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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, 4GB RAM US$57.29 (A$77.39) Delivered @ Fasttech


Edit: price has increased to US$63.66 (=AU$86.60), so while that's a little bit cheaper than RS components ($93.60) and Element14 ($92.40), I'm marking the deal as expired.

Cheapest ever price for RPi 4 with 4GB RAM!

15% off with coupon code, details here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/561848
US$67.40 less 15% = US$57.29
Also stacks with additional 3.5% back from CashRewards, so even lower in price.
You can also get a free storage bag (not suitable to store RPi in), see here for details: https://www.fasttech.com/forums/promotions/t/3096184/coming-...

Note: the store is Fasttech, not TechFast. Fasttech is a Chinese online seller, delivery expected to take 3+ weeks unless you pay for a shipping upgrade.

Note also for business purchasers, Fasttech do not add GST to the price, so you can't claim GST back.

From the webpage:
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Quad-Core 64 Bit Motherboard Mainboard Broadcom BCM2711 CPU / 4GB RAM / Bluetooth V5.0 / 802.11ac / 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band / supports 4K

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Fasttech is a Chinese online seller, delivery expected to take 3+ weeks


    • They are fast, the postal system isnt.

    • The issue is with so many logistics companies in China, there is a big range of delivery services. Some are cheap and nasty.

      We, OZBers are part of the problem. How many of us is willing to pay extra for China Post registered service? Then, there is also the red carpet DHL and Fedex level of service where you can get it within a week.

      Right now, for el cheapo free postage, 3 weeks is good.

      • 3 weeks is good.

        You're not kidding.

        I ordered a DVR from China on the 3rd February it only arrived last Friday (31st August), a sweet 210 days!

        I was totally amazed as I'd long given up on it ever arriving and have purchased another from China that came in 2-3 weeks back in April.

        30 weeks is right up there!

        • that's half a year, and considering the item has depreciated,
          and money would have gotten 1% interest in the bank too !

      • we can pay for China Post , if we do a 'group buy',
        e.g. separate OzBargainers into groups (postcodes?)

        ( however, this opens up other issues, e.g. warranty claims, refunds, etc. )

        • Probably not for this. It's kinda of a geeky item.
          Need really large volume.

          Group buys for upcoming GPUs, maybe consoles would attract more people. Pity OEM versions of graphics cards are no longer popular. Recalled getting a GPU from overseas years ago via a group buy. Sent via DHL. Card only though.

          • @netsurfer: For me, buying 5 - 10 items (together, for colleagues) constitute a 'group buy' too.
            I had done this before, however, not to get cheaper postage, but just to share a good deal :-)

            This way, the express postage costs are shared by everyone, so it can work out cheaper
            instead of buying 1-2 items, and paying for a higher shipping cost, just to have it express delivered.

      • DHL express is like 3-4 business day, faster than some delivery by AusPost.

        UPS is around 6 business day.

  • The people behind Fasttech started Dealextreme and sold it off back in the day before the whole 2012 fiasco. Definitely one of the more reputable sellers out there and a lot of shipping options too.

    • Whatever happened to DX? I just assumed too many competitors showed up on the market and they fell out of favour…

      • Kept holding onto old stock and bringing in very little new stock. Then other websites swooped in and took their customers away with their loss leading prices.

    • What happened in 2012? I've bought heaps of near useless stuff off there over the years

      • They had a massive clearance sale with prices very very low. We're talking like 80% off on Android tablets for example. Ended up going as you would expect… they oversold, a lot of got cancelled, big delays in refunds etc etc. They ended up banned here for quite a long time in response.

    • that's a company I haven't heard of or bought anything from in years! what's the story of 2012?

  • How do I go about paying the GST like a good citizen?

    • +15 votes

      Order over $1000 AU and hope that customs pick it up so you're charged GST and import tax.

      • Hahahaha

      • Better make it $2,000 just to be safe

      • There is no longer a $1000 limit on GST exemption afaik.

        • Still have import tax over $1000 tho

        • From July 1 2018 onwards for goods with a value of $1000 AUD or less overseas vendors must collect GST at the time of purchase. However there is nothing stopping them from not collecting GST and no checks in place at the border.

          From my understanding the laws regarding goods over the value of $1000 AUD have not changed and you should still be charged GST and import duties at the border. IIRC it's 15%. Or is this now incorrect?

          • @Clear: @Clear
            "From my understanding the laws regarding goods over the value of $1000 AUD have not changed and you should still be charged GST and import duties at the border. IIRC it's 15%. Or is this now incorrect?"

            This has NOT changed.

            It was only the ADDITION of the collection of GST for transactions under AUD 1,000.00 that changed.

            That said most of these Chinese exporters don't bother in my experience. A couple of transactions on Amazon AU Chinese Amazon Marketplace sellers offered to credit me with the GST amount because they didn't want to waste time trying to figure out how to make out a "Tax Invoice" (Amazon won't get involved and advise you to contact the Amazon Marketplace seller direct).

            B&H Photo Video in New York didn't bother with GST on sub AUD 1,000.00 until recently. They now collect unless you ship to a domestic US state (eg Oregon) that doesn't collect taxes and then on ships to Australia through a 3rd party shipper. (No longer worth it as US shipping rates during COVID-19 has risen quiet considerably).

    • Buy one locally from core electronics. They ship next day and have excellent support.

      The 8gb is $130 though, so you’re paying for it.


  • What is the first thing should I build with it (already have a NAS)?

  • Any suggestions on a case and power supply (links?)

  • Seeing a thousand deals on SSDs and NVMEs these days, should we expect a further reduction in Pi 4 pricing imminently?

    • How are they related?

      • Sorry for the late response, the quantity plays an important role in the product pricing, and with this COVID, majority of electronic manufacturers have broken the sales records resulting them in recovering their investment and margin more than they budgeted this year. Therefore, any unit sold from now on is just an added margin. These companies are now bringing the prices down to attract the buyer from a slightly lower tier to make more sales. Hope this answers your question in a way.

  • Cheers OP got one! Been waiting for a good deal :)

  • Damn, just bought the 2GB at the same price.

    • Digikey had the Pi4 2gb with Argon Neo case for a total of $80.56 inc GST and delivery, took 6 days to arrive. Ordered it about 2 weeks ago, they wanted a lot more for 4gb at the time though.

      • Yes, they just needed to move the 2GB off the shelves.
        If the 4GB was comparatively "cheaper", then the 2GB models won't get sold.

  • Ouchies. paid $89 delivered for a 3b+ /w ac power, but got it in 5 days from local AU seller.

  • Anyone else find they can't pay by credit card? The icons for credit cards show up, but don't do anything when I click on them.

    Edit: Finally got it to work on the ~10th attempt… Every other time the buttons for "Pay with Paypal" and "Pay with Credit/Debit card" didn't show.

    • Are you using Linux and/or a non-mainstream browser? I found their website doesn't work well from Linux, the PayPal window opens and closes in a fraction of a second when I use my Puppy Linux PC. I have to use a Windows PC when I want to order.

  • +16 votes

    Careful, the 5th picture shows the SD card voltage switch on left side of the micro SD card slot meaning it's the original version, not the 1.2 revision that fixed the power issue. The image could also just be old. No way to tell without asking, just thought I'd point it out.

    • You the real MVP

    • Late response I know but FWIW I messaged them asking this question.


      We have confirmed with the manufacturer that the item has the USB-C fix and it is Rev 1.2.

  • what are some of your uses for Pi?

    • Backup server for my NAS and an ultra-low power 24/7 HDD testing device. Eventually when my Pi 3b dies it'll become a Pi-hole.

      • what do you store on your NAS?

        • +7 votes

          Many things, but what occupies the most space is probably the remuxed 4k BluRay linux iso's. May be frowned upon in this community but the sad fact is, if you want high quality TV/movies, you've gotta get them yourself. Netflix/Stan/Prime Video/Apple TV… etc only provide super compressed content as it's not feasible for them to stream uncompressed video. Plus, a curated collection is going to be infinitely better than whatever crap Netflix can get a licence for lol.

          More importantly though, I don't like giving up all my personal stuff to Google's servers. They've become very integrated into everyone's lives and I don't want to be at their mercy in the event I do something they deem 'wrong' and lose access to my stuff after they deactivate my account.

          • @Jai: I see I see. I've been jumping on that high bit rate media wave and really see the difference. Trying to get on private trackers and all that jazz. Definitely looking to set up a small server eventually

    • I use it as a front end media player on my TV which has Hdmi cec. Use libreelec to stream stuff from my NAS

    • Bitcoin node

    • using mine for octoprint as a wireless interface for my 3d printer.

  • as much as I w̶a̶n̶t̶ ̶n̶e̶e̶d̶ ̶w̶a̶n̶t̶ ̶n̶e̶e̶d̶ want another one, Im not going to wait a month for it to get here damn you

  • Thanks OP!

    Do any of you have advice for enclosures and power supplies?

    • Power supply - get the official one (if you can) as that one has the cable included. But, if you must go cheap, any USB-C charger supporting 3A would work. Unclear whether this is the revised version, or the earlier version. It is safer to get a USB-C cable without e-marking (i.e. get the cheaper ones). Some third party ones integrate an on/off switch, that switch can be handy.

      Enclosure, depends on your budget:

      The better cases:

      • Argon Neo, Argon One, or Argon Poly+. Neo and Poly+ supports Argon Fan HAT ($$$). One has Fan included.
      • Flirc case reviewed well for one without fan.
      • Official case is okay, there is also a black version of the official case.

      Cheap ones:

      • AliExpress no name brand ones with fan for $6 (inc. GST) or less. Search for ones with fans. If you want the heat sinks as well, it might just go over $6. The only down side is the fan is pretty much always on. There are online info on how to make a simple circuit to control the fan speed. However, if you don't have a soldering iron, it is not really cost effective (the transistor, and resistor are dirt cheap, or you could go for the slightly safer version which throw in a diode as well). The cheapo fan doesn't work well with fan speed control script, so just go full on (too cool it down) and off (when it dropped below certain degree). Easier to just leave it always on.
      • FeeBay ones. Probably cost a bit more. You might find local sellers.
    • +7 votes

      What Netsurfer said, above.

      I'm a bit paranoid about buying power supplies from ebay or overseas, their safety certifications might not meet Australian standards, and often they are designed for 220V instead of our 240V to 250V. (I know Australia is "officially" 230V now, but I regularly see 250V in the middle of the night, so they can't blame "solar input" for that).

      RS Components has perhaps the cheapest non-genuine supply with certifications (rated 90-264VAC), AU$13.01 inc GST and free next-business-day courier delivery: https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/ac-dc-adapters/1871381/

      They also have 1m-long micro-HDMI to HDMI cables for $9.92 (again with free delivery), but Core Electronics have similar cables for $7.65 plus $3 delivery:

      For the case, I think the Argon Neo is both functional and good-looking. Core Electronics sell it for $21.95 plus delivery: https://core-electronics.com.au/argon-neo-raspberry-pi-4-cas...

      If you do buy the case from Core Electronics, then there is no additional shipping fee for the HDMI cable.

      • Does anyone know if I can use the charger from my Note10+? (output:(PDO)5.0V=3.0A or 9.0V=2.77A)



        • +2 votes

          It's both, it negotiates with the device as to which to deliver for quick charging.

          You should use a straight 5V supply, if your not going to be using any peripherals then a charger with Fast Charge outputs, (5V, 2.4A), should be fine.

          I've been using two Fast Charge ports on my Tronsmart desktop charger, (called VoltIQ on Tronsmart), for over two years to power a 3B+ and a 4B 4GB, (was a 3B+ and 3B before the 4B came out).
          Both headless and no peripherals attached, just power and network.

  • These can be networked offline and powered by MacBooks and iPad pros
    Handy for on the go Linux Dev env

  • MUST… RESIST…. I have more pi's than I have uses for them… I think I have a problem… If one person says do it I will buy one! 😂

  • USB 3.0 will be the bottleneck when using external SSD (SATAIII) to boot (Running Manjaro ARM as desktop - even full KDE plasma with all eye-candy effects on a 8GB Pi 4 is smooth).

    Not suitable for NAS use cases, unless you call Pi + USB HDD (with no Btrfs / ZFS raid) NAS…

    • KDE! KDE is now the best combination of functional, beautiful and light DE.

      I’m in love with it.

      • Not to everyone's taste but I am happy with it as I used to be GNOME 2 + Compiz Fusion lover, KDE 4.10+ adopted all the eye-candy effects and most of those made into KDE plasma ;-)

        Have to say, the latest GNOME Shell 3.36 + Pop Shell (Auto-tiling) makes a pretty usable and robust workstation env, no complaints either. I use to be a GNOME hater (when GNOME 3.8 stopped supporting fallback mode which kills off compiz…)

      • KDE Plasma is not light though LMAO ;-)