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Sony XAV-AX8000 for $799 with FREE Reverse Camera and National Shipping @ Bankstown Sound


Warm up to Black Friday

Hey guys! just dropping these here as we start gearing into the pointy end of the year and work ourselves up to Black Friday and all that craziness!

Now, pre-empting a couple of comments we're running these prices from now until mid-November with stock availability all the way through. We've worked unbelievably hard with the national suppliers and international sales managers to ensure that we'll have a solid line of stock all the way through to 2021 for you guys.

We missed out on our two Midnight Sales this year and we haven't been able to do anything as crazy as we normally do because this year has been a red hot dumpster fire. But this is what we've got for you right now - we hope you like it!

Of course, the free installation on all Dashcams is continuing to run until October 31st, so be sure to grab yours before that offer goes away!

We'll be working on more sales and crazier pricing as the month goes on, so this is #justthebeginning!

Cheers and hope you're pleased!

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  • Whats a good hea unit for a 2012 suzuki swift sport. I want it mainly for Apple carplay and reverse camera. Do any of these do wireless apple car play and gps navigation. How good is the quality of the rear camera

    • Pioneer DMH-Z6350BT(bankstownsound.com.au) with free reverse camera and national shipping for $849 (this is the wireless Apple CarPlay product)

      The DMH-Z6350BT and the DMH-ZF9350BT are the only ones in the list that have Wireless Apple CarPlay

  • are there any experiences with Ryda? they have the PIONEER DMH-Z6350BT wireless one for 798 + shipping

  • Hey Rep, is the only difference between the 5350 and 6350 wireless carplay/android auto?

    • That and Australian stock availability. There's a lot more DMH-Z5350BT's in the country, and there's not a lot of them! The whole year, I think I've seen about 15 units of the DMH-Z6350BT, so they're rare af.

  • Can you do the XAV-AX5000 for $450 again?

    • We might see what the coming months let us do. But there'll be nothing in the industry like last year, simply because, hand to God, the buy prices have risen which makes it almost impossible to match last year's mental prices.

  • hi guys is there a DAB+ radio attatchment for the sony xav ax5000 please? TIA

  • Is there such a thing as single din, fold out android auto unit that is reasonably priced?

  • Hi, how much would it be installed for a 2012 Landcruiser Prado Altitude with steering control? Many thanks

  • Interested in Sony XAV-AX3000? what other parts will that need to install on Aurion 2013? or it's Plug and Play?

    Also, what reverse camera it comes with? does that mean factlory fitted will not work?

    • For installation quotes, please give the store a call on 02 9708 5444. The reverse camera that is offered is the Parkmate CMD12N. Apart from the new Kenwood CMOS-740HD (which is 720p), all reverse cameras are pretty much the same, 480p and either 140° or 170° FOV. The only real difference is if the cameras themselves have static guidelines or not.

    • Not plug and play, you'll need a facia kit and a suitable aerpro harness if you aren't comfortable with wiring it in yourself.

      The stock reversing camera in an Aurion is 6 volt (at least my 2012 model was, not sure about other years), so you'd either need to convert the 12v from the Sony headunit to 6, or run the new camera instead (I chose not to as I wanted to retain factory look / avoid mounting issues)

  • Hi, what parts are needed for kia cerato 2011 with the XAV-AX3000? Also would it be possible to use the centre console usb port for Android auto?

    • For installation quotes, please give the store a call on 02 9708 5444. As long as we can obtain a factory USB retention adaptor, yes, you could make the cabin USB work for Android Auto.

  • Would these fit in a Nissan Pulsar 2015? what would be the suggested headunit with a reverse camera for one, I am currently looking to buy one thanks :)

  • Any of these suitable for a 2014 Mazda BM?
    Requirements are Apple CarPlay, Digital Radio, and reverse cam, and steering buttons to continue to work.

  • This is a good deal.

    Alternatively autobarn has the same sony xav 8000 for $675 without the reverse camera

  • I am really liking the Sony XAV-AX5000, bought it elsewhere for $450 about 6 months ago.

  • I have no idea how these things work. Do you install them on top of your infotainment system or does this replace it? Do I need to uninstall my car's stock infotainment system to make room for this thing?

    I drive a 2020 Suzuki vitara and the infotainment system came with it really sucks, always unresponsive on Android auto when connected to my phone, doesn't show up the phone is connected. I had to shut the engine then reconnect the phone to make Android auto to work.

    • Yes, you generally take out the factory system and replace it with one of these. Give the store a call on 02 9708 5444 from tomorrow and get a quote.

  • Hi Rep,

    Just a query about the XAV-AX3000, I noticed that your website states it's a 6.2" screen but ok the Sony website it says 6.9". Do you have a different version or is this just a typo?


  • Does the Sony XAV-AX3000 fit a Toyota 2012 Corolla Sedan (ZRE152R)?

    • Yeah, it will, you'll need some adaptors for sides of the unit though.

      • Thanks for the reply - what about the axis and pioneer ones? Do they also require adaptors for the sides?

        Or do any of the other Sony ones not require the adaptors?

        • No, no. Because Toyota (and some Subaru) you'll need 'wings' to cover the gaps on either side. The one's I've linked also have a cabin-facing USB port, which makes Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connect easier. Kenwood has a special range of head units that are made to fit perfectly in Toyota's and Subaru's (any Kenwood unit with WS in the model number), but they're a little bit more expensive, and in 2020, in short supply.