This was posted 1 year 3 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Virtual Training + Free Voucher for Certification Exam @ Microsoft


Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals designed to provide you an understanding of cloud-computing concepts, models, and services, covering topics such as public, private, and hybrid cloud as well as infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service. This training event is delivered in two parts over two days.

After completing this free training, you’ll be eligible to take the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam at no cost.

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    Still haven't received my voucher from ignite.

    • you are not supposed to receive anything as such - you will see if you are eligible after you click schedule button

      • Not what they continued to say during the course, the chat kept repeating it over and over and you will receive and email with the "discount voucher" however they want to implement it is up to them but there was no subsequent email.

        • nothing to do with any course as he asking about "voucher from ignite."

        • If you completed the Cloud Skills Challenge, you should have received a follow-up email titled "See if you earned a free Microsoft Certification exam in the Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge" on October 15.

          • @Galvatron: I didn't receive anything and when I try to schedule an exam it wants to charge me.

            • @BarginHunter: Did you complete the Cloud Skills Challenge? You need to have fully completed at least one challenge to receive a voucher.

              • @Galvatron: Yeah, on my profile it shows I completed 8/8 modules. Not sure if there's somewhere else I can double check.

                • @BarginHunter: Make sure you put your email in profile settings

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                    @megaalc: Also this
                    If you have successfully completed an Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge but have not received your mail, please contact Microsoft Ignite CSC Help at [email protected] and provide the following information.

                    Your Learn User Name (you may retrieve this from your Learn profile, or copy and paste it from this link)
                    The email address at which you wish to receive your redemption instructions
                    A screenshot of your completed Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge Leaderboard (example below).
                    You will be added as an eligible customer and will receive your free exam redemption link within the following week.

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                    @megaalc: It's there, I even tried to add a secondary one but it didn't seem to work.

                    • @BarginHunter: did you add your primary one before challenge ended or after ?

                      • @megaalc: Primary was added before, I remember having an email added was mentioned a few times so I made sure I had one. I've emailed them via the email address you posted above, so hopefully they get back to me.

                        Edit: The email you provided no longer works unfortunately. My Email bounced back.

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      Sat this last week and haven't received jack from them… had an invite and registered and kept telling everyone you'll get a voucher in few days… nothing lol

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        voucherless now.
        linked to your email when you schedule exam.

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          shame they didn't say that during the thing… i'll give it a go and see last time it wanted me to pay

          • @scud70: They said it in last week's session that I attended.

            They also mentioned something about 3 months but I missed it.

            • @logistics: would have been the same training i was on, but they had 3-4 different messages most suggesting an email will come bla bla … anywho the below vid explains a similar thing .. but at least it shows what to do hehehe

        • Thanks mate, you are a champ :) found some decent instructions i posted below and linked my personal to my work and the voucher showed up then …

        • Does it mean that when u register to this seminar you need to use your email used for Microsoft account?

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      Ok found this and it explains it properly…and as zzz mentions you don't need the email or a voucher or whatever they said. Just follow it, i had my registration via work email so i linked it to my personal as they mentioned (you cant do exams without personal email it seems).


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    Ohhh, lmao. I'm an idiot.

    • that is a common question , you are not alone ))

  • Great deal, I passed the exam a few weeks ago.

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      Did you just use the training that they have you? Or did you study additional material?

      • I used this to do some practice runs before the exam. Helped me a lot.

      • I used a Udemy course by Scott Duffy and Whizlabs for practise exams. Spent around $30 from memory, wouldn't rely on the Webinar alone for passing the exam. Recommend the practise exams the most.

    • Do you take the exam at a Pearson test centre or from home?

      • Did mine from home

      • Did mine at a testing centre due to occasional NBN drop-outs at home, would probably do online next time.

  • Thanks

  • What's the

    • +1

      you watch Americans make jokes they think everyone around the world will get… (you might get it but its not really funny) ..haha otherwise no catch block out 2 days worth of 2 1/2-3 hours and get the basics of Azure .. first days is good for techies and how things look in azure second day is good for account admin, compliance and security but very general view of it.

      • -1

        Will I get cheaper azure devices, does my Xbox ultimate pass get me anything? Like Amazon prime.

        What the hell am I getting, might just stick with udemy free Oz bargain courses.

        • You get a recognised certification to put on your resume after passing the exam - rather than having to state you're an active Udemy user ;)

          • +1

            @Benjamin7711: LOL! except every man and his dog now have the same cert… hehehe

            • @scud70: Haha yeah true. I guess at the very least you don't get "This guy doesn't even have the fundamentals certificate- NEXT" lol

            • @scud70: well yeah, it is basically one of the easiest Azure certs to get. Even the non technical Sales guys at MS are required to pass this.

              • @gromit: Good intro to cloud computing especially from an IaaS and PaaS perspective… so i'd recommend anyone who is starting out in IT or just want to get a feel for how Azure ticks even if you dont care about the cert.. :)

                • +1

                  @scud70: yep it is an excellent overview. provides a good basis to work your way up to some of the more complex certifications and helps people understand what is available and how everything fits together without having to know how every detail works.

          • @Benjamin7711: Ahh is Microsoft certification hard, I heard people on here complain their exams are hard.

  • Hopefully this will be available during the christmas shutdown period.

  • I see this certificate all over LinkedIn. Might give it a go. Thanks OP!

  • I took the course back in 28 May 2020
    and got the voucher on the 3 Jun 2020

    The voucher expires in 3 months but you can book future days as long as before the expiry

    Just note that by just joining this instructor led training is not sufficient to pass the exam
    you will need to go through the Microsoft Learning website as well as doing some practice exams

  • Do you have to actually sit the course? Do they verify?

    Only because I will be at work during all the schedules.

    • +3

      You need to join the live sessions (both morning and afternoon) to get the free exam voucher
      but you can always leave the session open

      TBH, I highly doubt that its a "real" live sessions
      It's more likely a recorded sessions with a real person replying on the chat window (you cannot talk to the instructor at all)

      • It is a recorded session. I had a look at some parts of it twice.

  • Thank you!

  • +1

    Does anyone have dumps or sample questions that they can share before we sit this?? Thanks in advance

    • See the comment above from someone that has passed the exam.

  • For anyone having issues in redeeming the previous coupon, I solved the issue by using the latest Microsoft Edge Chrome-based browser. The coupon suddenly appears during registration.
    Tried it on chrome and firefox, didn’t work at all

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    I still haven't received my voucher from last training.

  • Passed this exam yesterday. It's a relatively easy one but you still need to read a fair bit.

  • Once you complete this, they would most probably offer another one. I have just registered for Data Warehousing one, hope they keep coming in 🙂

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    I was a bit underwhelmed by this when I did it in September. Okay, it's free, but it's basically just a Microsoft sales pitch. It's pretty dull and uninspiring stuff, and I write this as someone with close to 25 years experience working in IT.

    • Same, sat the Exam last week via PSI online. They made me wait 1 hour 20 mins to launch the exam then I failed by 10%

      Cost me $21aud on the Covid special but to resit they want the full $170aud

      Studied for 5 weeks but the questions were a combination of multiple choice and yes/no x3 scenarios. Very misleading. Felt like a hook to get more money from you.

      Disappointed I failed as everyone goes on about how easy the exam is. My experience was the opposite.

      My performance on each section of the exam is provided below.

      Understand Cloud Concepts (15-20%): 81%
      Understand Core Azure Services (30-35%): 47%
      Understand Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust (30-35%): 88%
      Understand Azure Pricing and Support (25-30%): 33%



      • Azure Fundamentals learning paths on contain about 90% information required. Also internet is full of exam dumps - this can help you massively to get a better score. Lots of those questions still come up in the real exam. However be aware that some answers on the internet sites are incorrect - but this is where your knowledge of the subject should help ;-)
        I passed mine with 953.

  • I did this course at MS office Sydney last year around Dec. And I did the exam after the lecture, I can tell you that the test is not hard. Some of the question is just logical and common sense.

  • thanks OP, registered

  • thanks OP, hopefully this is the push I was waiting for to get into Azure

  • I've been wanting to do this since last year but as they were in person, they always filled up quickly. Now that's its virtual, lots of slots free.
    Apparently they're changing th exam at the beginning of Nov.
    Someone asked what is AD

  • i did the course, couldnt find link to free exam. did anyone get that?

    • email with details arrived today

  • In case anyone wanted to do the exam before it changed….Exam content is changing from the 8th Nov. The reading material on their website has already been updated.

  • +1

    I found a good You Tube series by Tim Warner which helped me understand some of the concepts for this exam Might be helpful for others too.

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