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Apple 18W USB-C Power Adaptor $25 @ The Good Guys (Was $49)


Since Apple has decided to reduce carbon emissions and avoid mining & use of precious materials by not supplying an adapter, I think this is a decent deal for a 18 W Adapter if you plan to buy one.

Sells for $49 at JB-HIFI and $48 at Officeworks

Credit to PriceHipster.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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      Absolute greenwashing for profit

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      You honestly believe it was just an evil scheme to make a profit by not supplying an item that probably cost them cents to manufacture?

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        Consdiering they're selling it for $29, then yeah taht makes perfect sense.

      • For sure.

        I use to work in product design in a manufacturing company. Even if you only save a few cents per product sold, it's huge bucks in the bigger picture.

        The golden rule is if you can cut costs on a product for little or no perceived decrease in consumer acceptance, it's always worth doing.

        If apple saves themselves $2 for every charger that they don't manufacture and ship, over the ~200 million iPhones they expect to sell this year, that's $400 million.
        Throw in increased sales of power adaptors (like the one in the OP) and it's free profit that otherwise wouldn't have existed

      • Yes.
        And the model we get is a lot cheaper to make than the US one as the US has mm wave 5g modem that cost around $100 per phone. Uses more battery too.
        Smaller battery, no charger etc is all to reduce cost, Max the profit. Wait for the iPhone 13 or stick to the 11. .

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    Decent but IMO better go 20w for $29 from Apple

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    Save the environment guys!

  • I do the most of my charging overnight. It’s on the desk charging while I am in the office on the wireless pad. My laptop comes with a 90W USB port….. I guess each to their own.

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    I just got myself an Anker 30W for $29

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      30 W anker?

      • 😂😂

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      Where did you get your Anker 30W? I want to buy one too.

    • Is that a good/reliable brand?

      • Anker is one of the better of 3rd party chargers. However, the design is still not as good as Apple, Samsung. Apple and Samsung use proper circuit design for safety. Ankers, at times use secondary measures. That said, still better than most el cheap branded chargers.

        I still recommend original chargers. While your phone will tolerate inferior chargers, it is still not ideal to use them. Obviously, I can understand you don't want to buy an Apple charger for a $200 or less phone.

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    Has Apple even reduced the price on these yet in Australia because if they haven't wait

    • They aren't even selling this anymore, these 18w chargers should be clearing out everywhere for no more than $20, but are still $49 just about everywhere even though Apple themselves are selling the new 20w for $29.

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        So the 20v is the new charger with the reduced price to counter the fact they do not include them?

        And this is the old one that was supplied with like iPads and things like that?

        These things will end up cheaper if they are gonna disappear

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    Wouldn't it be worse for the environment purchasing something separately that requires it's own packaging and shipping?

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      your logic and rationale has no place in the space donut aka Apple hq.

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      You are absolutely right, but some morons cannot understand the fact.

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    Get one at Kmart for $10 and give a big middle finger to Apple!

    • You maniac you'll bankrupt them!

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      10 years + Apple user here switching to Android this year. That is some real middle finger to Apple.

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        They don’t care they have gotten 10 years of revenue from you. You helped them become what they are today and they probably wouldn’t mind you giving them the free advertisement you give by complaint about how elite there products are that only furthers their value.

      • Why would you switch to android after iOS 14 you should have jumped ship ages ago

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        If you are a long term Apple user switching to Android solely because they dropped the power charger then I think that is ridiculous. I assume you have other reasons?

        I would prefer to stick with Apple - a company who makes a bold move which may well help the environment over Samsung, a company who mocks Apple over their decision but will very likely do the exact same thing in the future.


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      What happens if the $10 catches fire because of bad quality control…$10 seems too cheap to be sturdy and safe not to mention reliable long term.

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    Apple start to making more money by power adaptor.

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      Apple start making more money by Nickel and Diming their customers.

      There. FTFY.

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    I wonder if the OP actually believes that garbage of a first sentence they wrote in the description. I truly hope not.

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      Anyone who believes the garbage that Apple is doing this for the environment got rocks in their heads. Apple is doing this for themselves to make more money on an already overpriced device.

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      I'm fairly certain it's a high level form of sarcasm. Noone can be naturally dumb enough to believe Apple give two shits about anything other than profits (though with intense training, it is possible to achieve)

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        Thanks …..was hoping some one would get it :)

  • 2030: iOS devices no longer recharge and you must buy a new device once the initial charge depletes.

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      Kinda happens now with sealed in batteries lol

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    Such a joke.
    Apple: Use your old charger…. It's better for the environment.
    User: Ok, great idea. I have a few USB-A charging bricks around from my previous iPhones.
    Apple: Here's a USB-C cable for you.

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      its like Apple is trolling its customers. What they could have done was provide a usb c charger with the iPhone 11 all models.

      Then spring this on the iPhone 12. No charger no earphones.

      • Yeah USB-C to USB-C would have been an actual move forward.

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          Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C would be an actual move forward. Not going to happen as AirPods use lightning connector and wireless keyboards also.

          The 1m lightning to USB-C used to be USB 3.0, now it is USB 2.0. Oh wait, I know what excuse Apple is going to use on that one:

          Less wires, better for the environment. What a load of BS, wouldn't the slow data transfer waste more electricity?

    • Total joke

  • Apple: extra $30 is nothing when you buy a $1500 phone, but this means hundreds of millions dollars extra profit to me each year. Please be considerate.
    Besides, remember the phone jack?

    Any sensible people: Am I a fcking joke to you?

  • Won’t buy it to save the penguins

  • What's a good CABLE to convert this to Micro USB and other USB?

    A 3-output cable would be good…

    Any suggestions???

  • So revolutionary. You can't even plug it in anymore.

    iPlug 256gb rose brown

  • This Blitzwolf bw-s12 27w would be good it’s on sale for $15.47


  • any Android phone fast charger works on Apple phone

  • How is this environment friendly Iphone 12 with no charger when a deal like this comes and everyone buys a charger;) Apple only is fooling people.

    • I would have gone along with it had Apple supplied a usb c charger on all iPhone 11. Since they supplied usb a chargers before apple is just trolling its user base.