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Q Acoustics QB12 Subwoofer - $799 Delivered (RRP $1449; Last Sold $940) @ CHT Solutions


We're further discounting our remaining Q Acoustics QB12 Subwoofers to make way for some new brands. Price includes delivery.
Grab a deal as only available while remaining stock lasts.

  • Enclosure Type: Sealed
  • Enclosure Material: MDF
  • Drive Units: 12” (305mm) High-Excursion
  • Continuous Amplifier Power: 220W
  • Peak Amplifier Power: 440W
  • Frequency Range: 28Hz - 300Hz
  • Overall Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 446mm (H x W x D) without spikes
  • Weight: 18.5 kg
  • Mains Power: 100 V-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Input impedance: 13 kΩ
  • Input sensitivity (for full power at 50Hz, level set to maximum): 150 mV, (L=R), 300mV, (L only)
  • Input sensitivity for auto switch-on: 1.5 mV (L=R), 3 mV (L only)
  • Crossover frequency range: 70 Hz - 225 Hz (12dB/octave)

The Q B12 is the first in a new range of ultra powerful subwoofers. Designed to integrate and complement the award-winning Q Acoustics’ 3000i and Concept 5.1 speaker ranges, enabling ‘Plus’ packages of three existing home cinema packs.

The largest and most powerful subwoofer from Q Acoustics so far, with the amplifier’s proprietary PurePath Ultra-HD technology ensuring unwanted distortion is minimised across the board, resulting in a taut but forceful sound
The Q B12 boasts a long-throw 12-inch driver with high sensitivity and superb dynamics, powered by an ultra-low distortion 220W Texas Instruments TPA3255 Class D amplifier
Q B12 has a ‘dart brace’ internal design inside the subwoofer’s reinforced MDF cabinet with a 36mm baffle, providing superior mechanical stability to the driver and the reinforced rigidity reduces resonance and vibrations for an improved accurate bass response.

5 Star Review From WhatHifi

"As long as you have the space, budget and amiable enough neighbours, we say go for it. Just be prepared to host movie nights from now on."

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  • Going to ask the question that a lot of OzB people be asking…. can you do a further discount on your ported SVS subs instead?


      Reach out via our website chat and we can discuss our best price on the SVS Models.

    • +1 vote

      Q Acoustics stuff has been on run out because there was a change in distribution.

  • Does anyone know how good these are?

  • This or SVS SB/PB-1000?


      Both are good value for money subwoofers. The PB1000 would have a little more down low for movies, music performance would be similar.

      Should really be comparing it as QB12 + $300 cash in your pocket vs SVS SB/PB1000 subwoofer. Might make the decision a little easier, as I'd say these will be the last of the QB12's which will be on clearance.

      • Thanks.
        Still thinking…. (hopefully not for long)
        I usually do more 80% movies / tv and 20% music.

      • Really wished there was some acoustic data / frequency response graphs for the Q B12.
        So i can make some comparisons between the different subs that i am looking into.

        For a room size of 4.4m x 4.2m and 2.7m ceilings, would 1 of the Q B12 be enough or would you need 2 of them?

        • +1 vote

          We've run a single QB12 in a customer's room which was the same size as yours, they were very happy with the performance.

          Using multiple subwoofers will always be better though, as it helps even out the bass response throughout the entire room.

  • thanks Scott and team at CHT. Just bought.

  • Just picked one up too. Looking forward to it.

  • Enclosure Type: Infinite Baffle (sealed)

    Haha. No. Sealed is not "infinite baffle" unless the sealed enclosure is truly massive (like megalitres), then it can approximate infinite baffle. This one is sealed, not infinite baffle, despite what their website says.

    That's all. Just came to comment on one obvious error ;) Can't really comment on the quality / price etc.

    Cheers :)

    • Baffled that the manufacturer could make that kind of error!

    • +1 vote

      Yes I agree with you, not sure why the manufacture has referred to it as an Infinite Baffle, which is essentially no enclosure.
      Will correct that on our end.

  • noob question,…I have an onkyo tx-nr686 reciever, will these do ? and can these sub be placed in a corner .

    • +2 votes

      Yes you can connect to your tx-nr686 AV Receiver.

      The ideal subwoofer placement will depend on the room itself, placing a subwoofer in the corner can increase the overall performance in certain rooms, while in others it might sound a little too boomy. But like anything experiment with the room positioning will yield the best results.

  • Thanks for the support Scott. Bought one…!!!


    Well they've sold quicker than expected.

    There is just the one left now. So if anyone is still thinking about it, now is your last chance.


    All gone now, thanks to everyone who purchased.

    • Oh gosh darn it.. I guess you'll just have to do an unbelievable price on the SB2000 instead now ;))


        Happy to have a chat about them if you'd like to reach out via the website chat or on 1800 100 998.
        Unfortunately they're still going to be quite a lot more than these QB12's were since they were on clearance.

    • Rats. I really wanted a second one of these for "stereo".