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[Everyday Rewards] Spend $30/$40/$50 to Receive 1000/2000/3000pts @ Woolworths

  • Week 1: Mon 26 Oct - Sun 01 Nov: Spend $30 - Receive 1000pts
  • Week 2: Mon 02 Nov - Sun 08 Nov: Spend $40 - Receive 2000pts
  • Week 3: Mon 09 Nov - Sun 15 Nov: Spend $50 - Receive 3000pts

Each week's offer can only be enjoyed once and must be enjoyed during the applicable week of the offer. Spend the qualifying amount in one shop in-store or online at Woolworths during each week of the promotion.
For all Woolworths Online transactions, orders need to be delivered or picked up by 23:59 AEDT on Sunday each week to qualify for that week's qualifying amount.
Your points will be loaded instantly to your Everyday Rewards Card after the qualifying purchase each week.
Qualifying amount excludes withdrawal of cash, delivery charges, bag fees, Delivery Saver items and Delivery Unlimited items, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, liquor purchased in-store at Woolworths or at woolworths.com.au, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, Carpet Care, Donations, lottery products and Pre-order Kiosks.

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Everyday Rewards
Everyday Rewards


  • Just received $150 per week for 2 weeks 10k and $100 1 week 3k

    • got the same on one card, nothing on the other.

    • it literally costs you nothing to make a new account with your cat/dog's name at a fake address

      the best offers are designed to encourage infrequent customers. To get the best offers, make them think you're an infrequent customer.

      • How infrequent…
        Haven't shopped at Woolies since July, Coles have had some really good flybuys deals.
        Still didn't get this targeted offer

        • Well if you have 10 dogs, and each of them has an account at a different address, and they all buy small things, irregularly (using cash) and scan their barcode, eventually the woolies supercomputer will try to give them offers to encourage them to spend more.

          If you're completely dormant, they still have your history as a 'bigger spender' where as if you're 'new' then they don't know you from a bar of soap and will try to induce you accordingly.

  • I got spend $115 each week for 4 weeks for 10K points; pass

  • I got spend $50 for 1000 points for 1 week only. Haven't done a major shop there for a while.

  • It is a targeted offer. My one is 3x points at Woolworths……..

  • I just finished a $100 for 2 weeks for 8k points, so $40 back on $200. Then I got another offer of the same quantity.

    • I got these same offers. Spend $100/week for two weeks to get 8k points ($40). Easily done with our weekly family shop. I was totally surprised to get the same offer again today for the next two weeks. Love free money!

      • Haha. Stack it with the 5% wish cards and it really is good. Best thing is that it’s not the old $100 in one shop, you can split it to multiple shops over the week.

        • Another thing is I’m a regular woolies shopper so it appears that the “good” bonus deals aren’t just to entice those that rarely shop there to come back, like I previously assumed. Hence my double surprise.

          I’ve opted to bank all points for Christmas so will get triple points for each dollar spent (excludes bonus points).

  • Wish I got one from many cards, but it seems not this time.

  • I got spend $90 x 2 for 1600 points. Pass.

  • may be targeted? Mine is 5x pts from 26/10-15/11

  • Zilch here

  • 10 x points fro me.

  • $70 x 4 for 7000pts. Not bad but spend went up $20 a week from last time

  • Targeted, nothing here

  • Targeted? Change title please

  • If you go shopping but forget the rewards card I know you can claim them using the reciept, but does it count for these type of bonuses still?

    • Yes it does provided the spent is within the activated timeframe.

    • No, they will just add the points to your card. Any other offers will be simply not considered. It happened to me once and lost the big reward :(

      • That sucks. I told the phone support about the missed bonus booster points too and they kindly added it. I was lucky.

        • Maybe you got someone nice but generally they can add the $1 per point but not the bonuses.

        • I remembered more details: So, I forgot actually twice to scan the card. In the first time they accepted to add the bonus points, but said "you were awarded the points as a a once off goodwill gesture". In the 2nd time, they refused to add the bonus points. They saw in the system that I got that one-time forgiveness and hence, refused to give the bonus

  • Mine is spend $260 each week over 2 weeks for 10,000 points…

  • $170 x 2 for 2K points here. Way too much.

  • Haven't received spend X for Y points for very long across 4 different accounts. Only getting 3x or 5x points, lame offers. Any strategy to get targeted for this $30, $40, $50 spend?

    • Yes. Time and patience.

      • I know all about it… but I haven't gotten this offer for more than 1 year. I have 4 accounts at Coles and have done 90% of shopping at Coles vs Woolies, not taking into account ALDI.

    • Same for me. And I actually occasionally shop at woolies/scan so it is not an inactive card. On the other hand coles throw points at me and I reguarly stack 2 or 3 offers with the same spend. They even acidentally gave me 2000 and 4000 points twice.

    • Same here. Did well over a few months so now on their blacklist with bad offers.

      Do have 10x points on 1 account so unless coles give me soemthing better than 3000 points for $260 spend, I'll spend the weekly $300 at woolies as I value their points higher than coles

    • Keep buying small amounts and they’ll give u offers to spend more.

  • $70 for 800 points first 2 weeks then $70 for 1400 points in 3rd week… No thanks

  • Nada :(

  • 10 cards
    1 offer on a card I haven't used in well over a year
    $30,$40,$50 in 3 weeks for 6000

  • Not had any Woolworths offers since early September :( Got no Coles for next week either… now what do I do!!! Can't shop without a bonus!

  • I got $95 spend 4 weeks for 8000 points, that's more than double they offered me last month. No thanks..I'm going to use the other rewards card.

  • again nothing for me, Woolworths offer has bee shit for almost one year, good thing is coles is offering a lot of spend xxx and get 10,000 points

    • I had heaps of offers in May, then a trickle and today 1 x 3 points on one account. Last week I had several x 10 points but on minimum $150 spend which is rubbish. Not happy.

  • I got spend x amount and get x points ;)

  • Woolworths give pretty crappy bonus points offers compared to coles.
    I've had loads of spend $50x4, for 10k points this year from Coles.

    Woolworths only offer 3x points, 5x points lately.

    Also had way more freebies from Coles, than woolies has ever offered.

    • Depends what offers you receive.
      3k bonus pts on 1x $50 spend in wk3, in this Deal is better.
      Received 1000 bonus pts for 5c min spend on most cards for using Rewards App by last Sunday.
      Pts per $ spent is far higher than Coles.

  • I got 10x points on every shop in-store or online

  • I got $145 spend every week for 4 weeks to get 13k points?! lol pass

  • Woolies: Spend $50 per week get 800 points… If completed 1st 2 weeks then get 1400 points with $50 spend on 3rd week

    Coles: 10k points with $50 spend per week for 4 weeks

    Oh dear woolies

  • Mine says 1000 points each week for 2 weeks starting tomorrow for a $120 shop each week. This is a joke. Negative feedback to woolies and pass from me. Looks like they give more points to cards least shopped. If this is the logic, having multiple cards is the best way to get the best deals from these guys. Some stupid rationale though, if this is the model for rewarding "loyal" customers

  • $50 for 2 weeks to get 6k points. Got exactly same offer last 2 weeks

    • +3 votes

      That's arguably the best one. Beats the best Coles offer I get often of $50 spend x 4 for 10,000 points. Lucky you.

  • $240 per week for 2 weeks and get 7000 points……..

    ERRRRR! No thanks!

  • My deal is horrible. It says $140 spend to get 1000 points. This is the offer every week, it does not go up in points or anything. How on earth did the OP get such a good deal?

    Maybe because I spend heaps a Woolworths every week anyway and they'd didn't want to set the bar too low. This low however does not incentivise me one bit.

  • +1 vote

    Mine is spend $50 get 1,800 points.

  • Got $140 spend to earn 1,000 points ($5). Looks like I'll be sitting this one out.

  • Got an online only offer

    Spend $150 this week and next for 2000 points
    Spent $150 in week 3 for 3000 points

    No thanks

  • Got 2000 points for one $150 online shop and 3000 points for the same shop the following week.

    5K points for $300, 2.5K qantas points

    A little over 8 qantas points per dollar spent. I've had better woolies offers, but it still aint bad

  • I got 2000 points for one $100 online single shop over 2 weeks and 3000 points for the same shop the following week. Managed to stack with the meat offer also.
    5K points for $200 spend.
    Add 5% off for GC.

  • none but got 10x for big w 1 day only 4th Nov