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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB RAM US$44 (~A$61) Delivered (Requires Pre-purchase of Gift Cards) @ Fasttech


This deal is a more complex than the average deal, there are two offers you have to apply.

FIRST, buy US$45 of gift cards (=10+10+25 cards) from Fasttech BEFORE 4pm on October 30 for a 5% bonus credit on the gift cards. If purchased before 4pm on 30 October, you will receive US$47.25 worth of gift cards, for ~A$61 (depending on the exchange rate).

THEN buy the Raspberry Pi BETWEEN 4pm 31 October and 4pm 1 November. During that time, with the 10%-off coupon code listed above, the RPi price will be US$45.89

This will leave you with US$1.36 left over, which can presumably be used to buy accessories like a micro-HDMI cable, needed for the RPi4: https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10042517/9146900-micro-h...

WARNING: in the event stocks run out, you could be stranded with US$45 of gift cards. Fasttech could also increase the price if stocks run low. If so, the gift card is valid for 5 years. On the previous RPi deal at Fasttech, the price did increase after ~18 hours: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/562756

Note also the Fasttech is not TechFast (this seems to come up in Fasttech deals), they are a Chinese wholesaler, and delivery is recently taking 3-7 weeks (see comments at the end of the previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/562756 )

They also have the 4GByte RAM model which will be US$63.35 during the deal, if combined with the 5%-off gift cards, you'll need to buy US$65 (=$25+$10x4) of gift cards for ~A$91, and you'll have US$4.90 left over. https://www.fasttech.com/products/1017/10013655/9725715

CashRewards also have 3.5% cashback for Fasttech, so you might get cashback for the gift cards purchase or when using the gift cards to make the RPi purchase. Unclear on CR website.

Full details here: https://www.fasttech.com/forums/promotions/t/3105857/no-tric...

UPDATE 26 October: Fasttech have confirmed that this is a version 1.2 board (the latest version).

I asked them via their customer support webpage "Is this version 1.2 of the raspberry pi, or an older version?"

They replied "The item SKU 9725714 is 1.2 version. Please feel free to write us whenever you have questions. We're always here to help."

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  • Another possible accessory: Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter, US$1.29 (but will be US$1.16 with coupon code)

    Personally I would prefer the cable listed in the deal.

  • I wouldn't get this one. This model looks like 1.1 version with all sorts of power issue and will need a million$ USB C cable with an E.

    Pay little more for the 1.2 version with improvised power circuit.


    • +5 votes

      Same question came up with the 4GB version that was a recent deal from Fasttech, it was version 1.2, but the website had old photos. I have raised this query with Fasttech, but they only reply on business days. Fasttech probably don't know, so they'll probably query their supplier, and it could take a couple of days. I'll update the post when they confirm.

      will need a million$ USB C cable with an E.

      Did you read the article you linked?
      "many of us are waiting for the fix for USB-C even it does not affect most of us."

      "… many are still using Raspberry Pi 4B with the official Power adapter from Raspberry Pi foundation and many 3rd party power adapter. Frankly speaking, up to today, I have yet to get an actual “E-Marked” USB-C cable or adapter. We have been powering up this powerful single board computer since the launch, June 2019, without problem. "

      If it is the older version, it's only a problem if you use both a power supply with a USB C socket, and a particular rare type of USB-C to USB-C cable. Most USB-C to USB-C cables work fine, only the rare "E-Marked" cable has problems. USB-A to USB-C cables are fine, and stand-alone power supplies are fine too.

      And this unit probably ISN'T version 1.1, so the risk is exceptionally small.

      improvised power circuit.

      Should that be "improved" power circuit?

    • If you can get 1.1 at a discounted price, that not supporting e-marked USB-C cable is not a big deal. Here are the reasons:

      • The official power supply with USB-C cable attached is still NOT e-marked.
      • Most 3rd party starter packs are the same. Why would they include an e-marked cable which is more expensive?
      • Are people going to buy an e-marked cable for this? Do they need to check Benson's review first as some e-marked cables are not really correctly e-marked.
      • We are talking about 15W max. It is more important to get a power supply that's decent quality better than fixated on a cable.

      That said, my experience with FastTech isn't positive so far. They feel like SlowTech, especially with their included free postage. I had two packages using free postage option going around in circle within China for a month (one of them seems to have finally left China, the other one… well it could go around in circle for the 4th time).

      • I had two packages using free postage option going around in circle within China for a month

        That's not just Fasttech, I have two Ebay deliveries doing the same thing. Here's one of the Ebay purchases (17track.net via Google Translate):

        2020-10-08 14:40 Guangzhou, airline departure
        2020-10-08 10:08 Airline receiving
        2020-10-08 04:49 Guangzhou, delivered to the carrier for transportation
        2020-10-08 04:49 Guangzhou, delivered to the carrier for transportation
        2020-10-08 03:22 Guangzhou, leave [Guangzhou International Center], next stop [Guangzhou International Exchange Station] (transit)
        2020-10-07 09:58 Guangzhou, [Guangzhou International Center] has been exported and sealed
        2020-10-07 09:58 Guangzhou, [Guangzhou International Center] returned, remarks: security check returned
        2020-10-06 07:14 Airline receiving
        2020-10-06 03:49 Guangzhou, delivered to the carrier for transportation
        2020-10-06 03:49 Guangzhou, delivered to the carrier for transportation
        2020-10-05 10:44 Guangzhou, [Guangzhou International Center] has been exported and sealed
        2020-10-04 22:09 Guangzhou, arrive at【Guangzhou International Center】(Transit)
        2020-10-04 20:53 Foshan, leave [Foshan Shunde Mail Processing Center], next stop [Guangzhou International Center]
        2020-10-04 20:17 Foshan, arrive at【Foshan Shunde Mail Processing Center】
        2020-10-04 20:15 Foshan City, leave [International Parcel Processing Center], next stop [Guangzhou International]
        2020-10-04 17:49 Foshan City, [International Parcel Processing Center] has been received and sent, soliciting investment: Institutional administrator

        Most recent update was 18 days ago, which hopefully is Australia Post's delay, and I should receive it soon.

    • This model looks like 1.1 version

      Fasttech have confirmed that this is version 1.2, see updated deal above.

  • +19 votes

    Thanks, but local stock from a respected shop, for only $66 AU.

    All that hassle to save $2 at most, and then wait for import??


    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, BCM2711 SoC, 2GB DDR4 RAM, USB 3.0, PoE Enabled $66 delivered.

    with improvised power circuit.

    "improvised" does not sound good.

    • -3 votes

      The person who edited my deal mangled it, the price is ~61AUD, so $5 saving. Cheapest price ever listed on OzBargain for this model with the same RAM.

      What is your reason for the neg, your comment doesn't list a valid one according to the guidelines:

      • Nothing personal, its just not a good deal. Check the votes.

        • "improvised" does not sound good.

          You're negging me for a spelling mistake that isn't in my post?

          • @Russ: Relax Russ, I am not "negging" you. Votes are for deals, not people. Your contributions here are valued.

            It is just that in this particular instance, given the convoluted, risky and time-consuming method, narrow purchase window, 7 day wait, and 7 week shipping, the first result of a google search gave a much better deal, from element14. Local.

            And I believe the convention here is not to include savings for using gift-cards in the deal price. (no?)

            • @manic: Even without the gift cards, it's still a saving compared to your Element14 price. Just less of a saving. Still not a valid reason for a neg, according to the guidelines.

              • @Russ: I disagree. A risky deal involving juggling gift cards is a perfectly valid reason for a negative vote. The risk is not worth the saving, in the voter's estimations.
                And without the added discount of buying the gift cards, the deal is too small compared to a local seller.

              • @Russ: OP, don’t get too personally attached to your post unless you are a store associate or store rep…?

                It looks like you had put in a lot of effort for your post, it can feel pretty crap getting neg(s) for it, but in the case the neg is for the store as mentioned by others.

                Hopefully you find a better deal next time and you’ll see the votes should reflect that.

                • @SF3:

                  but in the case the neg is for the store as mentioned by others

                  I don't see that in what has been written. Fasttech has a very good reputation, see the previous deal listed above, 161 plus votes and zero negatives.

                  What I am seeing is "not enough of a bargain", a listed inappropriate reason for a negative vote. Except for the possibility of the RPi being a V1.1 board, which I have since addressed, the other current neg votes don't look valid to me:

                  don’t get too personally attached to your post

                  What I meant was "You're negging my deal for a spelling mistake in someone else's comment?", but it came out mangled. Note that I'm not the first person to make a typo in the comments. But I will admit to being attached, it took me about an hour to write up, in a way that was clear. And then someone came in and edited it in a way that made it unclear, which commenters then used against the deal.

                  For the record (and not replying to you personally), I only added the gift card bits because that's what's in the front-page banner ad at Fasttech, and on the full description that I linked to at the bottom of the post. 15% discount is better than 10%. If I gave two separate deals, listing the 5% and 10% discount separately, there would be even more "Not enough of a bargain" complaints.

                  • @Russ: The main issue with FastTech is that FastTech appears to be a platform. It's up to the suppliers to provide the items and FastTech do have a tendency to provide inaccurate ETA. I had purchased items which was listed in stock but after the purchased switch to 2 business days. That wasn't actually the worst. I had one that was ETA 2 business days, but later switched to 5 business day. Then, anther delay to pushed it to literally 2 weeks.

                    You are also much better off paying extra for the slightly faster postage. Put it this way, my two packages with free postage option are still in transit (and it is close to 2 months now). The two I paid for postage, one arrived and another one has landed in Australia.

                    FastTech's customer support is also slow. They start by liaising information between you and the seller / supplier and they only operate during their business hours. It's unlikely you will run into issue with R Pi 4, but personally, I am going to avoid FastTech going forward.

                    • @netsurfer: You have a point, but this is a problem with any cheap online seller. I have had worse problems with Amazon and AliExpress.

                      Four months ago, I ordered a car radio from Amazon, and received a hose clamp ~5 weeks later. After getting Amazon involved, got money back a week later. Then ordered a car radio from AliExpress. AliExpress seller supplied a shipping number that didn't track with any tracking service, by luck I had picked a product with "guaranteed delivery in two weeks", so I only waited two weeks before I could chase my money, and AliExpress refunded in a day. Then I tried to order the same radio from Fasttech, they came back 48 hours later and said "obsolete item, we can't get it, would you like refund or credit". I chose refund, and had it a couple of hours later. Then I ordered the car radio from DX.com, and finally received it ~5 weeks later.

                      But for honesty, Amazon and AliExpress are still listing the item they don't have, even after I reported the fraudulent activity. Fasttech marked their page as unavailable immediately they couldn't obtain it.

                      FastTech's customer support is also slow.

                      Well, I now have an answer, a little under 48 hours after I asked it on a Saturday night. For the saving I usually make with Fasttech, I think that's reasonable.

                      I buy considerably more from Fasttech than I do from Ebay, due to price. I only buy from Ebay when Fasttech don't have what I want, Ebay have a much larger range, but higher prices. Only three times have I had a problem with Fasttech (the radio above, an AA flashlight that was AAA when it arrived, and vernier calipers that were poor quality), and each time they just asked for photos, and then rapidly refunded.

            • @manic: Overnight shipping vs 7weeks (even that can blow out, especially with Christmas not far off) for extra $5, I'd say that's a bargain.

  • Sorry but down vote for gift card alone, I have no interest in being an unsecured creditor, let alone for a deal I may or may not get to save $5.

  • This is a convoluted process for little reward. I'd rather pay full price than read all that.

  • I'm a huge tightass so going through this convoluted process to save a few dollars would still be good with me, but I just picked up a R Pi4 lol.

    What has this site turned into? People being happy to pay an extra $5?

    It's not OzRRP.com.au

    • Your money, your choice. As an OB'gainer I don't blindly go into the cheapest deal, gotta weigh the risks too. This is OZBargain not OZcheapest.

    • Much like many other members, you're taking the website name a bit too literally.

  • I would rather buy local in case of any warranty issues.
    How did Oz bargain even let this post happen?

  • wow line up 22 thousand hoops a monkey a elephant a double decker bus now jump through the hoops and over whats left

    • All while juggling a running chainsaw, a flaming torch and a samurai sword.

      Its that easy to get this deal.

    • You need the community leader to interpret, like with COVID, just incase you didn't understand the English version.

  • I also don't think this is a great deal. Purchasing gift cards with the hope that there will be stock at the listed price seems like a recipe for unhappiness. Maybe have a look at how unhappy people got with the recent JB hifi deal when they potentially got stuck with gift cards. You're also assuming that you can purchase without any international transaction fees and that my banks exchange rate will decent. All that for a saving of less than $5.

  • OP, thank you for giving us the option!

    • Thanks. This has been a learning experience, apparently many OzBargainers can't handle two-stage deals. It doesn't seem any more difficult to me than buying a concert ticket, then turning up at the concert a few days later.

      I do know there is a small chance of the RPi selling out, and getting stranded with the gift cards. That's not a problem for me, I would normally spend that much with Fasttech in ~12 months. And I did provide a warning of this in the deal, but apparently that's not enough warning for some.

      I'll be more cautious next time, which means some bargains I find won't get posted.

      • It's more the risk of non/late delivery and lack of effective warranty that's worth paying $5 for. The added hoops you have to jump through simply makes the decision that much easier.

        PS unless you are building an embedded/lightweight project it's better to get the 4 or 8Gb versions for building games/streaming machines.