BeyerDynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohms Closed Dynamic Headphone $185.86 + Shipping ($0 w/ Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


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  • how much are they RRP?

    • Not much more.

      Would generally look at the AKG K371 unless you're craving soundstage (at the expense of midrange and treble presentation) or you actually need these as an analytical headphone if a professional use case. When Amazon UK or Amazon US gets them back in regular stock, they'll be at this price or less.

    • $289 RRP (32, 80 and 250 ohms)

    • For local stock, I have seen DT 770 Pro (32 / 80 / 250 ohm) drop to around $185 Delivered in the past.
      They are usually around $220-$240 in Australia.

  • Got the 80 ohm version about a year ago after having my eye on them for quite some time. The ebay store I got them from had them discounted and I stacked it with an ebay plus coupon, paid around $185 so this price is good. They usually hover around the $220 mark.

    From my research the 80 ohm was best for gaming if that's what you intend on using them for. I think the 250 ohm had a coil cable which looked weird.

    • I think the 250 ohm had a coil cable which looked weird.

      As far as I know all Beyerdynamic “Pro” models come with coiled-cable and “Edition” & “Premium” models come with straight-cable.

      • I have the standard DT 770 pro 80 ohm (black with grey ear cups) and it has a straight cable. It's been a while since I read about them but I thought the 250 ohm was the only one that had a coil cable, possibly detachable

    • Different sounds, the 990 is open back and has a better sound stage and imaging, top end has been called harsh but hasn't bothered me. I got them cheap and use them for gaming I prefer the 770 for most of my music, lot of electronic stuff.

    • If you're after what is generally regarded as the most pleasing sound signature in this Beyer line-up, it's the DT880, but they are all analytical headphones with a huge treble spike to reveal hiss/sibilance.

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      Issue is the coiled wire, bad microphonics, I tried swapping out the cable and put too much heat while soldering and damaged 1 cup, lesson learned but to me the can was unusable unless you kept your head steady and never moved.

  • Damnit I missed out on these during Prime Day so ended up getting ATH-M50X instead.

    Now I want these too…

    • This is exactly what happened after I purchased my M40x's.. I'm now here with 4 sets of cans

  • There are plenty of happy 770 Pro owners, I didn't enjoy the treble. There also seems to be many revisions (or inconsistency).

    Personally the custom one pro for a little more (I paid 186 in Sept) is worth considering.