requesting refund tomorrow

    • How did you get the batch number from Ebay sale?
      Also, the web site lists 9501 model, not 9502 - what makes you confident these are related?

    • That's a completely different model of valved mask in that link

  • It is on sticker in the package that shows the number

    LA 06-31-201001

    • Totally different product as Muppet10 has said.

    • Dont think that green sticker number is the batch code, its some sort of certification from what i found on google and will have that same number on all stickers (not that a sticker can't be faked of course)

      • I agree - looks like a valid safety certificate. The only thing that may be suspicious is the lack of 3M packaging, masks are just wrapped in a non marked plastic bag. I suppose the Ebay seller could have bought these in great volumes and then transfer them to their own plastic bags.

        • The Chinese govt stockpiled masks out of the 3M factory months ago. Could be from that stockpile or could be part of the 3M made-for-China (domestic) stock which is finding it's way to other countries due to local (ie Chinese) surpluses and over-commitment by local buyers - as we've seen here.

    • LA 06-31-201001 is a valid Chinese certification. Given the product is not suppose to be exported, that could be the reason 3M may have refused to confirm authenticity for the RAPEX alert.

      Apparently counterfeit 3M masks do exist. The ones I received, according to this Chinese website appears to be real, with the main distinguishing feature for the fake ones being poor quality printing, and that the real 3M ones have text with line artefacts at 45 degrees. (But I have no idea if that website is authentic…)

  • The package does not have the 3M KN95 masks - some other chinese brand. Return in progress..

  • The ones I received look exactly like the ones shown on the 3M website here.

    I ordered 2 lots, so got 10 of the KN95 masks. I see a total of 3 different batch numbers printed on them. Assuming those are batch numbers and not serial numbers supposed to be different for each individual mask.

    On the balance of the evidence I have I'd say: quite likely genuine. Grey import, sure, packed from a bulk shipment.

  • I received 3M 9502 exactly as advertised.