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Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart GU10 Twin Pack for $46.85 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Less of sale, and more an improved price due to the falling pound I think, but still one of the best historical prices for this smart bulb twin pack. Singles are currently going for $49.95 at Bunnings. These are not the full colour (i.e. purple, etc.) version, but changeable through a white-yellow spectrum.

[edit 27/10] Annoyingly for me, but maybe happily for others, after pulling the trigger at higher price points, it's now fallen even further to $46.85 per pack :/

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  • Do these include daylight?

  • These are also the new Bluetooth version, so can be used without a hub. Wondering if that’s why the price is more attractive now?

    • Do these also support ZigBee? Bluetooth only would suck from a home automation perspective

      • Yep - connecting these through the (sold separately) Hue Bridge then has them communicating over Zigbee mesh. Whilst I know you can use IKEA Zigbee bulbs with the Hue Bridge, I'm not sure of if the other way, i.e. if Hue bulbs can be used with other Zigbee bridges…

        • Yeah pretty sure they are supported via Samsung Smartthings. Thanks for the confirmation. Still seems expensive might go back and get some GLEDOPTO multicoloured LED lights as they make them for MR16 fittings as well

          • @julz: Are those the only ones that do MR16 fittings?

            • @nightelves: Yep from all my searching. They work ok and are bright enough for my bedroom. Expensive though at about $26+ each via AliExpress. Worked without any problems with Smartthings. Should also work with other ZigBee hubs too

  • What am i missing here? is this cheaper? and in Australia?

  • Can anyone recommend a casing for these?

  • I think I posted this somewhere else.

    If you have Hue eco system, these are the ones you should go with. Against IKEA GU10, these are 50lm less than IKEA ($20 ones). Secondly, IKEA ones only have 3 color settings (yellow to day light)

    If I hadn’t bought the ikea ones, I would’ve gone with these.

    • IKEA ones only have 3 color settings

      Not true. There are 3 pre-set values on their remote, but many levels if using app, or holding down buttons, etc.

      At the moment, they have 3x GU10 plus controller for $59: (was $69)


      GU10 works well with Hue Bridge. (but controller talks direct to bulbs, not via bridge)

      But $52/pair for Hue is not bad.

      • Then perhaps through hue app then?
        They default to the nearest preset color when scheduled to do so.

        • The Hue app has very limited function.

          Can you manually set the colour for individual lights? How are you scheduling?
          Sorry, thinking, I have not tested this specifically on GU10 CCT, just e14 and e27.

          checking: Ikea docs say 3 colours: 2200, 2700, and 4000K. This is well short of the 6500K max you get from Hue, which is real noon daylight colour.

          But using the Hue app, I can manually set the E14 or E27 Ikea bulbs to many colours. The app does not see the range limit, so after a point (4000K presumably), increasing the colour-temp makes no difference.
          The Ikea controllers only allow 3 colour settings on these bulbs, so it seems to be a software limit. GU10 could be different, but I'd be surprised.

          • @manic: Yeah you can schedule scenes. My outside lights are yellow and then turn white at 8pm. You cant use HomeKit via hue for the gu10s.

            It always defaults to one of the three presets

  • So why would you get these over IKEA ones, comparing bulbs to bulbs directly.

    • I have a mix of both, and I find that the IKEA ones aren't able to get quite as blue/white as the Hue ones. They seem to be fine keeping up into yellow, but are a little off/green when trying to get down to the white light I like to set my Hues to in the mornings.

    • I bought 4 GU10 IKEA ones and one started flickering after about a month or so and then just died a month or two later.

      They were also quite a pain to setup with my hue bridge, as I had to have them physically close to the bridge to pair (& I only have ceiling mounted GU10 fittings).

  • Price dropped again - now showing $46.85