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5% off Him, Her, Home, Kids (Can Be Redeemed for JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Xbox) @ The Card Network

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The Card Network
The Card Network


  • 10% off with AGL rewards too

  • Woolies is running 1000 extra points for $50 (600 points for $30) Ultimate Gift Cards (Him, Her, Home, Kids & Students) at the moment. These cards can be used for JB, TGG, EBGames as well

    • 1000 points = $5 if I recall correctly?
      And is it 1000 points once or 1000 points per card purchased?

      • That’s correct. Basically, you get 10% back for shopping at Woolies. I believed the limit is 10 batches of bonus points for each denomination / even card type if they don’t change the terms recently. I used to get both $100 & $50 eBay GCs when promotions were on