This was posted 1 year 1 month 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 200GB iCloud Storage for 3 Months (New iCloud Subscribers Only) @ Apple via Telstra


Just saw this on my Telstra Hub, turns out link is generic so anyone can get this offer.

Terms + Conditions:

Limited time offer available to 5GB iCloud users. Your storage plan will automatically renew at the regular monthly price. You can cancel at any time.

Plan is also eligible for family sharing.

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  • New subscribers only - didn’t work for me :(

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      I was an existing user, all you need to do is cancel your current subscription and sign up.

      • Subscriptions don’t cancel immediately, and cancelling a subscription risks data loss.

    • Was offering it to me and I am not a new customer, I just don’t need it.

      • is iCloud email any good??

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          Have had to support people using it in the past. The web interface is quite a heavy application and takes awhile to load up, have had a few people not receiving emails from certain senders and not appearing in junk folder. I would rate it on par with ISP free offerings.

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    To redeem, open this link on your iPhone or iPad.

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      Tell' em they're dreaming.

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    iCloud lockin then pay $$$$ for life

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    Downgraded my storage to 5GB/month but it still tells me “your offer cannot be redeemed with your current subscription”

    • Yeah same. I guess maybe we need to downgrade and then wait till the billing month is up, and then if the deal is still around then it might work.

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    It is a trap …

  • Hmmm I am getting "to redeem this offer you need to sign into your iCloud"
    I'm on my macbook, so I am a bit confused why this is happening.

  • It’s asking me for a code

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    3 month… and then what? you pay? or have to move everything again? either way sounds like a waste of time.

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      Not sure this is a valid reason for a neg - if someone were signing up, this is beneficial to them and therefore a good deal

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        Are we going to start posting every free trial under the sun?

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        It’s not really a deal. If anything I’m spending more time moving files around now and again in 3 month. At least when I’m moving money and out of banks accounts, I’m getting cashback or bonus points. Or if I sign up for 3 month spotify I get to enjoy music for 3 month. File backup is only good if the backup is permanently there not just for 3 month.

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      By then Apple One should be active.

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      temporary account then you have to pay. hard to see this as a "bargain"

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    It's offers like this that makes you think the O365 Family Deals are just awesome.. 6 users with 1TB each for an entire year for $12 per person when you get it on discount ($1 per person per month!).. Not to mention the Office licencing..

    • Where is this deal? Sounds amazing

      • SaveOnIT sells it at a reduced price:

        But currently it's $99 but it is cheaper when they are on special around $80 or so.. Or wait until Bing Lee eBay 20% off will drop to this price.

        This allows 6 people to use for 1 year, gives user licences to Office Suite for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, 1TB of OneDrive access per person etc.. If you can't use all 6 licences, just gang up with some family and friends to share the costs. Much cheaper than anything Apple offers and just as good.

        • Awesome. I get 1TB free through work but feels off putting personal stuff on there. Thanks!

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    Waste of time unless you want to continue using the service.

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    This is free trial.

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    I absolute hate icloud because i have to pay $4.49 for it whereas I have 10TB of onedrive storage with my personal account! I only use it because it's easy to sync up with iphone.

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    Comment here people who have 200GB from Telstra Onedrive.

    I have it from 2 accounts and been working fine for 4 years now.

    • 230GB total with 200 from Telstra. Haven’t filled it yet.

    • I’m with Telstra - how did you qualify for 200 gb with OneDrive? Is this a bonus / targeted feature?

    • I still can't believe it's still working. I've got my whole laptop backed up to it. Four years going strong. Cheers Telstra.

    • Yup - this is why I basically only use iCloud for my iOS backups. Everything else goes on Onedrive…

      (Still, I'll grab the 200GB of iCloud data because the battery in my iPhone X has swollen up so I've sent it to Apple for replacement (thanks for closing the Apple Stores, Dan!), which'll mean I'll get another couple of years of life out of it. In the meantime though, I've created a separate backup of the temporary 6S I'm using that I did a - bad - DIY repair on a few months ago after my dad shattered its screen…)

  • Boost mobile working .!

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    It’s an horrible deal. What are you gonna do after 3 months? 😂

  • Aye.

    Good timing. Can just use this to move from old iPhone to new iPhone

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    Thanks OP! This will come handy when upgrading to Pro Max in 3 weeks :)

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    This is a trial, not a deal…

  • You can also share this offer with your family.

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    1tb on onedrive if you use Microsoft office, subscription.

  • Can't beat Google drive, can't say ms clouds great, they have notorious banned if anything is uploaded even by mistake(very aggressive filters)but they all free.

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    Yeah no thanks Apple.
    I made this mistake with another data subscription, once you upload your data you have to keep paying to keep it in the cloud otherwise is deleted.

  • Why would you need 200gb?

    I’m not even using 50.

    Like, what’s the use case?

    • High res Photos , videos and files on your Mac/iPad/iPhone

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    Apple charge though the roof, this is just a free trial therefore negative from me!

  • Sorry. 3 months is way too short. It is just a trial, and then they charge you a fortune to keep using iCloud.

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    Just subscribed to the 200Gb a few days ago, now it say i won’t be charge until 21/2/2021 , so get 3 months free, thanks.

  • This is perfect timing for transferring all my data to the new iPhone.
    I was actually planning to pay for a month in order to do this but this deal saves me a few dollars.

    • Couldn't you just plug your phone into a computer and back it up then restore that to the new phone during the setup wizard? Would be faster than an internet based backup & restore.

      • Yes but it takes a bit more time and hassle and iCloud is automated making it simpler. It's just about spare time really.

    • If your current phone isn't too old then you can do a direct phone-to-phone transfer which is pretty fast.

      I do understand wanting to start the new phone fresh though.

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    What a waste of time. Have to move date after 3 months, or else risk losing data. No thanks, I value my time.

  • I actually want to use this but when I click on redeem it brings me to the App Store and wants me to input a gift card code

    • It doesn't work on a Mac it seems…

  • Why people upvote useless stuff like this.. ?

  • I use google photos for unlimited storage(standard quality photos + videos) and 5 gb iCloud is enough for other apps data.

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    Canceled my 200gb sub yesterday which happened to renew same day. Resub'd today with this for 3 months free. Cheers OP

  • As apple has released new software for macbook, big sur. Unfortunately, i cannot install it because i do not have enough storage available. I have 128 gb ssd , around 40 gb my data/files, and around 60 gb is taken by category "Other" . I tried to find solution online but no luck. Can someone help, how to delete this other storage?

    • You can’t, “other” generally refers to storage taken up by the system.

      • 60 Gb by system?

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    Thanks OP, I was already on 200GB plan and cancelled it after seeing this post. Today my plan expired and I was able to successfully redeem the free iCloud for 3 months. Great deal for those who are already on this plan or are looking to start the iCloud plan.

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