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[Kogan First] Kogan 65" 4K Smart TV $499 I Sony Noise Cancelling WH-1000XM4 $359 Delivered @ Kogan


Stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR support
Easy access buttons for pre-installed Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video
App portal access for ErosNow, YuppTV, Toon Goggles and more*
Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity
Live and catch up content for all free-to-air networks
Screen mirroring for Android and Windows 10
HDMI, LAN and USB input

Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone Black (WH-1000XM4)

26/10 7pm: Available now

Need Kogan first membership for this deal. Free trial available

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  • The price is tempting. Has anyone used this TV?

    • I bought the Series 9, XU9210 about a year ago and have been really impressed and thrilled with it for the price.

      Be aware that this one is a smart TV, but not Android based.

      I don't know for certain the differences between the series 8 and series 9 but they look the same, so assuming it's mostly the same hardware (panel etc) I can comfortably say that for the price it's pretty impressive.

      Don't expect good refresh rates at 4k though. It's locked to like 28hz. When I connect my PC to it to game I drop to 1080p to get a higher framerate (60hz). So if you plan to hook up a next gen console at any point just know you're not gonna get high framerate and high resolution all in one.

      • The specs on the site show HDMI 4K at 60hz but that said the 55" I have showed the same and will run at a maximum 30hz at 4k from the input - I specifically bought cables thinking it may have been the issue but no luck! I'd like to give one of these a go regardless..

        • Might be the HDMI port(s) is limited to 30hz.

          • @Xizor: Need to be using HDMI 2.0 ports on both devices(Input and output) to get the 60Hz 4K to work. If you are trying to game at 4K I will assume you've got a good enough graphics card to have HDMI 2.0 on it, but check the TV manual and it should tell you which of the TV ports are HDMI 2.0. It is unlikely to be all of them to save on costs.

            Cables are honestly least likely to be the problem assuming it's a short cable. They tend to just work, or not work. It's rare that they degrade or lose performance like losing support of 60Hz. @evansm2jp try some other HDMI ports and you might get it to work!

        • and what input do you use? old pc?

          • @Daffan: Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried all ports - various computers - GTX1070 both with native hdmi and an active displayport to hdmi 2.1 adapter and certified hdmi 2.1 cable - the TV whilst listed in the specs definitely doesn't support it although the paper specs/manual suggests it does! I guess it's to be expected with a cheap TV.

        • Really? Bugger!
          I bought one of the target ones that came up recently (looks so similar to this I'm pretty sure they're both rebadged generic models), and the screen looks fuzzy and not 4k at all, so I did the same and bought a super high speed cable. Just waiting for it to come in the mail.

        • Interesting. The manual specs for Computer supported resolution doesn't specify 4k, maybe out of date documentation.


      • What brightness is yours and how do you find it?

        I think this is 250 nits and wondering if it'll be bright enough (since everything I'm reading online it says you need at least 600 nits for decent HDR)? That being said, I need to get a TV since my old LG LCD (about 10 years old) just died and I need to replace it, and I think that was only 150 nits.

        • IMO, anything under 400nits and you may as well forget the TV supports HDR. Just use SDR/other modes.

      • can you install apps from google play into it?

      • The new Chromecast with Android TV might come handy.

      • Unfortunately assuming "mostly same hardware" is simply not how Kogan works at all. Remember they aren't a manufacturer, they are a company which buys from Chinese factories and puts their own branding on already designed products. Between any 2 TV's you are likely to find the use of a completely different panel, different hardware solution and built in a different factory. Buying from Kogan you simply know you are getting the combination of parts that came at a budget they liked from a factory they are happy to deal with and at a quality they believe isn't so poor as to cause widespread complaints and returns. Simply put they aren't aiming for the best, or honestly even good, just good enough. If the end result is that you got a TV you like at a price you are happy with then that's a good result. I don't think anyone is under the illusion that this kind of TV is attempting to compete with Samsung, Sony or even Hisense in terms of performance, but not everyone wants a $2000 TV with all the bells and whistles.

        As for refresh, check your manual to see which if it has HDMI 2.0 ports as that my get you your 60Hz refresh. It won't have HDMI 2.0 ports on all interfaces as that costs more and isn't really a huge issue so is a point most people are happy for manufacturers to save money.

      • I WAS WRONG!

        Sorry to anyone I mislead. Turns out I've just been using a low specced HDMI cable and never knew. I've just done a tonne of reading about HDMI and tried every cable I had in the house. All but ONE gave me 24Hz but the one gave me 60Hz at 4k!

    • I got a 58 inch one a couple years ago and it's good value. The Smart tv features aren't perfect but Netflix and YouTube work fine.

      The display is good, 4k 60pfs HDR video/PC games look great
      Speakers are ok

  • Good pair with the new chromecast

  • Where's the price listed for the XM4 headphones?

  • Is it free shipping with Kogan First for the TV? It doesn't seem to have the red tick in the search to signify it is a Kogan First product.

  • Great price for a big panel. Parents wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

  • Comes with 1.5 gb of ram and 4GB of internal storage.. impressive…
    Won't matter for basic stuff… OS and storage issues can be fixed with 100$ android/google tv box.

  • Great price for 65" - wouldn't expect much from the "smart" features

  • Insanely good deal!

  • Anyone else get an SMS saying they would have a 65" tv for $449 on Oct 26? I wonder if they reneged on that one and came up with this instead.

    • Yes, I got the SMS on Thursday, just double-checked, it's $449, looks like they have reneged.

      • I actually don't see the $499 tv advertised anywhere on the Kogan First page. Maybe the OP got it wrong (wishful thinking probably). Will wait until tomorrow to neg the deal.

        • OP did not reveal the source of this deal.

        • Well it wasn’t wishful thinking. You negged the deal just because you wanted to

          • @Pricebeat: Was there a $449 TV after all? I only see $499 in the comments.

            • @salmon123:

              I actually don't see the $499 tv advertised anywhere on the Kogan First page. Maybe the OP got it wrong (wishful thinking probably). Will wait until tomorrow to neg the deal.

              Those are your words. This was $499 tv which you didn’t think so. Also you negged it before it went live. You were provided with link yesterday that it will be $499. This deal never said $449.

              • @Pricebeat:

                Also you negged it before it went live.

                Would negging it tomorrow, when there's no $449 tv make you feel any better?

                This deal never said $449.

                Whateva dude, take a chill pill. You might give yourself an aneurysm. Not sure why you've take issue with my neg, as opposed to the 4 others.

                • @salmon123:

                  Would negging it tomorrow, when there's no $449 tv make you feel any better?
                  Why wait till today when you knew it won’t be this price and not that you waited for price to go love.

                  You should take the chill pill because I am not the one posting a comment and then going back to neg that deal next day.

                  Will wait until tomorrow to neg the deal.

                  Others didn’t premeditate, oh I will randomly wait till tomorrow to neg, coz I have nothing better to do with my life. Hopefully you are not in hospital already with an angina from trying to remember you need to go back and neg a deal to make yourself feel good.

    • Yep got the same $449 sms too.

      Kogan First Day is coming: Airpods $149, 65" TV $449 & more! Start a FREE trial now.

  • Hey guys is the XM4 Australian stock with Sony Australia warranty?

  • +2 votes

    First 100 customers only… good luck!

  • Anyone knows what time sale will start…is it 12.00am 26/10 ?

  • would have been tempted if tv was android with voice assistant

  • So will the TV have native Netflix, Amazon prime, YT apps? If not is there any way to get them on there or better to get an Android based TV?

    Edit nevermind just saw the TV. Couldn't find it in the kogan app at 689

  • Just signed up Kogan first 14 days trial and cancel membership after 10 days later.

  • I need a new TV and this looks to fit the bill.

    Is a android tv necessary at all for people who run everything through a console anyway?

  • Any deals for 43" 4k tvs?

  • All TV's should be Android TV's, I'd skip this.

  • I received a $10 credit email as well, check your email inboxes.

  • … loops didn't see it's tomorrow's deal

  • What panel type is this? Can't find anything about it.

  • User manual says HDMI 2.0
    However only 250 nits brightness

  • says sold out now

  • $689 65" tv (one that will be discounted) is not showing on site now. Wonder why it would be removed if presale. Wouldn't it be easier to change the price at a time? That way if a customer wants to pay $689 now, you don't lose a sale.

  • can not see the tv anywhere

  • Aaaaaand nothing still :'(

    Edit: Dick Smith still have it at full price, seems like the usual Kogan bullshit.

  • Can't see this TV anywhere…

    First the text saying it's $449, then the website saying it's $499, then come sale time it's mysteriously gone.

  • The XM4 link isn't working and I can't see it on the front page - anyone know how to buy it? Lol

  • No sign of the TV :(

  • No TV :(

  • wrote them a nasty complaint, cancelled koganfirst scam, will tell as many people as possible about what they did. shame on them.

  • Never seen one of these Kogan First days before. Do they drip feed products?

  • +4 votes

    never kogan anymore