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15% off All Tyres @ Tyroola


Tyroola's sporadic 15% off sale is back.

Does not stack with buy-3-get-4 deals or mates rates sadly, but you can get free fitting for Pirelli tyres.

Ends shortly after the AFL Grand Final does.

Now to decide between the Sailun Atrezzo ZSR or the Pirelli P Zero at four times the price.

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  • Code can be applied on last screen after i have entered card details ?

  • Show this offer at my mycar (aka kmart tyres) and they should be able to do a better deal if they stock these tyres…

    • Don't forget shipping + fitting price. But yeah with the 15% off it'll definitely be cheaper.

      Are these 15% off deals always only for like two days? But they do seem to come monthly or every other month at least.

      • Which is cheaper? Kmart or Tyroola?

        I got quote at KMart for some Tyers all inclusive for $560. It’s $780 at Tyroola. Both are lower to mid range tyres. What am I missing?

    • MyCar will secretly damage your car. Do not trust them with your car!

      • 😲

        Details, pls.

        • There is a reason why they changed their name from Kmart Auto to MyCar. Same bunch of scum bags though.

          • @BongoOB: They rebranded because Wesfarmers - who own the Kmart name - sold the automotive arm to Continental ( the tire company) who do not own the kmart name.

            Stop spreading your idiotic FUD.

            • @Twilight: Westfarmers sold it because it wasn’t profitable anymore because people no longer trusted their cars with them. That’s the reason. But there will always be idiots who will continue to use them, like Twilight 😉

              • @BongoOB: Mate, judging from your attitude, you sound like the kind of guy who always blames the shop for anything wrong with their products.


                The mycar near me in Brisbane certainly doesn't have time to be inventing problems to fix. Every time I've challenged them on anything needing replacement they've shown me the part replaced or still on the car before the work. They've been great for years on both mechanical repair and tires.

                Just last month I was able to drive in, get a 4 mth old tire replaced for free under their guarantee. $300 RRP, drove in - assessed as unrepairable, replaced it on the spot and drove off without paying another cent.

                Are you going to try and convince me they were the ones spreading nails on the road too? :p

                • @Twilight:

                  Just last month I was able to drive in, get a 4 mth old tire replaced for free under their guarantee. $300 RRP, drove in - assessed as unrepairable, replaced it on the spot and drove off without paying another cent.

                  So much can be said with this story, BS or otherwise. Lol at $300 RRP tyre. Please continue to use MyCar at your own peril.

              • @BongoOB: Really? Can you pull up an annual report to back up your wild claims? That's the document that shows profit and loss. We'll wait.

        • I would have to agree with @BongoOB.

          I haven't been to K'mart Tyre & Auto for years.

          You drive in with a simple request for example, a service.

          You then get sorry, we couldn't complete the service as you car is unsafe and not roadworthy. You need to urgently fix blah blah blah which we have a special on today for $thousands$

          Bunch of d1cks.

          • @COVID-19: Those d1cks did work on my car that I specifically did not request and told them not to do. They went ahead and did it anyway and in doing so they also damaged my car. Enough said. Never again. Hope the business goes to shit!

          • @COVID-19: I agree. They are MAJOR upsellers.. doing what they can to sell you what you don't need.

        • I used them some time ago and my experience was awful as well to be honest. They didn't do all the work and tried to pretend that they did (and charge for it). This was for a Mazda.

          More recently I went there (not knowing about the re-brand) and asked if they could do a wheel alignment on my AMG. They said they could, wasted almost a day and did nothing. Then they tried to tell me that the tyres needed changing and that the car was pulling to the side because of the tyres.

          Took it to Heasmans Steering in the end and they sorted it all out and were very professional (albeit pricey).

          They needed to adjust the front camber.


    • You will likely get fresher stock too. How long have these tires been sitting in a warehouse somewhere? Tyres age from date of manufacture regardless of use or wear.

    • they don’t beat price if you need to use a code.

    • Mycar wouldn't match tyroola with the 15% off price. They can only match the original price quoted on their website as the changed price falls under the category of "flash sale". That sucks.

  • +3 votes

    $1287 for a set of PS4S haven't seen much better in a long time

  • Which Tyre do you guys recommend for Kia Sportage 2013? Need something good but not too expensive?

    • It will recommend about 3 or 4 tyres with user reviews etc when you enter your the size or choosing your car make. I used them for my Captiva and the price installed for a set of 18s was Mid $500 for some Goodyear FORTERA they gotta be better than the no name brands at least !

    • Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Goodyear, Pirelli, etc. Set your search filters by brands like these.

      Couldn't really go wrong with a set of mid-range or above tyres from a mainstream brand that's been around for a while.

  • I just got new tires last saturday….
    I did get a good price, but could have possibly saved $50 =(

  • didnt stack on the buy 3 get 4 for 2 budget tyre sets i tried. code increased the price.


      Hi David, discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with existing (buy4pay3) promotions. If the code is used, it will overwrite the existing promotion. However with the 15% off you have many further brand selections offered at a reduced price! Happy shopping :).

  • Good deal, pirellis free installation 15% off and their prices are lower too

    • Compared to say Costco?

    • When I took the Pirellis through the Cart it did say free installation, and then the next line said "Call Out Fee = $66"…. so I didn't proceed…. false advertising.

      • maybe cos you live far away. I ended up getting it pricedmatched at mycar except the indian on the phone wasn't from this country and tried to tell me that my local mycar was in port kembla wollongong when I lived in Sydney. Anyways, if you want a good service, just go in store to mycar and get it sorted.


        Good Afternoon, Unfortunately, our fitting partners charge a call out fee to attend orders of 3 tyres or less. Kind Regards, Tyroola Team.

  • FFS just got a new set from Tyroola fitted last week

  • Used these guys previously the discount can be a bit buggy on certain tyres but their price that included delivery and fitting was pretty decent will use them again

  • Try Tempe Tyres - https://www.tempetyres.com.au. Sometimes they are cheaper if you are near their branch.

  • Would be great deal if I was eligible for the free fitting in my location - P6 comes out at $168.50 EA. Jax has the same tyre for $170 - $1.50 a tyre is hardly a saving worth chasing.


      Hi Slimdealin, thanks for your query. Where are you located? Please let us know your postcode and we can check with our mobile fitters. Regards, Tyroola.

  • Got some Indonesian made Accelera tyres for my wife's car at last sale. Pleased with the tyres, good all-rounders although they ride a little firmer than the Bridgestones they replaced. No other issues. Fitting was very professional and spot on.

  • Thanks OP. Which tyres have both free fitting and buy 3 get 4 deals active to stack with your 15% code? Can't see any Pirelli in 18" for my Octavia. Happy to apply your referral code if I can find these. Looking for Euro or Japanese/Taiwanese brands ideally.

    • Sorry, I was wrong. Post updated. Tyroola rep has said above that the 3-for-4 does not stack with this code.

  • They are still more expensive than my local dealer.
    example toyo open country RT. Tyroola has it for 376 each(320 with disc). My local independent has them 300 each plus fitting.

    This is no bargain in my case.

    always pays to shop around.

    • Depends on the tyres really, I ordered sportcontact 6 x 4 and its 1166 installed after discount. My local wanted 360 each including fitting. So in my case I saved a fair penny.

  • Thanks, OP. First time using it so i hope order comes on time… ! Haven't got order confirmation yet :(

  • Thanks OP, used your link, hope you got the referral.

    • Thanks, but I don't think I actually have an active mates rates referral… Happy for it to go to someone else on OzB!

  • Anyone review this service? So they ship the tyres to the tyre shop and they fit them no issues?

    • Did this a few months ago. You pay Tyroola and then there's no more to pay. You will get a notification once the tyres are delivered to your chosen installer. Then you need to call the installer and make an appointment for the installation of the tyres. On the day you drive in, wait and drive out.

  • Thanks OP, only needed two tyres so this worked quite nicely!

  • Thanks OP, got a couple! If anyone else is looking for the 'Mates Rates' promotion (if you missed the 'Share' button after ordering, like I did), you can visit the following page: https://www.tyroola.com.au/matesrates-form/ (the form didn't show up for me until I disabled my ad-blocker temporarily).

  • I just checked with them and as per the representative on the Chat, Per checking with the operations. Unfortunately, Mates Rates and TYRE15OFF cannot run concurrently.

  • Thanks OP Needed 2 Tyres and the fitting station is where my car is being service next week so works out great.

  • I did some comparison:

    Tyroola: Budget Range
    225/60R17 99H
    Kewdale Road, Welshpool
    Est. 5-6 business days
    $172 <————————————-That seems to me is bit high?
    TYRE15OFF $71
    (incl. 10% GST)
    $684 Total comes to

    Mycar: Budget Range

    VIKING TeraTech HT 99H
    225/60R17 99H
    Tyrelife Saver Program
    Tyre care plan
    Standard inclusions
    You pay

    Both budget range, $100 cheaper at MyCar



      Hi Aerith-Waifu, the Powertrac is not currently available in Perth, that's why the expensive shipping cost.
      I would recommend the Annaite ($96 each) or the Maxtrek ($106) in the budget range, that are available in Perth, and for which there is no additional shipping cost involved.

      • Oh ok, whats the range (KM) on Annaite and Maxtrek? Thanks


          Hi Aerith-Waifu, Unfortunately due to many factors such as the vehicle, style of driving, types of roads being driven on etc, we cannot give an estimate on the mileage or performance of tyres.

  • I'll admit im looking at low volume / less common tyres - however - with 15% off the cost for tyres almost matches the existing advertised price from Tempe tyres - however Tempe includes fitting and balancing not just shipping. For reference - Michelin Pilot Super Sports in a staggered fitment; 285/35 r21 105Y fronts and 325/30 r21 108Y rears run $580 each for fronts and $558.45 for rears at Tyroola after the discount while Tempe has them at $575 for fronts and $560 for rears including fitting and balancing (if you use Tempe for fitting).

    Can you beat this Tyroola?

  • Got a really nice deal on some Pirelli Scorpion tyres. $653 delivered to my door, much cheaper than anyone else. Hopefully they are high quality as my current ones screech every turn…

  • Hey, is there a way to search for a brand and model of tyre?

    I am looking for a set of Bridgestone re-71RS (not the R) in 245/40/18 or 255/35/18.

    Edit:found out how to do it. On the mobile site, scrolling down gives the list of manufactures!


      Hi Daemos, you can also find a filter up the top right hand side of your screen. It looks like a tyre tread pattern. Here you can select many handy filters, including price, brand, load rating etc. Have a great weekend!

  • Hi not sure if this has been listed already but is there an option to purchase the tyres without fitting?
    I currently do not have my wheels as they are expected to be arriving in late January.

  • Look for tyres with free shipping - can be cheaper overall.

    I just bought some Hankook tyres listed for $139 which had free shipping.

    The Pirelli's I was looking at were $134 + 67 shipping (works out to $131ea for 4 shipped)
    The Hankook's were $139 + free shipping (works out to $118ea for 4 shipped)

  • Even with 15% off it’s still more expensive than the price I paid just going to my usual Bob Jane store.

    2x 235/45/R18 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 $518 fitted vs $523 after 15% off.

    MyCar don’t do Michelin so can’t use the Amex offer.

    Tyroola usually has pricing close to most decent tyre places and saves you asking around for quotes I guess.

  • Bought 4 x 225/45/R18 Kumho Solus KH17 for $589 including wheel alignment in VIC.

    My Car initially quoted over $900 (what the!) and couldn't beat this price.

    Thanks OP!

  • Does anyone know how old are the tyres they stock? About to pull the trigger on some RS4.

  • What is the 24 month hazard protection?

    I can't find information on it.

    • Tyroola's FREE Road Hazard Protection
      Common road hazards such as punctures, bruises or impact breaks, caused by glass, nails, curbs and potholes, and sustained during the course of normal driving on a reasonably maintained road are not covered under tyre manufacturers' warranties.* Tyroola is proud to supply the best quality tyre brands, but cannot control damages caused by road conditions. The Free Tyroola Road Hazard Warranty, ensures that you are always driving on safe tyres and provides you a peace of mind in case of any damage such as:

      Repairable and unrepairable punctures
      Impact fractures and breaks
      Accidental cuts and curb damage
      and is valid on any PCR, 4x4 and LT tyre purchased from Tyroola.com.au

      Tyroola Road Hazard Protection covers your tyre repair or replacement as follows:

      Tyres are covered for 24 months from the date of purchase or until 1.6mm or less of tread remains, whichever occurs first.
      During the period of benefit, repair (providing that the puncture occurred in a legally repairable area) or replace the tyre free of charge if there is less than 25% tread wear on the tyre. If tread wear is over 25%, pro-rata charges will apply for the replacement tyre. (If a tyre is 25% worn, 25% charge will apply. If the tyre is 50% worn, 50% charge will apply, based on the new tyre price. Should the identical product be obsolete, a comparable product will be provided. Pro-rata costs are based on RRP at the time of replacement
      Tyroola will cover this repair or replacement up to the value of $500 as a benefit cap.
      Claim under your free Road Hazard Warranty is simple:

      Comply with the list of responsibilities described below
      Send an invoice/receipt of your purchase to [email protected]
      Provide photos of the tyre and the damage to it, while it is still on the rim. The pictures must be clear and at a minimum should have a full shot of the sidewall, and a clear close up of the damage, but the more photos the better.
      Once photos have been received, the tyre can come off the rim, and you can notify us that the tyre is ready to be picked up at the original delivery address.
      Your responsibilities

      As our customer, you have a few small responsibilities under this warranty.

      The warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the tyres
      The tyres should always be maintained in a good condition at the correct tyre pressures.
      Wheel balancing, alignments and tyre rotation should be carried out at regular intervals, and proof must be supplied to claim warranty (proof must be written documents from a professional tyre or suspension store).
      All necessary precautions will be taken to avoid driving over obstacles like kerbs and rough road edges which may cause tyre damage.
      If the claim is unsuccessful, you will be responsible for the transport costs to have the tyre returned to the warehouse for inspection. If this is the case, you have 30 days to pay this logistic cost from the date of notification from us via phone or email.
      * Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. Your Road Hazard Warranty is a benefit to you the customer given in addition to your consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

      Some exclusions apply:
      This Tyroola Road Hazard Warranty excludes damage caused by lack of tyre care, maintenance and deliberate abuse. The aforementioned are not covered by this road hazard warranty. Tyres that become unserviceable due to fire, theft, snow chain damage, vandalism, racing, improper rotation, improper repair, improper inflation pressure, overloading, off-road use, on-road collisions, vehicle obstruction and similar types of damage or abuse are not covered by this warranty. The warranty applies to any tyres purchased from Tyroola down to at least the minimum legal tread depth (or above) as required by the relevant Australian state authority.

      If the damage was caused from other means other than normal use, it is excluded from Tyroola's Road Hazard Protection, this includes any damaged caused during fitment. If this damage was caused from or during fitment, it is the responsibility of the business who carried out the fitment job, and not Tyroola's.
      If a claim is successful, the repair or replacement is only for the tyre itself, and excludes any additional costs such as shipping and fitting. The cost of shipping will be calculated on a case by case basis, if shipping was free with your original purchase, this is excluded from the replacement as free shipping is only applicable to newly purchased items.

      Offer commence date: 01/01/2016 (Any purchases before this date are not eligible for Tyroola's Road Hazard Protection.)

  • Free Mobile Fitting:
    "Only valid on selected Pirelli tyres when a mobile fitting partner is available to service the applicable fitment area. <b>Additional call out fees</b> and wheel alignment costs apply."

    As well,
    "You are entitled to request a return within 14 days after you, or a third party named by you, received the tyres. […]
    Only unused tyres that have not been mounted are eligible for return. We do not offer returns for simply change of mind or wrongly ordered products."