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Roasted Cashews 750gm $9.50 @ Woolworths (Excludes VIC)


Roasted or Salted Cashews 750gm $9.50 @ Woolworths (Starts 28/10)

May contain traces of nuts

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    "May contain traces of nuts" — interesting, I will be careful, thanks :-)

  • I have purchased them before but I can never find where they are sourced from. I think it says 0% sourced in Australia. If anyone knows, please comment.

    • Most likely Vietnam…

      Possibly Blood Cashews:

      BTW: I bought some of these today, they're not very good :(

      • sequel to Blood Diamonds

      • Luck of the draw perhaps. The last lot were excellent - much fresher and tastier than Aldi's standard offerings.

        • Most likely, it may depend on the oil they use to roast them… The ones I got today are fairly tasteless and bland, they have a bit of a funky after-taste and mouth-feel also, maybe it's just me, lol ..

          • @FLICKIT: I'm risking it tomorrow. Will let you know how they are. Was sorry I didn't buy more previously but the deal was gone by the time I opened them.

            • @Possumbly: The last lot I got when they were on special before weren't bad, I don't remember anything specific about them so they must have been ok…

        • Bought unsalted today and tried a small handful. So far so good. Will buy a salted pack next few days if the quality of these doesn't drop.

    • @ozone If their labelling is true then there has to be multiple sources. I suspect the refusal to provide such basic info is related to growing and harvesting controversies in the countries of origin. Really not good enough from the ACCC, FSANZ and Ww.

  • "Lead Wings 8 min agonew

    THey are sourced from Woolworths."

    Thanks Einstein…..

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      Matey go get some glasses. Nah, they are sourced from Coles.

  • After you watch this youtube video, you won't want to eat cashews again… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7o8OrstCAw

    • You do realise that we don't eat Cashews again, these struggling women won't have any income at all don't you?

      • yeah, they did choose not to use gloves cos it slows down their work or will rip anyway..

        If they don't do that work (which was said to be the only work available in that area)
        then they may need to turn to prostitution etc..

        This is just the sad reality of the world.

    • hate to say this
      but I think most people would still eat it..

      just like they saw the cow's got slaughter in the undercover 4 corners report.

      Unfortunately as said by one of the workers in that video, that is the only work available for them in that area
      If they don't do the work, what other work can they do?

    • Thanks I will seek out fair trade.

  • Cashews are a seed

  • Sweet! I didn't buy any roasted, unsalted cashews in today's shopping run as they weren't on sale and we just opened our last bag. Guess I'll be doing shopping on Wednesday and stocking up!

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    This is not available in VIC?

  • The store in Rundle Mall Adelaide still has them listed as full price. Got an attendant to scan them and they are still full price…

  • I'm in SA. Went to local Woolworths. They were $17 on the shelf, and scanned at $17.

    So I went to customer service, they went and checked, and said that it wasn't made clear on the web site whether the $9-50 price was for online only or for store purchases as well. And given that they were willing to change the price at the checkout to the $9-50 on the web site.

    I bought two. At $9-50 each.

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    Blood cashew. Human Right. #TrumpVote1


  • Checked in Ellenbrook store WA, scanning at full price and online link also same. Maybe not in WA☹️

    Edit; I have checked while in store via mobile online link showing full price. But checked after posting my comment iPad it shows less price 🤔