eBay Refunded Buyer Even Though I Showed Proof of Delivery

A buyer claimed for $35 saying item not received so I looked up the tracking number, replied to him giving the tracking number and added it to the system, the dispute says I added tracking details. They just refunded the buyer saying I didnt provide proof. So I checked the system and there is an extra way to add the tracking number,so I have. I have also filed an appeal. They just ignored the dispute history where it says I added tracking number, and my reply to him. Can I do anything at Paypal? I have had a quick look at paypal and may not be able to. Will have to wait for appeal result, dont have much confidence

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  • Don’t sell on eBay. A few years ago I sold about 30 items, had 5 “item not received” chargebacks and 1 seller threaten to do a chargeback if I didn’t refund them half the money (so either lose the item plus all the money, or lose half. Neat scam eBay didn’t give a **** about).

    Thank god FB marketplace came around, now I can sell things for a better price, quicker, not losing a ton in shipping costs, and with a LOAD less trouble! Hate FB, but the marketplace and speciality groups are great, there are so many niche topics where you can find a few dead forums or subreddits at best, but there are active groups with tens of thousands of people on FB.

  • I Showed Proof of Delivery

    Does it say the same suburb?

  • Contact financial services ombudsman or whatever it's called now. I feel like a broken record saying this all the time. PayPal have not abided by the terms and conditions that they themselves have set out, you will get your money back.

  • This is not the first time you've had issues buying and selling on eBay.

    There's been this, this and this and they're just the ones we know about.

    It's time to change buying/selling platforms.

    • Wow… good find! Geesus Pam2019, please just give up and move on…. How many more lessons you need? Omg….

    • Not only this, Pam has issues with many other things. What's the common denominator?

      • stalking is the common denominator and also the overall nasty environment creators that infest the internet online forums. You know the tiresome unpleasant downside of the net we have to endure, those who have nothing positive to contribute other than their vitriole

    • lmao as soon as you see pam is OP you know its going to be a good post

    • After going through those posts… Why do I get a feeling that Pam's getting bit personal with this ebay thing.. Because every post is against ebay.. I don't love ebay for their rubbish commission but hey… I don't see this a real story anymore… Same thing repeated multiple times. Something is fishy…

  • Hey hellopam2019, Yeah I got the parcel and the refund…. closed my accounts. See Ya

  • Maybe you should hire someone who is more familiar with eBay, and use your own efforts to find more stuff to sell or something.

  • Thread closed by request.