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AOC 24G2 23.8" 1080p 144hz IPS Monitor $259 Delivered @ PCByte


Following the upcoming deal from Shopping Express, PCByte has price matched them. No need to wait and try your luck getting one from 10-11pm tomorrow night.
Free delivery or pick up from Auburn NSW. Bank transfer or otherwise 1% surcharge if paying by PayPal or CC, making it $261.59 delivered. Enjoy!

  • 24" IPS Panel
  • Full HD Resolution (1920x1080)
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms Response Time
  • HDR Mode
  • AMD Freesync
  • Ergonomics : Height adjustment, Pivot, Swivel, Tilt

Credits to DarkOz for the find!

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  • How do these rate compared to all the Dells that are popping up? If a decent 27"" pops up im gonna jump on it for these prices.

    • I don't believe that there's any comparable Dell deal to this.The 27 inch monitor I assume you're speaking about is the S2721DGF which is a great monitor albiet a lot more expensive than this one and great value.

    • I had the AOC 27G2 which is the larger version of this, it was a great monitor. 24 inch would have higher pixel density than the 27. I actually sold my AOC 27G2 for 250 and bought the Dell from the deals here, must say the Dell is far superior but AOC is amazing if on a budget.

    • By the way, the particular Dell I was comparing this to is S2721DGF. I would 100% get the AOC and not regret it if budget was a concern. Otherwise Dell S2721DGF all the way.

      • does optimum/native resolution play significant role in gaming? the reason I ask is because AOC (24G2/27G2) seems to have optimum resolution of 1920x1080 whilst Dell S2721DGF native resolution is 2560x1440.

        Dell ones also stated that via DP, it yields 165Hz whilst AOC via DP/HDMI seems to yield 144Hz; not sure if this particular one (Hz) is just marketing gimmick.

        they're both also FreeSync.

        • 1440p is highly demanding compared to 1080p so unless you have the graphics card to push 120+ fps constantly you will probably use resolution scaling. High Hz and FPS is more important on online competitive games so running 1080p could still be ideal at high fps just so you have consistant fps with out drops on your 0.1% lows. If competitive online gaming isnt a concern 1440p more enjoyable on the eyes. Yes 165 Hz over DP 144 Hz over HDMI, I suggest reading an article or watching a video on 60 Hz vs 144 Hz vs 240 Hz.

    • i think the dells are amazing, would compare to these however you do get what you pay for.

  • How's it compare to the VG259Q? I heard the VG is better response time wise but the AOC looks better.

    • i think theyre pretty much identical. same panel, slightly different scaler/main pcb
      just go with the aoc

  • Should I buy this now, or wait a bit longer until Black Friday for a better deal?

    • I say go for it, can't see this dropping lower

    • Com's right, like…Black Friday deals tend to be terriable. And all the real bargains are found here on OzB throughout the year.

      The real deals are those only a few find and bless us here on Ozb and last a few minutes, not ones on days when department stores tell the whole country are value.

      When everyone is expecting a sale. No one will get one.

  • I am lost. I need a new monitor for admin work, Excel, Word 24 - 27 inch
    What features are important in what order? Size, refresh rate and or response time? Is Freesync a must have?

    • +2 votes

      I'd say purely price. Only admin work doensn't warrant freesync or gsync. You'd find a very small difference between a $140 monitor and $300 one for Office apps. Refresh rate is nice to have and a must for a lot but double or more price just to have a smoother mouse pointer? I don't think so.

    • I would try get a >27inch IPS with minimum 1440p. An ultrawide screen would be ideal, refresh and response time and freesync not too important for WFH.

  • For admin work size is the biggest priority. Refresh rate and response time are good features for gaming. Freesync is also only used for games.

    • Thank you

    • Currently there are two 24" monitors, one is AOC for $137, the other one is Dell P2419H.Do you think the AOC is pretty good deal for daily office works?
      Many thanks for your opinion

      • If you were looking at purchasing this monitor (AOC 24G2) - there is a cheaper version (AOC 24G2E5) which is just a lower refresh rate and about $100 cheaper.

  • Should be 159 to 190, the pricings all wrong.

  • Would've bought this had the DELL deal not came up. Reviews were solid. Bang for bucks.

  • For some reason, it's coming up as $299 when I click on the Go to Deal link above