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25-28% off Pioneer Speakers (e.g. 6.5" Component Speaker Set TS-G160C $97.49, TS-G1620F 2-Way 6.5" $45) @ Supercheap Auto


Hi Folks,

Randomly came across some deals on speakers for car audio:

Pioneer 6.5" Component Speaker Set: $97.49, from $135~

Pioneer TS-G1620F 2-Way 6.5" Speakers: $45 from $60~

Pioneer TS-G1020F 2-Way 4" Speaker:$39.74 from $52.99

It has been awhile since i had any need to replace speakers in my car, but might be useful for people driving older cars or budget cars with poor quality speakers.

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  • VE / VF Commodores (without Bose speaker setup) can certainly benefit from changing the standard import paper cone speakers to something like these 6.5". Even if just do the fronts the sound is so much nicer for low cost.

  • Jesus Christ Superstars! I didn't know car stereos were still a thing! Thought it died out at least 10 years ago along with the hot 4s and import car scene!

    • If you are a Westpac Investment Analyst driving a $80k car maybe not so much. For those driving something a little older and cheaper, it is still a thing.

  • Shame there's no 5x7s. Could use a set

  • Would these suit FG falcon front doors?