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Google Pixel 5 $899.10 Delivered @ Google Store


Google local Guides has a save 10% code to apply to the google pixel 5 on the Google store. Check your emails. The email shows 0% but in checkout it's actually 10% off.

[Code Request/Giveaway Megathread] Google Pixel 5 for $899.10 Delivered @ Google Store (10% off Code)

If you want/have a spare code, please do so there.

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    • PMed you mate :D, Thx in advance

    • Taken! :)

  • Level 5 didn't get an email. I wonder if this is actually eligible for all users on their local guides platform or just selected.

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    How is the video quality compared to a S20?

  • +2

    Just asked my Dad who's level 8 and he got nothing and he's filthy haha

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    L5 and got the code,
    You can check for it in updates

    Btw let me know if I can help out anyone with Pixel 5
    Purchased S20 Fe 5G with 50% off

    • Telstra ?

    • I would happily use your code please :)

    • Sorry guys, I already provided my code to someone else :)

    • how did you get s20 with 50%?

  • +3

    The email is not very obvious. Mine buried in the email with subject "Local Guides community spotlight: October edition 🍂".
    You have to scroll down to the bottom of the email body to see the offer.

    • +1

      I have that email but no offer in there.

  • I got my email and bought my phone. Thanks OP.

    • Of course, I bet when we reach the Black Friday sales, they will give more than $100 off :(

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    I got the email, If anyone wants the link message me

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      yep same feel free to PM me as I wont be using mine.

      • Given the code now. :)

        • Did it work, or is it tied to the account?

  • Level 5, no email :-(

    My Pixel OG is at the tethered to USB battery bank stage and battery changes look damn risky to breaking the screen :-/

  • Level 3 and no email, but if anyone has one they're not using, please feel free to PM me :)

  • L5 no email

  • L4 no email

  • If Anyone got the email and not using the code. Can you please pm me the code.
    Thank you 🙏🏽

  • L8, no email. I won't buy this phone anyway…

  • Oh bugger! I just bought one!

  • L5 haven't received any code. Will wait for screen gap fix and black friday deal regardless

  • I have a samsung galaxy s8 and the battery life is awlful, dies in less than half a day. It's been three years and I think it's due for an upgrade. Seeing how good their battery is.

    • +1

      I see your Galaxy S8 and raise you a Galaxy S7. Battery needs a top up some time during the day to see it through.
      Next year when it's back to commuting to work I'll have to upgrade.

  • If anyone could PM a screenshot of the checkout page showing discount that would be great

  • level 6 and got the email

    • I hear Samsung is rolling out an update to fix the issue you mentioned.

      • No idea what it is, heard there was an update in Korea which made the touchscreen better but didn't eliminate the issue. Its a good phone and all, i liked it because the specs were amazing and i paid 870AUD from student portal at Samsung. But here are my gripes: silver ring on camera, totally unnecessary. My Battery on standby was draining like crazy. Then the touchscreen issue, where i use touch screen test app, just triggered me into Returning the phone for a refund. It had 'flagship' specs but feel like a true flagship. Phone would heat up when playing a game, its kinda like a bottleneck per say you have an 865 and your phones heating up like crazy. Vapour based cooling is triumphant, where note 20 triumphs. The S20 FE 5g, feels great though, its big, the plastic back is premium feel. But in all seriousness, you dont need an 865. If you game on a phone, just get a phone which has better cooling method and a good chipset. This is why i liked the pixel 5, it didn't have the flagship processor, totally unnecessary, can still play those same games, it would've sped up some image processing and that's that. Samsung just killed it with pricing and marketing, that anyone would just get the FE 5g. Hope you enjoy whatever phone you have!

  • Anyone got a code they don't want and would donate to me please? Much love in advance!

    • Many many thanks to brontesaur!! IOU one!

  • lol, i saw on my phone's notification, and i actually thought google was trolling me that's why i didn't bother click and read into the actual email

    • lucky u mate

  • anyone can tell me how to get the code? i've been given the coupon however not able to see the actual code, i want to give my unused coupon to someone needing it. TIA.

  • Level 6, nothing.

  • specs aren't amazing and phone is a little smaller than others, so I think I am going to pass. If anyone still looking to get your hands on one, PM me with how I could extract the coupon/code for you. L5 and I have the email/link, tested it by adding to cart, works fine.

    • I'd love the code - just send me the link and I can extract it from there. Thanks a lot.

      • messaged you, see if you got it

  • I'm a level 5 guide but I've never received a community spotlight email before. Do I need to sign up for that separately or something?

  • Level 6, got a code if anyone wants

    • Can i kindly have your code? didn't get one yet and i'm actually been wanting to buy one of these.
      also the Mod's link goes to 404

      • you need to enable messaging first

        • I'll grab it if still available

  • Haha Google just sent another email clarifying that it's a 10% discount

    • But not to the rest of the guides… bastards

  • Guys do you get charged international purchase fee when u buy off google store?

    • shouldn't be, unless you're buying on non-AU store. if you buy from Google AU store, the tax invoice comes from their local company.

  • wonder if theyll send another wave of codes :(

  • I could really do with a code if someone has one spare. I got the e-mail but no offer.

  • Doesn't seem like they are doing batches, it was only the first wave.

    Shame, would have a loved a code as a Level 5 LG.

  • Can I get code pls

  • Anyone got the email and decided they aren't going to use ? Cheers

  • I've got a coupon as well. PM me if you want it

  • True story:

    Ordered P5 from Google Store with this promo.
    Phone arrived faulty (SIM card slot not reading SIM).
    Organised return and refund with Google.

    Bought $890 worth of gift cards from ShopBack, with 3% cashback.
    Walked into JB HIFI and bought P5 again.

    New unit works fine, and I saved almost $40!

  • Is this still valid, can anyone PM me a code please?

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