Good Easy Cushy Job That Pays over 85k No Degree No Qualification Just Get in The Door Type Deal

So working life is going great but I always want more so I'm here to ask for advice on any jobs that don't require any degree or qualifications that I can maybe get into that pays more than 85k.. Not even making half that now..

Bonus points if the work is pretty lax labour wise but honestly I'm open to anything (no funny answers) huuurr durrr no drug dealer, hand jobs or other stupid answers for jobs.

I was thinking of getting into mining but I think all those jobs are high skill jobs and I can't drive continuously for too long at least right now because of health fatigue reasons but that will clear up once I put my health in the right direction and stop abusing and over exerting my body for no reason.

So anybody want to chime in with what they do and if it's easy to get into and does not require any barriers to entry like a degree or qualification.. I'm fine with doing short courses maybe if the payout is great but I'm not going back to uni again for 3 - 5 years if the prospects are shaky.


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    So, you want twice your current pay in a job that needs no qualifications and with very little physical exertion. Maybe you can write self-help books.

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      If you go back through some of the OP's posts, you'll find that he cant normally help himself let alone write books on it!

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        This is true.

      • christ 9700 comments.

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          If only ozb comments were paid per comment, this would've become OP's dream job.

          • @cheng2008: When I post a link to an affiliate site of mine, never on OZB, but you can usually see the spike in orders from each link posted. People can't help but click on it, then click on a product link and then buy anything from Amazon, or eBay, or whatever. You can reliably get a few dollars per link, $50 if the post is popular, and hundreds if it is very popular. Probably after the 7,000th post containing a link though, people will start figuring out the game.

        • And…?

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          9700 good comments

          Ok there are some bad ones in there that I'm ashamed of

        • This made me feel terrible about my life decisions lmao

    • Honestly I watched a video on that pretty interesting.

      Some dude churning out like thousands of $1-5 Amazon books only 10 pages long or something on every category you can imagine making $$$ per month.

      If I can't find a decent job I might give that a go in my spare time and see how well it goes.

      • Do you have a link to the video?

        • interested to see what you mean

    • Or run for US president - no qualifications and with very little physical exertion

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    I need one of those too

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    So let me get this straight - you want a job requiring no qualification/experience, that's 'lax' in terms of labor and stress and also pays in the order of 85K + a year…..

    Could you PM me when you find one.

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      You are on the mailing list come join us there has got to be one that we can all find

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        Become a recruiter. In my 5 years living and working here I can't remember a single recruiter who seemed to know anything useful about my field of work or even bothered to find out. They seem to lack higher education, and they just seem to Google what to ask Android Developers or React Developers before making a call. Most of them are Europeans who come on a working holiday visa and become recruiters as easy money. I bring that up because if you can just come from overpriced and do this without any local experience it must one of the easier things to do.

        Your responsibility is literally just to bring a company and candidate together and the candidate does rest of the work. When the candidate is hired you get paid because you…. Facilitated the conversation??? Which could have happened anyway if the company reached out to me directly on LinkedIn or I applied directly??

        I think they make a good amount of money for the amount of work they actually put in.

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          ^this. Every second Pom in Sydney seemed to be a recruiter or a ‘events manager’

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            @SirMurduck: LOL I'm an events planner (two degrees, unnecessary but shh) but yeah most of our imported event peeps are from England.

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          Gotta start pumping out fake questions for React devs, that'll teach em'

          Seriously though, the amount of work in Sydney means you don't particularly need a recruiter to be seen anyway..

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          Most of the IT recruiters don't know anything, this system of companies recruiting via job agencies is a flawed process.

          • @LightningMcQueen: We have an internal recruitment team where I work and they know just as little. Unfortunately when you get 200 cvs per job app it is not feasible to screen them all considering hiring manager likely costs 3 times more than the recruiter doing the screening. Yeah some good ones get missed but I'm not reading 200 cvs, I can barely read the short list. Consider that a lot of cvs are fake and just satisfying welfare requirements.

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          To be a recruiter you need social skills to the max, and be a friendly bubbly outgoing person. You have to be ok with a lot of pressure constantly and be ok with ringing dozens of strangers every day. It doesn't suit most people.

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          I met a ‘recruiter recruiter’ once… who’s job was to recruit recruiters. I couldn’t believe that role exists…

        • I think recruiters are heavily commission based, and a good network helps with increasing movement.
          Not sure if you could make 85k without any experience or skills.

        • So you're a React developer? I am reaching out to you on here. Want a full time gig working from home in the health industry. Yes you do. PM me.

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          @alikazi so true! And not just in IT field I might say!

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        its 2020, it's called sex work. Because its work.

        • You are correct.

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          It's still prostitution, regardless of how you wanna word it.

          • @nuttapillar: Buy my only fans! Only $6.99 per month to see and distribute my butthole. (May or may not contain content of beached whale impaled with multiple metal objects and a 2 year olds texts drawings all over)

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        With a bad back?!?

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          Hey, think of all the positives! That expensive mattress is now an instant asset write off!

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    Mining as a truckie seems like your best bet. Not sure what you can do if you can't drive though. Will also need an HR ticket.
    Maybe traffic management folk, but standing around for 8 - 12 hours a day can be a bit shittier than it sounds I imagine.

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      There is no way he will get a job in mining if he has fatigue problems. The medicals are pretty thorough.

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        Yeah I mean the money could motivate me but I feel like it would be too full on like trying to do 8 hours in a gym everyday.

        I'm more of a walk few kilometres every day kinda guy with my heavy bag my only source of weight lifting.

        I could probably do it but there has got to be a better way or option before last resorting to mining.

        I don't mind the fifo I love domestic travelling but I actually have no idea what they physically do in mining like is it shared work across the staff like trucker might do some mining equipment duties one day then they swap to stem the monotony and boredom.

        Yeah if someone can list me the actual duties required in mining besides just also reading tons of documents and sheets of reports then I might actually move state and do it.

        Might be a good sea tree change to try for like a few years or something.. The money is definitely motivating and being to play with cool trucks and stuff might be something.

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          You need to reconsider. There aren't the typical entry level jobs you might imagine. Everyone, even labourers, require qualifications and experience.

          Getting a job as a cleaner or in a kitchen is the closest thing to entry level. Mining is highly technical and very automated. It's not like there's guys out there with picks and shovels.

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            @Presence: I'm in mining and have to disagree, we get all sorts of new starters from backgrounds like hairdressing that walk into the job. All training is provided

            • @900dollaridoos: It depends on attitude, who you know and where you live.

              Some mines are booming right now. Others are cutting both hours and pay.

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                @This Guy: Yeah boom cycles always play a big role, but even in standard years you don't need to know someone to get in the door, even at our thermal coal (typically financially poor) mines. Also if you're a girl or diverse you are practically guaranteed a 6 figure truck job at most sites.
                I'm an engineer at a few mines but regularly consider changing sides since it's about the same pay for a better roster and zero responsibility when you join production 😅

                • @900dollaridoos: Most of the majors are rolling out automation. Unless you can get on a doser and only have 20 years left of your working life, you would be better off building your network and moving to a supplier in a few years.

                  Edit: PM me

                • @900dollaridoos: Any tips where to look for these positions?
                  Everywhere i see/hear (tbf i'm likely not looking/trying hard enough) it tends to be you need to know someone to get a position

        • perhaps you should see a physical therapist?

      • How does it compare to getting medicals for cleaning.. I did mine and it was not fun but I somehow passed they must have seen the potential in me lol

      • didn't even think you could fail a medical.

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      I gave the traffic control job a good thought.. Having seen many people do it yeah I would probably fall asleep and then miss something on the job which would cause an accident so not for me but it's a good job.. Pays more than casual cleaning that's for sure.

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        The job requirement is you need to have missing teeth….

        It is a tafe course traffic control but the job looks so utter boring.

        • Unfortunately my teeth are good bit yellow but intact afaik.

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        So…. it needs to pay $85k+, no qualifications, isn't physically taxing, and also can't be repetitive and comes with minimal responsibility? Yeah okay.

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        Traffic control is mind numbing and good money only comes with a bucket load of overtime.

        It used to be really easy to get a TC ticket (1-2day course), but they’ve changed the rules and it’s now harder to get requiring on the job assessment AFAIK. A TC company probably help you get training though.

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      Traffic management fits the bill. They get paid well, a potato can do the job and the only physically laborious task is rotating a sign in a stick. Plus night penalties and danger pay.

      Otherwise, find a council. I hear councillors get paid well enough, do nothing but spend money frivolously and allow major budget blowouts whilst claiming they had no idea they were hundreds of million in the red. Oh, ignoring peoples wants and needs is a requirement though. Simples!

      • How much did a traffic controller get? I lot seem to be backpackers so I thought it must be low paid or cashies.

        • When I was at the Olympic Park job fair this year the guy said traffic controller was about $25-35 I think depending on a few things.

          I would say the average is around $31/hr.

        • Last check was high $30’s. Night with danger pay over $50.

      • councillors get paid well enough

        I think this depends on the city. One of my high school teachers was on the local council and he said it paid something like one quarter as much as teaching.

        Also you have to get elected, which means you probably need to have some political skills.

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          Councillors (the politicians) get paid very poorly. In Vic it's usually around 25k.

          Council officers (who are not managers) often earn around 65-105k, and some of those jobs don't need a degree e.g community development officer.

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        Agree with council jobs. Anything government related, highly inefficient people doing ineffective work… perfect for OP.

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    Become a politician. No qualifications needed, you just need to convince enough people to put your name on the ballot, then convince enough to vote for you.
    If you get in, salary is around $150,000 for a state MP, and over $200,000 for a federal MP (plus you get a lot of benefits).

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      Not evil looking enough sadly.

      Also they don't hire Asian politicians much doesn't fit the whole white Australia vibe.

      Need someone tha majority of constituents can relate with otherwise they just think that they are being played or we are in Asia.

      I can only think of one Asian Australian politician right now off the top of my head and she is a pretty good role model but still a politician.