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[VIC] Prizefighter Apple Cider 330ml 24-Pack $55.25 + $10 Delivery @ PrizeFighter Cider


As a proud sponsor of the local horse racing club in Pakenham, We have decided to offer a 15% discount on our 100% Pure Aussie Apple PrizeFighter Cider.

Simply use coupon code : (Melbourne Cup 2020) to receive your discount.

Offer applies Australia wide.

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  • For reference: normal price is $65 per case (24 x 330ml) and shipping is $10 per case.
    Shipping is to Victoria only.

  • If it's clear and yella, you've got juice there fella!

    If it's tangy and brown you're in cider town!

    Now there's two exceptions, and it gets kinda tricky from here. Adirondack cider can be yellow if you're using late-season apples. And of course in Canada, the whole thing's flip-flopped!

  • Made from real Apples ;D

    I heard coles were importing fake apples for a while there :S

  • OP, some of the other label designs IMO are much better - https://99designs.com.au/product-label-design/contests/cool-...
    Especially the one on the right with the boxing gloves - super cool
    Good luck with the cider!

    • Yeah that winning logo is a bit………not……..good. As an avid cider drinker, I probably would avoid that bottle because it looks cheap and nasty. I feel like it's probably one of the better (more original) concepts but the execution is horrendous. "Prizefighter" gives you that whole "antique, vintage, 19th century, bare knuckle" kind of vibe, but the logo looks like a little kid did it. Def got potential and i actually like the laser fists thing, but it needs to be class-ed up a lot.

      I also like the boxing gloves one