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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 80GB $59/Month 12 Month Plan (Port-in Customers Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Full credit to WanderingEgg.

You do get a bonus $500 gift card rather than a $400 gift card, however it is today only (22/10) and ends tomorrow. Available at all stores nationwide.

*Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

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  • Can't port over if your name has been on a sim through the telstra/boost network within the last 30 days (Even with a new sim through optus).

    • Are you sure, usually you can port a number across and get these deals if the # has not been with Telstra in the last 30 days (most will let you but they shouldn't).
      You can also signup for multiple instances to get multiple cards.

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    I don't see this offer on the Jb hifi website :/

    • It's a in store offer only , the way is you can call jbhifi.

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    Anyone knows if i can use gift cards against the value of telstra plan?
    Gift cards aside i'll still have to pay $59/month for 12months correct? Does anyone know if they can actually reduce $500 from the plan itself and we having to pay approx $17/month!

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

    • You're paying Telstra $59, the GC is from JB HiFi. No they cannot reduce the plan.

  • Ouch! just signed up to JBHIFI yesterday for $400. damn it.

  • I think the person who processed your application forgot to add the bonus targeted offer of extra 20gb on your app.

  • I'm in Melbourne and just called and they say they are being inundated with calls so have to leave your name and number and they'll call you back in the next few days :-. The operator did say that i'd still get the deal though

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    JB in Northlakes denied me for not being 30 days outside telstra. They said they are screening this a lot this year :(

    • Same thing happened to me, they knew exactly when the number was ported out (last week) apologized and told me to try again 30 days after this date.

    • operator indicated that this offer comes up quite regularly, hoping she's right

  • Just called them up.. apparently $400 for new numbers and $500 for port-in numbers that haven't been on the Telstra network for the past 30 days. Thought it was $500 for both.

  • Just called them too. The Mobile department were too busy, was asked to leave name and number and someone will get back to me within 5 working days. They will honour the same deal today.

    • yes same for me too

    • Same here, they did run through the details when i asked so hopefully they honour it.

  • Just went into store and got my number ported from Optus to Telstra with the $500 GC.
    Id been with Optus for 5 days, Telstra previously. Must've got lucky

  • Wonder if this will happen again when iPhone 12 pro max comes out ?

  • anybody know if this plan has 5G?

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      yes it does, need 5g phone as well

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    From the previous deal earlier this month - Did anyone else receive 2x400$ instead of 1x500 GC? Hehehe

    • Is this also happening?

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        Yep. 2 different emails came through - $400 each. As soon as I figured what was going on and bolted to the nearest JB to merge the two together.

        Contemplating whether or not to call up and ask where’s my “$500”.

  • Since these type of deals are regularly appearing, what is the best way to get ready to sign up again?
    I took advantage of a similar deal at Jbhifi and I'm out of contract. Should I change over to another carrier now and hope another deal appears soon?

    • That's what I did last year in anticipation, got on Vodafone prepaid for one month then Optus prepaid for another then boom $400 JB gift card banked.

      Have since moved to Belong thinking to do the same, but at $10 a month and 80gb of data to last me as long as possible, I see no reason to go back to Telstra for a gift card. Belong apparently same service as via JB hi-fi, I don't need 5G, and use about 4gb data a month.

    • Don't need to do anything. Get a 2$ sim from another carrier, do the port with that. Cancel your current contract and consolidate your current number to that new one.

  • I'm still waiting for the call back from the last deal back in September LOL

  • Dumb question time: I've signed and up and now ported over from Optus to Telstra, is there any reason (aside from location, etc) why I'd be getting mediocre signal strength? Like is there any settings I need to futz with?

  • I use Aldi mobile - it costs me almost $15 a month.
    Compared to $60 a month, it's still better for me to not be locked in to this plan. And also it comes with more data. I guess if you feel the Telstra brand is worth it, it's pretty close.

    • You get more than 80GB of data per month with Aldi for $15 per month? How did you do that? With the value in the gift card, the real cost of this deal is probably around $20 per month, that's with 5G access too.

  • Anyone successful with porting out of telstra and back in to get this deal on the same day?

    • I ported out of Telstra 5 days ago. About to head into JB HiFi and try my luck.
      I'll keep you posted.

      I was successful in porting out from telstra and back in on the same day with a similar deal last year.

      • Ported back in without issue

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    Is this valid till tomorrow too?

    • Today only :(

    • No but based on the pattern so far it won't be too long. Subscribe to jb hi fi telstra as a search and keep an eye on your email (that's how I was notified of this deal)

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        I did call them up and they told that someone would get back to me in few days and I would still be eligible for the same deal.

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          Only when you have called today as they would have taken your details, otherwise no.

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    Guys people are talking about porting our and porting back in. Just thought I would give a alternate option…. Don't port out! Buy a $2 Sim, set up a new number. Port it into Telstra then go on Telstra chat and ask them to transfer your number from the old plan to the new plan. Saves you having to port out.

    • Good point thanks!

    • I always wonder if this actually works?

      • It does, I did it yesterday.

    • I understand this applies for new customer as well (instore guy advised me so) so shouldn’t it easier to just sign with Telstra with new number, then ask them to transfer number from old plan to new plan? Save $2 & the hassle?
      Just want to confirm that i did it right as i dont want to lose the old number

      • There are a few who have reported that the $500 bonus gift card is for 'port ins' only. If you are signing up a new number, you only get $400, instead of the $500.

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    I wonder does this plan comes with 5G access ?

    • +1


      • cheers mate

  • Party is over for Victorians? The call service ended at 7pm.

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      Party has been over for 6 months mate 😂

    • Hahaha, it is still running. I just called them 10 mins ago.

    1. How long does it take for them to port-in the number? Would there be any disruption of service? Can I still use my own number (It will be around 6:30pm by the time I get to the store, so I assume the actual paperwork may not be processed until tomorrow)

    2. I am on month to month postpaid with Optus, if my number get ported out mid-month, I would still have to pay for the whole month with Optus, right?

    3. Just wanna confirm this is a direct contract with Telstra and not a JB MVNO thing right? Telstra will be the one I deal with for problem once I am connected?

    4. Is the offer actually advertised in store? If not, do I just talk to anyone in the store to say I heard about it online or something?

    5. Can anyone who has already signed up confirm that an unlimited international calls package can be added for $10? I make may be 30 mins of international calls a month for work, which I am pretty sure would cost more than $10 if I PAYG. I am paying Optus $46 a month with 60GB and unlimited international calls etc. This deal would cost me $23 more. The GC is my only reason for me to switch, is it worth it?

    • Ends tonight so you better hurry if you wanted to take advantage of this

  • I’m considering getting the iPhone 12 pro 256gb.

    I’m not sure which one is a better option. I’m planning on keep it for 24 months.

    1. Join this Telstra plan $59/m for 24 months and use the $500 to get a the iPhone.


    1. Join Optus build your own plan at $47/m 60gb data month to month plan and also get the iPhone with them on a repayment plan at $77.85/m for 24 months.

    Probably a dumb question.

    • +4
      1. 12X59-500+1869 +{12 months elsewhere}=2077+{12 months elsewhere}
      2. (47+77.85)X24=2924.4


      If {12 months elsewhere} < 847.4 then get jb hi fi deal. If not then get optus deal

      Assumptions: optus coverage is as good as telstra for you, and you have something worth $500+ that you want to buy at jb

      Note: the deal is for 12 months not 24 months. After 12 months it reverts to $69/month so you want to port out at that point

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        $847 over 12 months is ~$70/month. So basically if you're lazy and let the telstra deal revert to $69 for months 13-24 then you're coming out even on both options. Do you prefer telstra service/reception or Optus sport? Or will you go BYO in second year to save that extra ~$400…

  • Ported my number late this afternoon from Circles.life. Took about 3 hours for the transfer to complete. Tip, make sure they include the 'LW' in front of the account number.

    My partner got hers done at the same time from Vodafone. Her service still isn't active. Hopefully will sort out by tomorrow.

  • Just went into Broadway JB in Sydney. Ported to Optus yesterday from Telstra. They ported me back no troubles. I know the deal ends today but if anyone still wants the 400 dollar GC then Broadway might be a good bet.

    • Isn't it $500 GC

      • 500 was available yesterday only according to the OP

  • Can anyone clarify if as someone on Telstra Mobile BYO Plan I can qualify for this?


  • Does anyone know how long it takes to port from Optus —> Telstra? I went to the store today at 4pm and initiate the process. They said 1hr but still nothing. Went home and they said the GC would only be issued after the port in completed so I need to wait to pick it up instore at a later date. Is this normal?

    • Pretty normal.

    • Optus have to approve the port. I'm having the same issue with Optus (i.e. they are slow).

      • I applied yesterday too at 4pm, still no sign of a switchover!

  • Deal is unclear, is this a data only plan or does it include unlimited calls and text.

    • Both. And the data is actually unlimited as well.

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    Why oh why it's not $500 tomorrow? :/

    I read the deal too quick and thought it ends tomorrow :P too late now :D

  • I just signed up for this, how would I know that they put the 10aud credit? On the contract it says 69 per month.

  • My local JB was getting sledged with requests for this this evening - I feel for the phone lines

  • Can i register now ?

    • Not unless you called them yesterday

  • I have nt received any emails for signing up but is there a cooling off period ? Please advise

    • No cooling off period. Would only apply if they offered it unsolicited.

  • In WA just got the deal. The person who ported me said the deal was running for 3 days. Hopefully she is right. I would still check in tomorrow.

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    Was this only for yesterday? No love for today?

  • I went in yesterday and got this deal, apparently soo many people jumped on the system went down so had to wait for our giftcard.
    Should get it today or tomorrow.

    Odd thing is, logged into my Telstra account and my new service is there, but showing aas $69/month…
    Following this up…
    Anyone else see the plan callled "JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys Mobile BYO Plan $69" ??

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      Yeah I saw that on the screen when I was being signed up in store

      • Does your Telstra account show the same plan or something else?

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          Tried to sign up for the app but got an error. Maybe related to why I have to wait for the gift card

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            @Quantumcat: It's technically still a $69 plan, but you will get $10 credit plus bonus data. I don't think Telstra apps tells you how much credit you receive each month.

            But JB should have given you a contract/summary post signing, which show $10 credit every month and 20GB bonus data, and estimate charge for first bill, which is 1 month in advance plus pro-rata for this month.

            • @zed264: What if on the contract doesn't show on the contract? Only the 20gb bonus data. Does it mean I won't be able to get the 10aud credit?

              • @audreamer05: I was on chat with Telstra this morning. They said that the changes can take up to 24hr to show so just being patient at the moment…
                JB Said the system was down due to load/demand so I litterally had to write my info down on a paper form.

              • @audreamer05: When I signed up yesterday at JB, they printed the contract which also had the $69 plan, but says $10/month credit on the paper.
                Check if that's the case for you, and it'll be easy to clear up if the $10 credit doesn't show up for your account.

                • @jayypandaa: Apparently there's no $10 credit states on the contract.

                  • @audreamer05: https://ibb.co/sCtPJQh

                    Image quality is awful for some reason, but I have highlighted the $69 JB plan and $10 credit.

                    These should have been added by the sales person processing your order @ JB. ($10monthly credit and the extra 20gb/month were checked)

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    I did this yesterday - was chatting with the guy at JB Broadway and he said they are doing the $500 deal again today with the iphone 12 launch and that the $500 bonus applies if you buy the iphone

    • +1

      Only if you buy iphone?

      • Yeah i want to know this too

        Couldn't do it yesterday

      • Yeah, that's what they guy said to me yesterday - same offer, but only if you buy an iphone.

  • dumb question, 80Gb is for monthly or yearly

    • Monthly

  • I just got told this deal is not availalbe today at Top Ryde store. True!?

    • Apparently replaced with $500 toward iPhone purchase instead of GC until 25/10

      • Any source for this?

    • Did you ask for it for the iPhone?

      • No just GC…!!! Staff didnt mention anything about iphone…. I just left Blacktown store as well. They didnt mention about $500 towards iphone either.

    • Top Ryde store sucks. Macquarie FTW. They actually put up the big signs for these Telstra deals at Macquarie shopping centre.

  • Got this deal yesterday, porting in from Kogan Mobile.
    JB rep explained that most telcos only take a few minutes to process but seeing as I was unsure of my account number it's been 21hrs with no change in service.
    Can't pick up the gift card until service has been started so I will have to go back in store

  • anyone know if they closed the loophole that was done by many ozbargainers where they would sign up to this plan, upgrade their plan with telstra with no lock in contract then disconnect their service without paying the ETC?